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A Dragon’s Story Slot Review


Participate in a joust with fire-breathing dragons in this NextGen’s slot machine game. This game was released in 2012. A Dragon’s Story will take players into an entirely different history timeline where modern games usually get inspired. Revisit the medieval age and explore the romanticized timeline with fantastic dragons, truly like a hero or a well-loved protagonist of a famous novel.


Meet and befriend dragons in this slot machine game. Dragons are mythical creatures in the folklore of many cultures. They were fantasized and admired by most individuals, especially by kids and kids at heart. These creatures are typically winged and were given four feet as an option to walk. While most of its population can walk and soar, some can only walk or crawl; still, all of them are seen as cool and fantastic creatures, with each having the ability to make use of their powers according to its natural elements.


In A Dragon’s Story, players will get to meet a friendly little dragon named Ruff. His features are cartoony, very well resembling his cheerful appearance. He is very fond of the main character, Sir William; he even enjoys pranking him.


If you’re ready to meet Ruff, Sir William, and other dragons, read further to get to know them better and prepare for the joust.


A Dragon’s Story  Gameplay


Like typical slot machines, start the game by spinning the reels after setting your bet on the bottom left side of the screen. Click ‘Spin’ to set the reels in motion. While the reels are spinning, wish for a perfect combination to appear. Please note the auto-spin option to allow it to spin by itself while you do other tasks.


The game is equipped with a total of five reels and 25 pay lines. In the game, some symbols clearly portray the medieval theme of the game. It includes the characters: red dragon, shield, knights, boots, Sir William, colorful gems, and golden treasures. On the other hand, the basic symbols are represented by the playing card values, ranging from number 9 to Ace. Among all these symbols, the one you should pay attention to the most is the golden treasures. Lastly, two bonus symbols unlock special features to spice up the game.


Special Features


This part is where it gets more exciting! A Dragon’s Story offers a variety of unique features that players would definitely enjoy. Each symbol has its corresponding function to make the game more interesting.


  1. Wild


The red dragon symbol represents this Wild. It can substitute other symbols in the reel to provide lacking symbols that might arrive to complete a most-awaited combination.


  1. Scatters


The scatters are represented by sporadic jewel symbols that will appear on the screen. Upon obtaining this, all prizes will be doubled during the free games.


Furthermore, there are additional features to watch out for in the game:


  1. Superbet


Superbet is an option that can be utilized. This option allows little dragons to appear on the screen and burn the wilds into enhanced reels. It needs 50 coins to make the reels one to five enhanced, though. Basically, here is how it goes:


  • Little Dragon in Reel three – Normal Bet worth 25 coins
  • Little Dragon in Reels two to four – Bet Level 1 worth 35 coins
  • Little Dragon in Reels one to five – Bet Level 2 worth 50 coins


  1. Free Games


If you can manage to land three scatter symbols, the free games feature will be unleashed. In this feature, little dragons will breathe fire onto the reels to increase the accumulated power. Get 20 more free spins in total to repeat this feature.


  1. The Brave Sir William Bonus Feature


As the name indicates, this feature is indeed mighty and engaging. In this feature, Sir William will attempt to steal Ruff’s treasures in his lair. Contradict his attempt by choosing among the three fireball options to let Ruff breathe it onto Sir William. The more treasure he drops, the more treasure will be retrieved. The longer he runs with the flames, the bigger the treasure accumulated from 50 to 1250 coins, multiplied by the bet.


  1. Gamble


The gamble feature is a classic game of chance. Players will guess the color of the face-down card. There are only two results after the guess. If you guessed it correctly, more treasure would be accumulated while wrong guessing makes you lose it. You can access this feature after any win by clicking the “Hearts&Club” button.



Game Design


Players will not be disappointed when it comes to game design. A Dragon’s Story has outstanding creativity; it has an intricate design where colors complement each other. The symbols are astounding and appealing to the eyes. Each element is accentuated that adds to the overall aesthetics. The cartoony symbols and the gravity of the game are well-balanced. It means that it is standing between the fun and eagerness to attain perfect combinations.




Overall, A Dragon’s Story is an exceptional slot machine game. Its attempt to touch medieval accents was achieved, and the gameplay is superb. There are also lots of unique features to enjoy. Thus, it would not frustrate the beginners and upset the pro—it is friendly to all suitable ages! Adding to the incredible gameplay, the aesthetics have successfully supported the whole experience. Spinning the reel has evolved into a whole new level, never letting boredom get its way. It is delightful and recommended. Players will have a magnificent gaming experience.


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