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Sic bo House review


Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance that is played by rolling 3 dice. This game was virtually unknown outside China until Chinese immigrants introduced it to the rest of the world in the early 20th century. Since this game is still mostly played in Chinese game parlours, you will not find many versions of it online. In fact, many gamers are only just coming to know about this unique dice game.

This is a game of luck and some strategy, so if you want to have a go at it, then we recommend you read our review first.


Sic Bo Gameplay


The basic premise of Sic Bo is very, very simple. You choose a number and hope that it matches the numbers that are rolled on 3 dice.

When the game has loaded, you will be given the chance to select your bet. Bets range from just £1 all the way up to £300. The whole idea behind this game is to bet accurately on the numbers that will appear on the dice. So, here are the ways in which you can bet in 1×2’s version of Sic Bo:


  • A single number
  • 2 numbers
  • All the numbers on the dice
  • On big numbers
  • On small numbers
  • Double Wins
  • Triple Wins


Each of these bets come with different odds and prizes. 1×2’s Sic Bo has an RTP of 97.22%, which means that if you do win, you can win some hefty sums of money. However, like any other game of luck, you need to be patient for those wins.




And here’s where you can use a little strategy. This is a game that is not just dependent on luck. It also requires you to think strategically and plan your bets carefully if you are to win.


The idea is to think defensively – try to stay in the game as long as you can, and you can do this by tempering your bets and targeting the easy wins. The best bets for new players are the Small and Big numbers, as well as combinations. It is also best to play the demo games before you invest real money in this game. Once you are proficient in this game, then you can graduate to betting real money on Sic Bo.


Here are how the bets work in Sic Bo:

  • Number of Dice: You usually play with all 3 dice, but you can also bet on the roll of just one or two dice.
  • Small Number: The small numbers are 4 to 10, and you win at a 1:1 ratio. However, if a triple appears on the dice, then you lose the bet.
  • Big Number: The big numbers are from 11 to 17, and you win at a 1:1 ratio. Once again, if you roll a triple number on the dice, then you lose the bet.
  • Totals: If you bet on specific totals at add up to between 4 and 17, then your wins can range from 6:1 to 60:1.
  • Doubles: If you bet on doubles on the dice (1 to 6), then you get a return of 10:1.
  • Triples: If you bet on triples on the dice (1-6), then you get the maximum return of 180:1. This means that if you have made the maximum bet of £300, then you can win as much as £54,000 in a single roll of the dice!
  • Any Triple: If you bet on any triple, you will win 30x your bet.
  • Double Combinations: If you bet on specific double combinations (such as 3 and 5 doubles, or 1 and 4 doubles), you win 6x your bet.
  • Single Dice:Here are 3 different ways to bet on the roll of a single die:
    • One correct number – you win evens
    • Two correct numbers – you win 2x your bet
    • Three correct numbers – you win 3x your bet.


More experienced players actually devise their own Sic Bo strategies, but for beginners, we recommend you go for the small wins that you will get with the Small/Big numbers. Remember,  this game takes practice, and as you get better at it, you will be able to expand your betting strategy.


Additional Game Features


1×2’s Sic Bo does not have any additional game features; it is simply an online version of the traditional game!


Game Design


1×2 Gaming has kept the traditional game design for their version of Sic Bo. For visual appeal, the table is coloured a luxurious red, as if you are in a high-end casino! However, the layout of the game is traditional, with the betting fields and the possible combinations laid out in the same pattern as the original game.

The 3 dice used for this game can be seen at the top right corner of the game screen, while the chips used for betting are placed at the bottom centre. At the top of the screen are the rest of the chips (but that’s just for decoration!).




1×2’s Sic Bo was not a very popular online casino game when it was launched in 2013. But that’s because not many people knew about this game’s existence and didn’t even know how to play it! However, over the years, as more players have taken to online gambling, Sic Bo has slowly been rising in popularity.

We have found that once gamers started playing this game, they fell in love with it! So, help make this game more popular and try your hand at this unique online game of dice!

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