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Double the Devil House Review


NextGen Gaming: Double the Devil


NextGen Gaming is known for its many games. One of the most prominent games that NextGen has to offer is Double The Devil. This game is an online slot machine game that uses a 5-reel system and presents 20 pay lines. It is most advisable for players to engage in Double the Devil only when using computer and laptop devices such as Macbooks and PCs. The game will run with its most optimum of performances when using these kinds of devices. Moreover, this game is not compatible with mobile phone devices so people cannot play this game on the go.


Central Game Themes


As made evident by the name, the game projects and establishes a fiery theme, depicting the “devil” and “hell” as its central concept. The idea of succumbing and temptation are the names of the game, alluring casino players to play the game continuously in a satisfying manner. Double the Devil uses old-fashioned graphics and a design style that is reminiscent of aesthetics from the 20th century. This establishes a wave of nostalgia hitting players as they come to play the NextGen game.


Other Thematic Features


Accompanying the game is the fitting music that suits the game’s central themes and aura. Besides the detailed graphics and the captivating nature the game shows, the music was also picked deliberately to match the enticing atmosphere of the game. It shows casino enthusiasts and professional casino players that they will enjoy the game one way or another. This NextGen game offers a copious amount of free spins and generous bonuses, granting interested people more reasons to play the casino game.




When playing Double the Devil, one may be astounded by how meticulous the formulation of the game is. As one starts the game by spinning the wheel, the “Devil” in the game will emit a laugh that is distinct only to him and swirl the wheel for the player. As the wheel spins, visual effects that can be viewed as burning will ignite and dissipate from the screen sporadically. At the end of the spin, the results will then be displayed. This method encourages players to carry on and play the game for hours on end. The entertainment that this game gives its players is exquisite and inviting at its best.

Players of all appropriate ages can engage in this game because of how fun and alluring the game is. NextGen has included many perks, benefits, and bonuses one can only get when playing Double the Devil. This is to show players that this game is worth a try and, ultimately, tempting to play for many hours during the day. The gaming software that NextGen has, as mentioned above, made the game playable in both Mac and Windows computer and laptop devices.


Special Game Features


The unique game features of Double the Devil were created to give players a great time while playing the game. Moreover, it gives them the prerogative to keep on engaging with the game and give in to the temptation this devilish game exudes from its themes.

  1. Wild Symbols

For this NextGen game, there are a total of two Wild symbols embedded into the system: a blue number seven (Blue 7) and a red number seven (Red 7). When a player is able to get five of these Wild symbols in a straight row, that person will get a lot of credits.

  1. Scatter Symbols

The special Scatter symbol for Double the Devil is the Red Devil. A player can get a maximum of five Scatter symbols as he/she plays the casino game.

  1. Free Spins

A person playing the NextGen casino game is allotted a maximum amount of 60 free spins. This instance with the 60 free spins is acquired when one is able to get five Devil symbols in a row.

  1. Autoplay /  Auto Spin Feature

This game also has an autoplay feature or, in other words, the auto spin feature. This specific game feature gives casino players the luxury to ease and loosen up and slack off because the game does the spinning of game wheels for them.

  1. Bonus Rounds

As stated earlier, Double the Devil gives free bonus rounds wherein people are able to spin the wheel without costing them anything. These kinds of rounds are awarded when the Devil symbol is shown in a spin. When a player gets two Devil symbols, he/she acquires five free spins. If three Devil symbols are spun in a row, a player is able to get 10 free spins. Four Devil symbols in the center row will grant someone 20 free spins. Five Devil symbols, as mentioned a while ago, give players a total of 60 free spins.

When one is able to get three, four, or five Devil symbols in a row, that person is also given two, 20, and 40 credits respectively. These serve as Pays for the Scatter.


Other Game Features


Players are the ones who select their coin denominations. These denominations can be set in coin sizes between 0.1 and 10. This is done while also setting up the number of coin lines in the game. Moreover, when spinning the game wheel, an RTP is always present for every spin. The RTP of Double the Devil, in accordance with the latest statistics, is 94.92%. This is considered substantially high in the casino game world.

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