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Deuces wild Spingames Game Review

When you see Deuces Wild, you might initially think that it’s just another video poker game. However, you are in for quite a surprise. Deuces Wild is a video poker game with a twist. Actually, it’s so obvious that you could hit yourself in the head for not putting two and two together earlier.

Let me give you a clue. It’s all in the name. Yes, you guessed it, Deuces Wild has a wild. In fact, the deuce is the wild. In other words, Deuces Wild is a video poker game where the 2 card acts as a wild. It can complete any winning hand, which increases your odds of winning.

That, combined with a return to player percentage of between 97 and 100 percent, makes Deuces Wild one of the most lucrative video poker games in the history of gambling. So, if you are playing to win, then Deuces Wild is just the type of video poker for you.



The game took quite a while to load, but it was worth the wait. In terms of gameplay, Deuces Wild is identical to previous versions of video poker. Players are dealt five cards from a standard 52-card deck. The player selects what cards they would like to hold and the rest are discarded from the game entirely. Cards from the remaining deck are then re-dealt to complete your hand (at this point, you’ll be crossing your fingers for a Royal Flush). Finally your completed hand is evaluated. However, before you even deal, make sure you select a bet to suit your needs. The settings button on the left side of your screen will allow you to adjust your bet.

A few more technical things to mention in terms of gameplay is what the different buttons represent. There are only two buttons that you essentially need in order to play: deal and draw. Deal is when the player is dealt cards from the 52-card deck. Draw means to keep the cards the player wants to hold and discard the rest.

The additional wild feature of this game gives it an edge over other video poker games. It makes the game even more thrilling to play as it gives you an unlimited amount of winning combinations, which would be impossible when playing any other video poker game.

Players who are seeking even more of a thrill can increase their possible wins by simply increasing their bet. If you bet between one and four coins, the return to player percentage is 97.22%. However, if you place the maximum bet, your return to player percentage increases to 97.58%. Not only that, but your winnings could increase by 300% if you bet five coins instead of four.


Additional features

As mentioned previously, Deuces Wild is very much identical to previous video poker games (in most senses anyway). However, it does have one feature that makes it stand out from all the rest. It has a wild (deuce). Players thus have the option of replacing any card with a deuce (2), meaning players can instantly produce a winning hand. No matter what card you need, a simple deuce can instantly increase your odds of winning.

Another interesting feature from Deuces Wild is the option of recalling games. This means that a player can review all games played in the past. This could help players determine exactly how many times they have won or lost, which could indicate if they need to slow down a bit.

In the settings players there is also the option of switching turbo on or off. Another cool feature is that the player can choose where they want the deal button to be located depending on whether or not they are right or left handed.


Game design

When opening this game you will feel like royalty. The screen colour is royal blue and black. Immediately when you open the game the paytable is displayed in bright red. The winning combinations (hands) appear on the left side of the table and the corresponding payouts on the right. However, do keep in mind that the payouts change depending on the current bet configuration. It thus indicates how much a player will win when the bet is set to a certain amount. The paytable is very conveniently placed as it is usually the first thing a player wants to look at.

Beneath the paytable there are five upside-down cards. The upside-down cards on the table in front of you also keep with the royal theme as it displays a royal blue “R” against the background of a purple diamond with a crown on top. Slightly below your cards you will find two buttons. On the right hand side you have the deal button and on the left the settings. The deal button is explained in more detail under the gameplay section. Right at the bottom of the screen there are three displays: your balance, how much you have bet, and winnings.

Another important aspect of the game design is graphics and to be honest, it was very underwhelming.



Deuces Wild is no ordinary video poker game. Its wild feature and amazing odds of winning makes it a game to try out. No other video poker game will give you quite as many chances at landing a winning hand as this one.

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