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Reel King Slot Review


Reel King is a 5-reel slot fit for kings. This colourful slot is one of Novomatic’s newest and most exciting slot games. All you have to do is set your bet, push the start button and watch the reels spin. If that is too much effort for you, push autoplay to sit back and relax.

If lady luck is on your side you might just catch sight of the Reel King himself, giving you the chance to win even more with a bonus round. In this bonus round, you will experience a different set of reels, which awards a range of prizes based on how many Kings you land.

The prizes range from five to 500 times your total bet. In addition to the bonus round the slot also features a wild, which means endless winning combinations.


Reel King Slot Gameplay


The slot has a relatively fast loading time. All you have to do to get started is touch the screen. It is relatively easy to play Reel Kings since all you have to do is hit the spin button. However, you do have the option of adjusting your bet specifications before getting started. This is quite convenient since not everyone has the same budget when it comes to online gaming.


Some might play for pure entertainment and might not want to bet too much, while others play to win and might be looking to play for much higher stakes. Your total bet starts from 0.20 and goes up all the way to 40.00. This is then split across the number of lines you choose to play on. Reel King features 20 pay lines in total. The more pay lines you choose, the better your chances of winning. Wins pay out only on the lines in play.


Everything about playing this game is convenient. Everything you could possibly need is right on the screen. You can change your bet, the amount of pay lines you want, to place a max bet or turn on auto-spin without leaving the page. You also have the option of dragging the buttons anywhere on the screen if you wish to.


Additional Features


Reel King has no shortage of additional features. The first one worth mentioning is the wild. The wild is represented by the Jester hat symbol. It can appear on reels three to five and can substitute all other symbols.


In addition there is also the Reel King Feature. The Reel King Feature can be triggered randomly at the end of any game when up to five Reel King symbols appear on the reels. A series of prizes can be won depending on how many Reel King symbols appear on the reels. The prizes range from five to 500 times your total bet. For instance, say you placed a total bet of 40.00, and then you could win 20,000.00. Now that’s a bonus!


Reel King has a gambling option as well as an auto-play option. Players can gamble any win a maximum of five times with a maximum stake of 100.00. However, the gamble feature is not available for higher wins or during auto-play. Players can also choose whether or not they want to enable the gambling feature.


Reel King Game Design


Keeping with the theme introduced by the slot name, the slot has a very royal feel to it. The opening screen features a royal blue background.

In the middle of the screen a Reel King symbol appears against the background of a purple scroll and all across the bottom of the screen are gold coins. However, the symbols on the reels are quite unexpected as it houses your classic fruit symbols, famous 7’s and card symbols (10, J, K, and Q). The only other symbols that are more related to the royal theme include a jackpot symbol and a jester hat symbol.


Something regarding the design of this slot that could be very helpful to slot players is the fact that the selected pay lines are indicated on either side of the reels. When you first open the game, all 20 pay lines are indicated on the side of the reels. However, say for example you select only 15, then only these 15 will appear on the reels before you spin.

Another design feature that has become quite common with modern online slots is the adjustable location of the spin button. The default location of the spin button is on the right-hand side of the screen, but if you are left-handed you can move it over to the left in order to play more comfortably.




Reel King is a thrill to play. Above and beyond your main game wins, players also have the chance of randomly winning a bonus game. No skill whatsoever is needed; all you need is a little luck. If you prefer slots with a classic look, then this one is for you. A classic look but with many additional features as well as a bonus round.

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