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One of the most popular forms of welcome casino bonuses is known as a free spins bonus. As its namesake suggests, free spins bonus offers to allow online casino players to enjoy free spins on an individual slot machine game, or a selection of slot machine games. Looking to play with the Best Free Spins

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Free Spins Bonus

Clearly, free spin bonuses are not applicable to casino card games or casino table games. Roulette games do not qualify for free spin bonuses – despite the fact that the roulette wheel spins. Traditional free spin bonuses do not require players to make a deposit at an online casino; however, registration is typically required for qualification purposes.

What is a Free Spins Bonus?

Free Spins bonuses, whether they are allocated in no deposit form or as part of a deposit bonus are a gift to players.

Slot machine players can enjoy an allocation of complimentary spins on an individual or a set of slot machine games, at the online casino’s discretion.

While the term ‘Free Spins’ is routinely used, other operators routinely label these spins ‘Bonus Spins’ given that they are part of a bonus offering with attendant T&C. Regardless of the nomenclature, Free Spins are widely hailed as one the most highly sought-after casino-to-player gifts available nowadays.


It is worth pointing out that free spins bonuses allocate a fixed $/€/£ value to each spin that is awarded to players.

The precise value of each free spin varies from one online casino to the next. Casinofy reviews top-ranked online casinos offering generous free spins bonuses to players. Tremendous effort is required to sift through online casino promotional offers with free spins bonuses. Many peripheral issues need to be gauged, including the terms and conditions of each free spin offer, the quality of the online slot machine games available to players, the value of each free spin, and the attendant limits on payouts.


These types of bonuses allow players to accumulate winnings from the free spins which are then deposited into your online casino account.

This doesn’t mean that you are able to cash out these winnings just yet.

All bonuses and promotional offers at online casinos are subject to play through requirements. These are also known as wagering requirements. There is little difference between a standard no deposit bonus (NDB) and a free spin bonus available for a specific slot, or a collection of slots games. These types of bonus spins are useful to players since no additional funds need to be deposited to qualify for these free spins. They are a ‘welcome bonus gift’ to new players.


Why Do Online Casinos Offer Free Spins to Players?


It seems rather disingenuous that an online casino would gift free spins to players, with nothing given in return.

The rationale behind free spins is threefold. On the one hand, online casinos can differentiate their product offerings from other online casinos by providing players with enticements to play online slot machine games. These bonuses function in much the same way as traditional bonuses where players are given a fixed amount or matching bonus. Since they are exclusive to slots games, free spin bonuses can only be redeemed on these games. The other reason why online casinos gift free spins to players is to get players to register and deposit. The objective is repeat business, and if the online casino acts with distinction, players will respond in kind.


The precise number of free spins given to players will vary from one casino to the next. You may be offered 50 Free Spins, or perhaps 100 Free Spins.

Sometimes, these offers will be made available over several days. That’s why it’s important to carefully read the T&C of every free spins offer. In any event, you don’t have to use any of your own money when you are using these bonus spins to play online casino games.

Naturally, you will be required to complete the online registration before the casino offers you these no deposit bonuses. A third reason why online casinos provide these types of offices to showcase their wares to players. By offering you free play, you can sample a selection of slot machine games at no cost to yourself. Zero-risk strategies are highly attractive to players, for obvious reasons.


Typical Terms and Conditions with Free Spins Bonuses


Casinofy has identified criteria that online casino players must abide by in order to benefit from free spins bonuses. For starters, you may be disqualified if you have already opted for multiple bonuses in addition to the free spins bonus.

These types of offers may be available as an exclusive bonus, or as part of a combination of bonuses available at the online casino in question. Players are advised to pay attention to the T&C of these bonuses, particularly with respect to the limit you can withdraw from this bonus. Overall, the majority of no deposit bonuses are associated with lower profit expectations, given the playthrough requirements that players are subject to. Nonetheless, the only way to win slots games is by spinning the reels – and that’s the benefit of free spins casino offers.


Watch for the following:

  • Play through requirements
  • The exclusivity of bonus offers
  • The eligibility period for free spins
  • Promotional codes for free spins
  • Maximum winnings on free spins
  • Deposit or No Deposit-based free spins


All winnings generated through free spins are credited to your bonus account.

This is separate from your bankroll, as it cannot be accessed until such time as you have met the requirements. Be cognizant of the winnings maximum a.k.a. the cap. If your free spin winnings have exceeded the maximum limit, the excess will be removed from your bonus account. An example will illustrate:

  • You receive a 50 free spins registration offer from an online casino with a $50 maximum limit


If you win $60 playing slot machine games with your free spins, the excess $10 will be removed and you will have winnings of $50.

If a deposit + bonus requirement exists, you will need to meet that before you can cash out your winnings. Most of the time, these offers will be made in conjunction with a specific slot machine game. Fortunately, many free spins offers are available for a wide range of slot machine games. Be aware of the time requirements – you may have as little as 24 hours to use the free spins.

Free Spins vs. Free Play Bonuses?


Free Spins differ markedly from Free Play bonuses. We have noted the differences below:

Free Spins may be offered to you in the form of deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses.

Free spins are allocated to players for use on slot machine games. They cannot be used with card games or table games. The free spins are limited and may be subject to time constraints and winnings caps.


Free Play, often written as FreePlay typically consists of vouchers for set amounts of money that can be used to play specific casino games. These could include table games, card games, or slot machine games.

These FreePlay vouchers boost your bankroll so that you can play real-money online casino games.

The specifics of FreePlay vouchers depend upon the promotion in question. Each voucher is different, sometimes you may be required to make a deposit to receive a FreePlay voucher, other times you may be required to meet certain playthrough requirements beforehand.


How to Choose the Best Free Spins Online Casino Bonus?


One of the most highly sought-after bonuses in the online casino industry is a free spins bonus.

These promotional offers are readily available at many leading online casinos, but picking one over another takes some doing. Casinofy is your trusted resource for choosing the best free spin online casino bonus.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of top-tier casinos to ascertain which of them provides the most beneficial free spins bonuses. Each of the criteria that we have listed in this guide is taken into consideration. Our determination is based upon transparency, fairness, and credibility.

The process by which we undertake these online casino reviews is as follows:

  • Select an online casino free spins bonus
  • Register at the online casino
  • Play online slot machine games
  • Meet the playthrough requirements
  • Cash-out the winnings


Once each step in the process has been completed, we assess the online casino based on their free spins offer, and the outcomes we have generated. If the online casino meets expectations, we endorse it accordingly.

Naturally, players cannot be expected to perform such extensive analysis of free spin bonuses at a multitude of online casinos.

That’s why we recommend that players read our online casino reviews where we post details of various free spin offers. Sometimes a deposit may be required, at other times no deposit is needed. In all cases, however, players will need to meet the wagering requirements, comply with the maximum winnings limitations, and activate the bonus within the designated time frame.

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