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NetEnt Baccarat Pro

With decades of experience within the igaming industry, NetEnt has successfully managed to recreate the essence of one of the most popular table games in both online gaming and land-based casino gaming. The quality of Baccarat pro has been enhanced using the latest gaming technology that is in high demand.


Thanks to additional features, a great theme and interactive gameplay, Baccarat Pro enthusiasts will have no problem finding their way around the game and claiming their winnings. Everything players need is offered to them in this modern computerised game that has captured the attention of its audience for almost a decade.


Baccarat Pro Gameplay


The remarkable graphics have been designed to promote an authentic look and feel of the game by delivering high resolution graphics and uninterrupted gameplay. Loading up of the game commences almost immediately upon selecting Baccarat Pro and players are greeted by a uniquely and exclusively designed layout.


Thanks to the innovative team at NetEnt, players are treated to a paytable that explores the rules and aim of the game, enhancing player’s gameplay experience.


The main button, located in the centre of the screen at the bottom, automatically deals cards onto their designated spots and so the game begins. There is also a real-time session section as well as a win streak, so players can challenge themselves.


Baccarat Pro has an RTP (return to player) percentage of over 96.00% and with multiple bets accepted, players can look forward to healthy winnings. Betting begins at a minimum of 0.10 and reaches up to a maximum chip bet of 500.00, but the limit is capped at 1000.00.


Additional Game Features


There is an additional third card rule that has been added to the game of Baccarat Pro and the game also has banker rules. In addition to this, players will be pleased to learn that there is more game functionality that has been delivered in the form of a lightning bolt. Located just at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, players are able to access vital information that could impact the next bet. This information contains the amount of the last bet history.


To personalise a players experience even further there is a settings bar at the bottom of the left hand side of the page. Here players can opt for audio, music, sound effects, Baccarat Pro history and a few other settings to help improve players’ gaming experiences online.


The game, though multifunctional, is rather simple and elegant in design and as a result, what you see is what you get. The screen displays everything players need in order to play a legitimate and high-quality Baccarat game.


Game Design


Betting is adjusted by using the chips at the bottom of the screen and the whole screen is filled with a special table exclusively designed for Baccarat Pro players.


There are three betting options; Rebet x2, Rebet and New Bet. These bets are accumulated and shown on the left side of the screen. With everything centralised and readily available in a click of a button, players will soon come to realise why Baccarat Pro is one of the best games to play if you want to quickly understand and learn a new casino table game.


Everything players need to use in order to access a more comprehensive game can be found in the design of the game. The colour of the Baccarat Pro table is a complimenting hue of green that sports ‘NetEnt’ branded cards that the dealer shares on the table.


All bets are randomly calculated using a machine recognised as a random number generator. This is what computes which hand is won and how cards are dealt to players. There is no manipulating the system and the game is promoted by fair play, so players stand a chance of winning.


Baccarat Pro Summary


Baccarat Pro is the ultimate game to play online, perhaps even more popular than land-based casino baccarat. Players are treated to many functions, including multiple bets. With a maximum deposit offer of 1000 chips, there is ample opportunity to walk away with a good win.


The game itself has been so expertly designed that players can tailor their gaming experience to better suit their needs, and thanks to the functionality of recorded history wins, a rare feature allows players to track their past games and better their strategy.


This NetEnt casino table game creation is a sensational hit for almost a decade.


Players can choose to place their chips where they want to make their wagers. However, the bet button automatically places chips after an amount has been chosen. These bets will then be spread evenly over the table and players are able t adjust the bets as they see fit.


Baccarat Pro is by far one of the best casino table games and players seeking a quality gaming experience won’t be disappointed, especially with all the added benefits of playing the game online.

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