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The legend of shangri-la slot House Review:

The Legend of Shangri-La is an enlightening video slot from the creators at NetEnt that combines a lovely animal theme with Asian-inspired themes. The most noticeable feature of this game has to be the cluster pays feature which is similar to the popular cluster pays NetEnt release Aloha Cluster Pays video slot. Throw in a couple of exciting mystery features and you’ve got yourself a pretty entertaining slot game experience.



When the game is loaded (from our experience this shouldn’t take longer than a moment or two), you can use the “+” and “-” icons to adjust your coin size. From there you can either set up the autoplay function or let the game do the work for you or you can set your own bets and manually place your bets.

If you’ve played a slot with a cluster pays feature before, then you’ll know how these games typically pay out. For any newcomers out there, the way that this game works is, when nine or more symbols touch each other vertically or horizontally, this creates a win. The value of the matched symbols is what determines how big of a win this will be.

The goal of your gameplay should be to have fun as, unlike a lot of other video slots, the goal of the game is not to reach the bonus rounds as you stand the chance to hit it big on just about every spin. The biggest win that you could achieve is 1,000 times your bet on a spin.


Additional Game Features

Something to look out for in this game is that it seems easier to score big wins during the bonus game because of the exciting guaranteed addition of the mystery symbols on every spin. As mentioned, each spin on this game holds the same likelihood of scoring a big win. This is something that makes or breaks the game; it just depends on how much you like winning.

Back to the mystery symbols, these can lead to some pretty impressive clusters of wins if they land right. From an honest gameplay experience, rest assured that big wins are still very possible during the base gameplay.

The random sticky re-spins from the monk offer some great win outcomes as well. This is thanks to the feature making the cluster wins even bigger than they already are.

This game was also designed as an all-inclusive game since the minimum bet is sitting at an industry low of 0.10 per spin. If you would prefer the game to do its own thing as you watch the wins roll in, all you have to do is hit the autoplay button. The rest of this game’s controls are pretty standard.

The symbols with the highest values are the characters with the butterfly, flower, dragonfly, and koi icons the lower valued cluster wins.


Game Design

When considering this game from a design point of view, it can be considered a brightly colored visual treat. The cluster pays feature and the brightly colored graphics certainly work well with and support this view.

While playing this game, there is enough happening on the screen that players can feel stimulated enough to keep playing. This helps extend the fun for longer. The theme of this game’s design is a Far East animal theme. In The Legend of Shangri-La, each guru is represented by an elephant, a monkey, or a tiger. One of the most attractive character designs in the game is the red panda monk that’s not unlike Mushu in the hit animated film series Kung Fu Panda. The game character aids in the visual stimulation as players can catch his lively animations throughout the game.

The monk is not only fun to watch, in addition to this he is also a very important character within the game that has the ability to activate random features that can help make wins on any spin.

The theme of this game is pretty well-rounded as the graphics, background, symbols, characters, and soundtrack all tie in together to form a cohesive video slot that works as one unit.



The great thing about this game is that the cluster wins are very much within reach unlike in some slot games where the matches seem continually allusive. The best part of The Legend of Shangri-La video slot by NetEnt, besides the wins, is the little red monk who sits on the side reels and sprinkles all sorts of magic onto the reels such as mystery features and sticky re-spins.

The various bonus features of this game that keep things interesting from the re-spinning of reels, to the second chance free spins bonus round, and the thrilling mystery symbols. There are plenty of good rounds that await on this video slot game. If you’re looking for a stimulating yet harmonic and mindful break from reality, then this might just be a good slot for you to take for a spin.

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