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Video roulette House review


If you love playing online roulette and want to know which version is the best, then Playtech’s Video Roulette is what you need to try. The version of the game has the greatest number of features, and can be enjoyed by both novices as well as expert roulette players. And if you’re a high-roller, then you will love this game.

But before you put your money on the table, it would be a good idea to read our review to find out how Playtech’s Video Roulette works and how to increase your potential to win.


Video roulette Gameplay


The best way to understand a game is to play it for yourself, which is why we recommend that you play the demo version first. This way, you will gain experience playing the game, and you will understand the finer nuances and even develop your own strategy to win. This way, you don’t lose real money while you’re getting comfortable with the game.

Now, here is what gameplay in Video Roulette looks like.

The basic rules of this game are the same as the standard rules that apply to European Roulette, however, this game also borrows a few rules from French Roulette, and it is this mix of two different types of Roulette that makes this game so very exciting.

The table layout is classically European, as are the many side bets you can make. You have the regular 36-pocket wheel, divided into the familiar red and black pockets. You also have the single zero in green.

To begin the game, you simply need to place your bets. To do so, simply click on the chip icons (which are the bet amounts) and then click the spots on the table where you wish to place your bets. Once you are satisfied with your bet, you can click on the Spin button to start playing.

If you are an experienced roulette player, you can employ the various strategies to increase your chances of winning. In fact, you can use the double option if you are planning to use the Martingale system.


Video roulette Additional Game Features


Here are the many additional game features that take Video Roulette to the next level of gaming:

  • La Partage Rule

La Partage literally translates to the divide. This rule is put in play only for even bets. When the ball lands on a zero, all even-money bets are divided equally between the house and player. What this does is significantly reduce the house edge, which also means that the RTP of the game goes up massively.

  • Racetrack

Video Roulette features a Racetrack with which you can make neighbour bets. You can also use this Racetrack to place the popular bets that are announced such as:

  • Tiers Du Cylindre (Serie 5/8)
  • Zero Game
  • Du Zero (Serie 0/2/3)
  • Orphelins
  • Side Bets

A roulette side bet gets triggered if the ball lands on zero or on two consecutive numbers. Of course, you have to place a side bet before this option is triggered.

Once this side bet is triggered, you need to choose either Red or Black.

  • Special Bets

You also have a special bets option in Video Roulette. You simply click on the Special icon and you will find some special bets such as Black Splits, Red Splits, Finale Cheval and Finale Plein.

  • Detailed Statistics

One of the most outstanding features of this game is the detailed statistics that you get for your gameplay. You simply need to go to the Stats section of this game, and you will be able to see how many times a specific number has won.

  • Heat Map

You can turn on the Heat Map if you want to make gameplay easier. This map colours the numbers on the table as well as the racetrack so that you can see which are the hot spots where the most wins are coming from.


Game Design


The game is designed to wow, and wow it does! The name of the game – Video Roulette – is based on the game design. Every time you spin the wheel, there is a stunning video footage of the dealer throwing the ball into a real roulette wheel. This gives players the feel of a real live casino and enhances the entire gaming experience. And if you do not wish to waste time looking at the video, you can hit the Turbo mode, which will remove the video and go straight to the gameplay.

The graphics and animations are sharp and beautifully rendered, which further adds to your gaming experience. And the sounds and music also add to the atmosphere of the game.

The thought that has gone into the design of Video Roulette to make it as interactive as possible is one of the reasons why it one of the best roulette games in the online world.




Playtech’s Video Roulette is a fantastic game! Its graphics, animation, sounds and interface are all designed to ensure that the player can enjoy the game to the hilt. And the gameplay is outstanding. Whether you’re an expert high-roller, or a novice just starting out in the world of roulette, you will love this game.

And because of the mix of the European and French rules, the RTP on this game is the highest among all roulette games in the market today. This is truly one of the most interesting games of Roulette you will ever play, so go ahead and start playing now!

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