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Rise of Olympus House Review


Recall the history lessons taught back in school, where the ancient Greek gods rule the legendary Mount Olympus. Play’n GO introduces another historical video slot game that grants their mortals the chance to witness the incredible strength and power of the three great gods of Olympus. Go forth on a quest of treasures and wealth as the three mighty gods: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades grant their powers unto you for a chance to receive winning combinations, free spins, and huge rewards.


Rise of Olympus graces the power of the three brothers of Ancient Greek mythology, as they share their strength coming from the sea, the heavens, and the underworld to lucky mortals. The game’s theme features familiar artifacts from Greek mythology, such as the gladiator helmets, tridents, golden harps, and lightning bolts. If the gods are in your favor, the players might have a chance to be blessed with their powers to increase winnings on the treasures won.




Rise of Olympus is a five by five-reel with all ways to win online slot games; the god of the underworld, Hades greets the player in his wasteland, with ruins of Grecian temples and a gloomy backdrop for a start. As the player continues playing, they’ll be encountering free spins offered by the god of the sea and the god of thunder. Before everything else, the player has to start the game by placing their bet through pressing the Max Bet button, allowing players to adjust the stake given. Players can bet to a maximum of $ 100 or a minimum of $ 0.20 if they please.


Moreover, new coin options are located on the lower part of the game reel, allowing the player to choose the amount of cash they want for a starting bet. Keep an eye on the golden drachma with a Pegasus carving that serves as the Wild symbol of the game, along with the three brothers that represent high-value symbols in the game. Landing more winning combinations by collecting Wild symbols and winning one with the gods can activate the game’s bonus features. Get the chance to win free turns as the gods bless players with their powers in Wrath of Olympus or if fate doesn’t want to cooperate, the Hand of God feature helps players land more Wilds with the help of the gods.


Special Game Features


Play’n GO’s Rise of Olympus has high-frequency game features and animations designed to intensify the fun and brace the power of the legendary gods of Greek mythology.


1.)   Wild Symbols


One of the most famous artifacts in ancient Greek is the drachma coin. In this game, the golden drachma with a Pegasus carving is the Wild symbol and replaces all other symbols but not high valued symbols. Landing on three Wilds grants players more chances of winning rewards and activating the game’s bonus features.


2.)   Free Spins


Earning free spins is one of the best gifts mortals could ask from the gods. Rise of Olympus offers a generous amount of free spins that range from four to 20 free turns depending on the player’s luck on landing winning combinations.


3.)   Bonus Rounds


Who doesn’t love bonus rounds on classic slot games? Rise of Olympus has two bonus rounds that show players the feeling of being on a god’s good side. The features activate after the player lands winning combinations with the Wild and high-value symbols.


4.)   Hand of God


Ever wondered what it’s like to be favored by ancient gods the way Percy Jackson or any demigod blessed by their godfathers feels? Rise of Olympus lets its players experience the generous strength and power of the gods when being on their best side. Once players experience a losing winning spin, the Hand of God activates and allows players to choose a god that carries a different blessing for a better game experience.


5.)   Wrath of Olympus


Notice how there’s a shield meter on the side of the game’s screen? Fill that meter to its fullest and activate the second bonus feature of the game called Wrath of Olympus. Once activated, the player gets a chance to choose a god that carries different spin rewards ranging from low-risk wins to high-risk wins of 20x free spins.


Game Design


The player meets the powerful legendary trio of Greek mythology: the god of the sea, Poseidon, the god of lightning, Zeus, and the god of the underworld, Hades at the beginning of the game. The background music accompanies the game’s theme with its mystifying and powerful instrumentals that empowers the players as they keep playing. Simultaneously, the animation and graphics in Rise of Olympus are up to date high quality, not too flashy, and well-detailed. The game features two base bonus rounds, that may seem necessary but should be appreciated as it serves as blessings from the divines as the player wins more rewards along the way. Furthermore, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9 and grid slot type, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.




Play’n GO’s may have created slot machine games of a similar historical genre, but they never fail to make each one unique from the other. Rise of Olympus presents its players an exciting slot game with improved graphics and animation that gives excellent storytelling of the great trio of Greek mythology getting along for once by helping players earn wins. The video slot has a 96.5% return to player percentage mechanism for the player to enjoy all their hard-earned winnings as they play through this legendary slot game.

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