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Scratch Ahoy House Review


Arm your canons, ready your swords, and man the pirate ship, we got cards to tear apart! Take control of the seas with Play’n GO’s epic scratch card adventure. You don’t need any crew to start sailing since playing alone is rewarding and fun!


Play’n GO’s magic worked yet again, giving the digital gambling game exemplary graphical interface and sound design. Somehow, the game looks outdated, but considering that it was released in 2015, it’s forgivable. However, you may easily spot that developers are still pumping out content, updating it now and then.


The design quickly establishes itself right away, using images and color choices crucial to the theme. You’ll see gold, treasure chests, and rugged weapons on-screen. However, everything is only an aesthetic choice, something to spice up the player’s hype.




Scratch Ahoy differs from the traditional sweepstakes cards. It infuses another gambling element that is usually seen on the likes of bingo. The premise is quite simple and it doesn’t scare off potential beginner bettors.


The gambling game offers you a total of 9 cards, and you should scratch your way to forming three matching symbols in one line. It can be either vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. Under these options are nine symbols: a parrot, ship, a pair of cutlasses, and more pirate-stuff!


With a very simplistic interface design, you can easily find the “Buy Card” button, which is located in the lower right part of the screen. Before that, you should decide a betting amount, which can be adjusted with an easy to navigate wheel. Scratch Ahoy allows players to place their bets from 0.50 to 50.


Tips on Betting


Scratch Ahoy is purely luck-based. There’s no possible way of telling what symbols would appear on each card. Devising a strategy can be a practical choice, and the best thing is that you may approach it in any way possible.


Going all out and scratching as much as you can is the best approach, even if it can be pricey. You may still find this option useful as each card can go as low as 0.5.


Additional Game Features


It seems like Play’n GO wants to keep the rules and features easy to understand, so they opted to strip down the elements. Yet, there are a couple of features we want to include, as they are essential for the overall gameplay.


  1. Reveal All – This option saves you from all the hassle of revealing all the cards you have bought. Scratch Ahoy’s sound effects aren’t also that pleasing to the ears. With repetitive exposure, all can become annoying quickly, especially on the scratching part, and automating is the only way of getting rid of it.


  1. Mobile Play – Scratch Ahoy’s best functionality is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Portability is potent, and most video slots and other digital gambling games lack this feature, which is a huge letdown. It quickly means that you can participate in Play’n GO’s pirate-themed adventure at the comfort of your own home!


Game Design


Scratch Ahoy is a stark reminder that digital gambling can break free from traditional standards. The developers have made many iterations to the base game.


With a total of nine mysterious cards, players have a fair winning opportunity, given that they have availed of all the slots.


With too many pirate-inspired gambling games on online casinos, gamblers may start to get bored with the concept. However, the team behind Scratch Ahoy has made efforts to give it an identity, something that is distinguishable within just a couple of seconds. It is fairly evident in the lobby, and with a couple of gambling sessions, we’re confident that you’ll quickly find it familiar.


There is little to say about the interface, as it isn’t the most impressive in terms of design. However, the plain appearance has helped the game to become intuitive.


All nine unrevealed cards that say “Scratch Me” are all laid in a rugged letter, almost identical to a treasure map. The backdrop isn’t exposed that much, but it gives off a faint hint of tropical vibes with a peeping coconut tree and an alone starfish, basking underneath the white sand beach’s glaring sun.


The lack of genre-defining features isn’t a wrong choice, and we are in no way invalidating the game’s fantastic gameplay just because of that reason. Scratch cards don’t need that much flashy deals and promotions to attract players as it’s core gameplay alone is more than enough.


Considering that it can be played in any browser with the proper extension is already a big treat for online gamblers. Pair that with mobile functionality, and we have a versatile gambling software and.




Play’n GO demonstrates their ability to conform and become diverse. While it may not have that much developmental focus, it is safe to say that Scratch Ahoy is worth your time, resources, and effort. It may have a prominent theme, yet the team behind is still forcing to give it defining features.


It is also worth noting that the future for Scratch Ahoy is promising, as the developers have never ceased to implement updates yet for the software. We can expect to see support as long as there is an endless number of gamblers betting on the game.


The game’s RTP of 92.95% compensates for the lack of features and perhaps is the main reason why there is still active support for it despite being released many years ago.


The betting range of 0.5 to 5 is Scratch Ahoy’s highlight, allowing for more strategies to brew. Couple that with an easy to use “Reveal All” feature and have a seamless gambling experience.


There is no perfect gambling software. Pick one, and you can easily see flaws. Nevertheless, they are functional and tailored to give gamblers a good time. Scratch Ahoy is no different and, with constant repetition, you’ll be able to quickly find something worthwhile!

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