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NetEnt European Roulette

European roulette is one of the most popular variants of the casino game and now thanks to a leading casino software developer, NetEnt, players are able to enjoy the game for free. Dating back to the 18th century, roulette is one of the first games of chance to make it into land-based casinos and now online casinos too. Thanks to an elegant and sleek design, NetEnt European Roulette is unlike any other before, making it one of the most sought after free European roulette variants on the internet.

From additional functionality to the authentic look and feel of the game, European roulette by NetEnt is everything a player can imagine and more. Here is what has made this game one of a lifetime and is bound to keep it one of the internet’s most trending roulette variants.



Playing European Roulette has never been easier. The game offers a descriptive paytable, which explains the mechanics of how to play, what the aim is and how bets work. Players are greeted by a roulette table that grabs the attention and bets are immediately placed depending on the speed of the player. Because there are so many additional features, players will need to use the table, which describes the racetrack feature, the hot and cold bets, and other wager options.

The minimum bet begins at 1.00 and ranges right up to 1000.00 and players are welcome to place multiple wagers. Multiple wagers are capped at 5000.00 and players are able to save their bets as they progress through the game.

All gaming functionality is located at the bottom of the screen and is self-explanatory, making for faster and easier gameplay as well as a more strategies set up for those new to the game.


Additional Game Features

As mentioned above, what makes this game so incredibly unique, are the vast amount of additional features that also create a more personalised gaming experience. This version of European Roulette also comes standard with a table that records the history and previous bets so that players are able to make more strategised moves and place wagers accordingly. In addition to this, hot or cold bets are accepted and there is a racecourse option for additional wagers, creating a fun and playful gaming environment.

Players can choose to bet using the table or the roulette wheel – either way, when the bets have been placed, all that remains is whether or not the player will win or not.

There is a replay button that adds the functionality and ability to play a previous bet and there is a ‘favourite’ bet function, which allows players to further personalise their gaming experience as well as create a more convenient gaming option.


Game Design

The design mimics that of a real roulette table game often seen at the entrance of a land-based casino. Like the traditional version of the game, the European Roulette wheel sports red and black pockets with the green falling on the zero. The table is just below the wheel and on either side of the screen are the additional features. The left-hand side is home to the racecourse side bets and the right-hand side is where players will find hot or cold wager options.

Wagering is as fast as the player would like it to be as all the chips are located at the bottom of the screen. Once all bets have been placed as well as side bets, players are urged to push the big round green button located furthermost to the right-hand side of the screen. This startles the wheel into action and begins the cycle of the wheel spinning. When the roulette wheel eventually comes to a halt, the winnings are automatically paid out in accordance with bets made. Players needn’t act as a croupier.

The computerised game uses a random number generator to calculate the outcome of each spin and so winnings are awarded at random, making each outcome entirely unique.

The game has been designed to masterfully recreate the feeling of being at a land-based casino and the experts at NetEnt have managed to do exactly that and even better thanks to all the functionality and additional features being incorporated in the design of the game.



European roulette is an altogether fun game and being one of the most popular casino games, NetEnt has mastered the game and artfully recreated the magic that is roulette. The game has been optimised thanks to the addition of side bets, hot and cold numbers and a racecourse betting offer.

The paytable allows for a more comprehensive gaming experience and even teaches players the true nature of roulette, exposing the game’s full potential. Enjoy lyrical themed music that enhances the player’s experience by recreating the very environment European was born from.

Thanks to a skilfully laid out table plan, players are able to easily place wagers, adjust bets and replay previous numbers, making this variant of European roulette by far one of the best.

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