At, we aim to protect and respect the privacy of our visitors at all times. As such, we have created this Privacy Policy to ensure our players have peace of mind in terms of sharing, collecting and processing personal data on our site. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to fully understand our views and practices regarding your personal information, how we collect it and what it is used for. By visiting our site, we are accepting the below terms of our Privacy Policy.


Data Protection


Personal data refers to any information about a person that can be used to identify said person. Personal data does not include any information whereby the identity of someone has been removed. This is referred to as anonymous data.

Personal data on our site refers to the following:

  • Your full name and surname or username
  • Your email address
  • Your IP addresses


Collecting Personal Data

We collect and privately saved this information when you visit out site. This data is only collected once it is shared on our site. Additional data may be collected if you wish to share it by filling out different fields in your online profile.

  • We collect some or all of this data in the following ways:
  • When you create a user account
  • When you fill out the contact form
  • Information received from cookies whenever you browse the site
  • When you fill our fields in your online profile
  • When visiting the site from a mobile device, we may collect information about your mobile carrier and unique device ID number
  • Analytics platforms, including our own analytics tools and those of third-party providers
  • Opting to receive newsletters or promotional email
  • Contacting us via telephone or email


How We Use Your Personal Information


Your personal information gathered on our site may be used in the following ways:

For making you a registered member of our site and to allow you to shared content or reviews on the site.

Your email address will be used to notify you of any activity on the site that may be relevant to you.

Your IP address is saved when you perform certain actions on the site and is never made publicly visible.

We will also use your email address to communicate with members through newsletters or email announcements from time to time. In this case, you can choose to opt in or out of these emails.

We may also collect non-personal information about you while you interact on the site. For example, the browser you are using, your device or the time spent on a specific page. This information is used for analytics and tracking user behaviour on out site.


Cookie Policy


We use cookies to allow us to offer our visitors a full range of functions through your preferences. In this way, the website can be adapted to better suit our visitor base, making things more convenient and user-friendly for you.

A cookie is a small file or piece of information that is saved on your computer or device when you visit the website. It enables the website to remember and save your actions and preferences while on the site. This includes your login details, language preference and more so you don’t have to input this information every time you visit the site.

By using our website, you agree to the terms of use and storage of cookies on your computer or device. It is possible to view the website without cookies, although certain functionalities may not work properly and navigating may be slower.

If you do not want cookies to store any of your information, you can disable this feature using the relevant settings of your browser. You can also delete stored cookies in the system settings of your browser at any time.


Cookie Providers

Cookies are provided either by us or the website operators. Third-party cookies can also be stored and used by other organisations or websites. These external providers may use cookies to advertised on our site or integrate content from social networks using plug-ins.

Google Analytics, a web analytics tool provided by Google Inc. uses cookies to identify how often someone visits a certain page of our website and their preferences. This information is generated by the cookie and transferred and stored to a Google server. With this information, Google can analyse user behaviour on our website and compile a report on activity for us. Google may share this information with third parties where relevant or if required by law.

Please note that you can deactivate Google Analytics to prevent cookies from collecting your information. This can be done using a browser add-on, which must be downloaded. This add-on allows you to opt out of having your information stored. It basically serves as a deactivation of Google Analytics, although this only leads to a deactivation of Google Analytics for a specific device and browser.


User Rights


As a website user, you have the right to access or obtain a copy of any personal information we store at any time. If you want to do this, please contact us and we will assist in a timely fashion. If you feel like any of your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you can contact us to complete or correct the information. You can also ask us to remove your personal data.


Protection of Minors


As an online portal for gambling information, including marketing content, products, services and promotions, our site is appropriate for and targeted at visitors 18 years and older. It is illegal for any visitor under the legal age of consent in the relevant jurisdiction to make use of our site.


As such, the site does not knowingly or intentionally solicit or collect data from minors under the age of 18 years. If we come across personal data from a child below 18 that was accidently collected, it will be removed as soon as reasonably possible.


The site takes no responsibility for any actions taken by visitors under the legal age of 18 or its equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction.


Accepting the Privacy Policy


Your continued use of our site means you have accepted our Privacy Policy. It is up to the user to review our Privacy Policy before browsing the site. Upon registration, we will also explicitly ask you to accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.


Changes to The Privacy Policy


We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. In these instances, you may be asked to review and re-accept the terms of use when visiting the site.

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