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3D Roulette game review Bonus and Free demo game


Playtech is known for the quality of their casino games, but 3D Roulette is at a totally different level of excellence! The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fantastic and the overall gaming experience is deeply immersive!


3D Roulette is a variant of European Roulette and features a separate racetrack so that you can make those side bets that can get you the extra wins.


Before you go ahead and start playing this phenomenal game, take a little time to find out how it works by reading our review.


3d Roulette Gameplay


3D Roulette uses the European Roulette rules for gameplay, and it has only a single zero.


To begin the game, you first need to place your bets.


To do so, you simply click on the chips on the right of the roulette table and then click on the number or symbol on the table on which you wish to bet.


When you hover your mouse over the board, you will see the payouts for each of the bets you highlight.


And if you wish to see the detailed payouts of all bets, then you can click on the Paytable button located at the bottom left of your screen.


Payouts range from 35:1 in case you win straight up to 1:1 in case of an even money bet.


To increase your bet, you just need to keep clicking until you are satisfied by the amount.


You will find all the inside as well as outside betting options, as well as side bets on the racetrack, so you really get a wide range of bet choices.


Furthermore, if you just want to repeat the bet you made in the last spin, simply use the Repeat button to do so.


Bet sizes range from £1 to £1,000, which means that players of all levels can enjoy 3D Roulette. The inside and outside bets have a smaller betting range, from £25 to £500.


Once you have placed your bets, click on Spin to start your game.


After every spin, the winning number is added to the History bar which is located at the bottom of the game screen.


The History bar is a handy little feature that allows you to see which numbers have been lucky in your session so far.


3D Roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, And because of the single zero of European Roulette, the house edge is much lower than American Roulette.


We would recommend that you first start with the free demo play before switching to real money so that you are completely comfortable with this game.



3d Roulette Gameplay Additional Game Features


Here are some of the additional game features which make 3D Roulette truly unforgettable:


  • Racetrack: Using the Racetrack, you can make the popular side bets such as Tiers du Cylinder and Voisins du Zero.
  • You also get a chance to make two very rare types of bets, bets that are not found on most online casinos – Red Splits (4 splits) and Black Splits (7 splits).


Other bets such as neighbour bets and finals are also available on this racetrack.


  • Fast Play: If you wish to pick up the pace of the game, then you can use the Fast Play option to do so. In fact, the Fast Play options makes this game even more exciting. However, if you are a beginner, we would recommend that you wait until you get the hang of the game before you switch on the fast track mode.


3d Roulette Game Design


3D Roulette has an outstanding game design. As we already said, the graphics are stunning. The 3D roulette table that dominates the lower half of the game screen is perfection.


The table is placed above the wheel. To the left of the table is the racetrack for your side bets and to its left are the action buttons (the betting chips, the Spin button, etc). At the top of the game screen you can see the betting details.


The layout of the game is done is such a way that each detail is perfectly clear. The colours are beautiful – rich and luxurious! This is a game that you will truly enjoy looking at!


Playtech also gives you a few options to customise the game design and to use the Visuals tab to alter turret details, number shadings, and centre lines.


You can also adjust general settings such as sounds, game settings and so on. You can enable the Fast Play feature, change the dealer’s voice, and even alter the ambient sounds.

All this so you can truly make this game your own!


The only downside to this game is that because of the use of the 3D animated wheel, it’s a heavy software.

So, if your internet speed is on the slower side, you may experience some lag in the game.


However, you can rectify that problem by going to the Visuals section of the game settings and disabling some of the features.

This can improve the performance of the game, but you will not lose any of the excitement.




3D Roulette is probably one of the best designed games that Playtech has produced. Everything about it – its visuals, sounds and the game itself – is designed to create a completely immersive experience.


This is a game that can be enjoyed by players with all levels of skill in Roulette. For beginners, the simple layout and betting options make the game easy.

And for the more experienced gamers, the side-bets and the high RTP make this game worthwhile. Something for everyone!

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