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Stravaganza House review


Playtech is known as one of the best game developers for casino games, and this provider constantly shows us why! Let us introduce you to Stravaganza, a game based on Blackjack, but different! This single-player casino game was launched back in 2012, and it became an instant hit. Since then, Stravaganza’s popularity has only grown and today has a huge fan following!

So, what makes this game so special? Read our review and find out!




Playtech’s Stravaganza is a really simple game to play. While it is based on Blackjack, it isn’t a variation of that game. In fact, it is very different, so much so that purists may hate it! But for most players, it’s actually a wonderful change from the endless variations of the same card games. So, here’s what you need to know about Stravaganza’s gameplay.

To begin the game, you need to first place your bet. The minimum bet is £0.01 and the maximum bet is £100. To set your bet, you can click on the chips that are lined up at the bottom of the game screen and then click on the game table where your cards will be placed. You can keep clicking on that spot to increase your bet. Once you have set your bet, you just need to click on the Play On button to start the game.

This game is played with 5 decks of cards. You are dealt 3 cards, and the aim of the game is simple – the sum of your cards should be more than the dealer’s cards. The catch is that unlike Blackjack, you cannot bust. In Blackjack, you cannot exceed a total of 21, but in Stravaganza, the more points you have, the better your chances of winning! (Which is why this game is much more fun than Blackjack!)

The card values are like Blackjack’s – picture cards in this game are worth 10 points each, the Ace has a value of 1 and all other cards have their own face value.

At the beginning of the game you are dealt 2 of your 3 cards – face up. The dealer already will have 3 cards – all face down. If the dealer has a red Ace in his set, then you automatically lose the game. Once you see your cards, you have the following options:

Money Back Option: If your cards total to less than 5, then you can ask for your money back.

Rescue Net: You can get back half of your wager if the sum of your cards is between 6 and 9.

Decision to Continue: If the total of your first two cards is more than 10, then you need to decide whether you wish to continue the game or Sit (not ask for another card and stick with your original bet). If you decide to continue, then you can click on the Play On button. Then, you will be dealt the third card, and your wager will be doubled. Then your cards and the dealer’s are compared. If you have the higher total, you win.


Additional Game Features


Stravaganza has two very special features that make this game really exciting:

  • Bonus Wins

There are two types of bonuses that you can win in Stravaganza.

  • Three-of-a-kind: If you are dealt 3 cards with the same value (3-of-a-kind), then you get win with a 3:1 ratio. However, the 3-of-a-king value needs to be between 5 and K.
  • Face Cards: If you get 3 face cards, then you win 1.5x your bet.
  • Progressive Jackpot

You are also given the opportunity to make more money by activating the Progressive Jackpot. To be eligible for the jackpot, you need to make a side bet. Without that side bet, you cannot play the Progressive Jackpot. The biggest payout for this jackpot comes from you getting 3 Kings of Hearts, which a 100x payout!


Game Design


As with all its games, Playtech focuses on giving us the best gaming experience. And this focus on quality extends to the game design. Stravaganza is sleek looking with sharp images and rich colours that really give this game a classy feel.

The game screen looks like a real Blackjack table in a classy up-market casino. At the top of the game screen are a box of chips, the box that shows the minimum and maximum bet limits, a deck of cards the progressive jackpot meter, the dealing box, and the bonus pay-table. The centre of the screen displays the spots where the cards will be laid out. And at the bottom of the screen (which looks like the edge of the game table) you will find chips laid out. These chips are the bet amounts you can make. And you have the Play and Sit buttons.

The attention to detail is so great that the entire game screen looks super-realistic; it feels like you could actually reach out and touch the gaming table! And when you combine such perfect graphics with the exciting gameplay, snazzy music and game effects, Stravaganza is elevated from being a good game to a fantastic game!




Playtech may have based Stravaganza on Blackjack, but the developer has taken it up many notches higher! This game is so simple to play that it actually becomes fun! And it doesn’t hurt at all that the payouts in the game are solid – you have the potential of winning 100x your bet, which for a card game is huge!

This is a game with huge payouts, great gameplay and fantastic graphics, so we would definitely recommend it to all players!

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