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Prissy Princess House Review


Are you a knight looking for a slot game where you can show off your charm, confidence, and chivalry to woo a certain princess? Look no more as Play’n Go provides its players another slot machine game with an amusing concept! Slot players can always trust this company to produce its games with the most quirky and entertaining themes, so make sure to polish your armor, bring your best smelling rose, and step up your romantic game because this princess will not be easy to win over!


Prissy Princess is a slot machine game developed and released by Play’n Go in 2017. The slot game includes a romantic and comical theme set in the medieval times. Lay your wagers, unlock game features, and acquire rewards while trying to court a picky princess who isn’t impressed with the idea of marrying so-called heroic knights! This game will surely keep you at your wits’ end as you try to win the game and the heart of the princess!




Despite the details poured on the layout, Prissy Princess still manages to use a straightforward user interface that is easy to maneuver. The game plays on five reels by three rows with 20 permanent pay lines for as many possible winning combinations. The player’s bet can span from $€ 0.20up to $€ 100, with a return to player score of 96.56%. Prissy Princess is set during the time of knights and princesses, so the game uses theme-inspired symbols, like the Prissy Princess, three different Brave Knights, a pair of Swords, a Flail, a Shield, a Helmet, a Body Armor, a Goat, and three differently colored Flags. In this game, the three differently colored Flags are the Scatter symbols. Meanwhile, the Wild symbol is the Prissy Princess herself, who has decided to lend a little helping hand to help poor you obtain more winning combinations.


Since the game plays on five reels by three rows, 15 random symbols will be displayed across the reels after every spin, and the goal is to get at least three of the same symbols to appear at once to merge with any of the 20 available pay lines. It might sound simple, but it isn’t; with the many symbols present in the game, it might not be as easy to get as many winning combinations, which is why players need to strategize their bets for every spin as rewards will also vary depending on the wager amount a player places.


Game Features


  1. Wilds


Watch out for her wild whims! Although the Prissy Princess is indeed picky, she remains disciplined in her role to help players as a Wild symbol. She will help you acquire as many possible winning combinations by substituting all the other symbols as a stand-in except for any of the Scatters. Moreover, getting at least five of the princess to appear across the reels will reward you with 50 times your stake!


  1. Scatters


In this game, the Scatter symbol is made up of three different flags; a blue flag with a lion, a green flag with a fox, and a purple flag with a bear. What’s different in this game is that the flags can be collected during a special feature, and once enough are gathered, another special feature is unlocked to give the player a chance to win up to 200 times the stake!


  1. Special Features


  • Dragon’s Breath Feature


This feature is activated when no winning combinations are acquired. When enabled, a dragon will fly across the scene and breathe fire onto the symbols to turn any random symbols into Wilds.


  • Dragon’s Pride Feature


This feature is activated when either one of the five reels will contain three of any of the Brave Knights. During this feature, the knights are replaced by an expanded Dragon Wild to take their place.


  • Crumbling Tower Feature


This feature is activated whenever a winning combination is made. When this feature is activated, the reels containing the winning symbols collapse and are replaced with a newer set of symbols that hopefully match with any of the symbols on remaining reels. In a way, this feature can be considered a free spin where only the reels with the contributing symbols go for another spin.


  • Treasure Chest Feature


The Treasure Chest Feature is activated when you get a win on the fourth respin of the Crumbling Tower feature. When enabled, you get to take the contents of the treasure chest resting on top of the reels. The treasure chest can reward you 100 times your stake or five times your winnings for all the four respins!


  • Tournament Feature


This feature is only activated when you collect at least three of any of the Scatter symbols during the Crumbling Tower Feature. When enabled, you are given a chance to choose from any of the knights to win the princess’s heart. This feature can reward up to 200 times the player’s stake!


Game Design


Prissy Princess is set in the medieval times of knights and princesses. The design is detailed and uses a medieval cartoon concept for the background, symbols, and reels. The symbols are designed with a realistic cartoon style using vibrant colors. At the same time, the reels themselves are 15 slates of medieval brick walls where the symbols rest and the spin is animated with the slates crumbling down while being replaced by newer stacked slates. On either side of the reels are twin medieval towers with rose vines creeping up around the bases. Below the reels display the players’ controls and player status, which include the coins, coin value, bet, win, an autoplay button, and a green spin button. The animation style is advanced with the character and reels moving steadily for smooth gameplay.




Lay your wagers, unlock game features, and acquire rewards in this slot game with a comical-romantic theme set in the medieval times of knights trying to woo princesses. Play’n Go brings its players with a slot game to enjoy unique special features with enticing rewards!

Prissy Princess is sure to entertain any slot player looking for a little fun and romance while racking up rewards!


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