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Blackjack, the most popular online casino game that involves both skill and luck, is also known as 21. You can find this casino game in almost every part of the world. Here you play to get closer to 21 and, of course, to beat the dealer. The key is not to go over 21; else, you will be on the losing side, or as we say, ‘bust’.

If you are new to online blackjack, you will find it easy to learn as the rules are relatively simple. As the game is not merely based on luck, you can boost your chances at Online Blackjack with practice and implement different strategies.


NetEnt, Play’n Go, and Microgaming is some of the game software providers that give you the best Blackjack online casino games for free or real play.


Why do people prefer playing Online Blackjack Games?


Lots of people prefer to play Blackjack online casino games over other games. Individuals of all over 18+ age groups love to play this classic as it is both simple yet has an element of challenge. Below are the reasons for its rising and continued popularity:

Not Based on Luck Alone

This online casino game is not based only on your luck. It’s more about grasping the strategy. Your ability to make the right decisions based on your strategy makes it more interesting. See our Blackjack Guide for plenty of tips and tricks before you start the game.

Live DealerBlackjack

The popularity of the free Blackjack online casino game derives from the fact that you can play against a live dealer. This allows you to enjoy the excitement of ongoing action in real-time while you try your luck at this popular game.


The convenience of playing the game from the comfort of your home or anywhere on mobile is another notable advantage of this popular online casino game, the game of 21, in combination with the real-time action involved in most online Blackjack games.

Less Pressure

Though you have limited time to make a strategic decision, the tension in an online Blackjack casino game is still reduced to a much greater level, in comparison to the brick and mortar casino experience.

Bonus and Rewards

The bonus and rewards offered from online casinos and within the actual game make playing online Blackjack popular among players. Not only can you reap the benefits of beating the dealer, which comes with its reward, but there are also often Blackjack tournaments, and exclusive Blackjack offers that you can only find while playing online.

More Variants

A large number of online Blackjack variations, whether it be the Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, among others, acts as a massive driver behind why players opt to play online. These days online casinos are going above and beyond to offer various real-time Blackjack games streamed from different world-wide brick and mortar casinos, so you are getting the same in-person experience – but from the comfort of your own home.


Free Online Blackjack vs Real Money Online Blackjack


As with any quality online casino, they will give you the option to both try out online Blackjack for free, using a demo account, or play Blackjack for real money. Both are excellent options if you love the classic game of 21.


Playing Blackjack for Real Money


Probably the most important reason for playing Blackjack online with real money is the potential to join various Blackjack tournaments where you can, naturally, be awarded real cash. This may be an option better suited to the more experienced player, enhancing the element of thrill and excitement in the game.


Additionally, were you aware that with real money Blackjack games, there are more variants to choose from? Playing Blackjack in a demo account will not give you nearly as many options, which can hinder the potential to master the game, ultimately.


Playing Free online Blackjack (Demo Mode)


As with online slots, when you opt to play free online Blackjack, you can bypass the signup process as you can play without downloading, giving you the option to play instantly.

Naturally, playing free online blackjack gives you the option to learn the game of Blackjack without any risk, although, as stated above, you will not have access to specific versions of the game. If you’re new to Blackjack, it’s a great way to learn the basics and get comfortable with your playing style.


Lastly, it’s essential to determine who you are as a player – are you playing to score something extra, or only for entertainment purposes? If you’re only looking to play Blackjack for entertainment only, the play for free option is probably the best one to go for.


Online Blackjack Terms and Abbreviations You Need to Know


Stand- When you have a set of cards that make you feel you can beat the dealer, you “stand.” Now the dealer will move to your next player.

Hit- As the game’s objective is to go closer to 21 when you need to add another card, you can ask “hit.” It will add more cards to your hand.

Split- When you have two cards of the same value, let’s say your first two cards are 8, where you can then go for “split.” After splitting into separate hands, you place a bet on each of your hands. Continue playing till the time you bust or stand.

Double- If the dealer’s upcard is weaker or your hand is stronger, you can double your bet when your starting two cards are dealt with. Doubling is also called a split hand sometimes.

Blackjack– The best hand in the game is Blackjack. It includes an ace and a card that has 10 as its face value.

Even Money- When you have Blackjack, and the dealer shows you ace, you can then ask for even money, and in place of 3-to-2 payout, you get 1-to-1.

First Base– The player, which is to the immediate left of the dealer, is first base. This player first receives the cards and also acts in the game first.

Hole Card- This is the card that is dealt with as face down. After players decide how they will play their hands, the player with the hole card can reveal it.

Surrender– When the players feel that he loses the hand, he has the option to surrender. By doing this, the player that surrenders gets their half bet back after folding their hand.

Upcard– This is the card that belongs to the dealer and is dealt as face up.


Essential Tips for Playing Online Blackjack For Free or for Real money


The success of the card game that comes with the simple rules entirely depends upon the decisions and strategies of the player. This makes it necessary to understand how the game is played.


Here are some of the tricks that assist you in enjoying Online Blackjack the most:


  • As Blackjack is available in several variations, if you are trying it for the first time, it is better to go with the classic version.
  • If you want to enjoy the Blackjack online casino games the most, then try to play with the real dealer in a live setting – once you are comfortable.
  • Whether you play with real money or for free, you have limited time to make a decision. So you need to brush up your skills. It would be better to play for free till the time you have learned the skills correctly.
  • Playing with live dealers gives you the chance to play many rounds of free Blackjack games without shuffling the deck. This benefits you in becoming more familiar with the game strategies.
  • Always bet responsibly and maintain a budget you are comfortable with, while it is important to note that you should not ever bet your majority stack in one go.
  • Make sure you check through our Blackjack Guide before venturing off into real play!


The more you practice Free online Blackjack, the better will you become. With practice, your skills increase, and so does your performance.


Closing Words


Since Blackjack came to life in the 1700s, the popularity has remained and even grown with time. Its popularity is enormous because players have more control over the game. The more strategic moves are played, the house edge is reduced, and chances of success increase.


Try your hand at free online Blackjack here at Casinofy. You can start with Net Ent’s Perfect Blackjack, Blackjack NetEnt, or the classic European Blackjack or all three!

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