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NetEnt Blackjack


NetEnt, one of the iGaming’s most innovative and forward thinking brands, has recreated a virtual version of casinos most played game; free blackjack. Digitally enhanced to reinvent the popular table game, NetEnt free blackjack has been a successful release that has gained international attention over the few years it has been available online.

The computerised game is loaded with features and quality perks that has impacted the release and transformed a very mediocre game into something more elegant and exclusive. One of the key features that make the game further appealing to those with a passion for casino table games, is the very generous RTP of 99.59%, making your buck go further while soaking up the perks of online gaming.

So what else makes this particular 21 draw card game so popular? Find out what NetEnt Blackjack has to offer you right here and revolutionise your gaming experience today.


Blackjack NetEnt Gameplay


Upon launching NetEnt’s vastly popular casino card game, players are greeted by lyrical piano music that not only complements the eloquence of Blackjack but also enhances the elite gaming experience. The essence of this NetEnt free blackjack game has been captured and gifted to players looking for a fast loading quality experience.


Once the game loads, which only takes a few seconds, you are graced with the option to play three consecutive hands at a speed gradient of 3 to 7, depending on how fast you want the pace of the game to be.

The faster gameplay mode reaches a high of seven while the slower version of the game has been automated to a pace of an easy mode of three.


NetEnt’s Blackjack offers a unique gameplay experience that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices, creating a more comfortable gaming environment suited to the player’s needs.


What makes this particular game so incredibly unique is the diverse approach NetEnt has taken in immersing this ‘slots like’ game and transforming it to appear and operate exactly like that of the gamification approach NetEnt has adopted. The brand is one of the first to take slots and immerse the genre in a ‘console like’ experience, giving players a privileged look into a new gaming dimension.


Additional Game Features


Betting begins at a minimum of 1.00 and reaches a maximum of 500.00 per chip placed on the table. The table has been designed to focus on the game at hand rather than all the bells and whistles players are accustomed to. The simplified backdrop paves the way for a more focused game allowing players the advantage of clean and clear bets.


The table features 3 chip bets, each of which can be piled to increase bet options. The designated area on the screen allow for side bets, insurance bets and even money wagers. These additional features create a more personalized experience without the need of an actual live dealer as the free blackjack dealer game from NetEnt uses a RNG to accurately calculate the turn of each card dealt to both the player and the dealer.


The game is dealt using 3 hands and 6 decks of cards which is laid out on the table and creates the additional feature of two card spots, allowing players to place multiple bets on more than just one hand. Betting starts at a minimum of 1.00 and the highest chip is valued at 500.00, however multiple chips can be bet on one hand and bets placed on all 3 hands can reach a maximum of 5000.


Game Design


Once the game loads, which only takes seconds, the screen brings up a green table, commonly found at land based casino establishments. The perfect imitation of a real blackjack game is what gives this particular NetEnt free blackjack game life and its unique ability to capture and hold the attention of its guest.


At the very bottom of the screen there is a flash symbol which activates a side bar at the bottom of the screen displaying past win streaks, balance changed and spin ended. This functionality helps players keep track of all previous bets so that they may wager accordingly on the next.


Just as with the famed NetEnt video slots, this particular blackjack game has been designed with a paytable to help first time players better understand what the rules are and what the aim of the game is. It is a self-explanatory game that is easy to comprehend making this an ideal game for novice players.




NetEnt’s blackjack has got to be one of the most innovative free blackjack games to date. The classic style of the game has been modernised with a three hand deal set up. The option to allow players to pick their pace is simply magnificent as the game feels as if it has been tailored just for you.

What adds value to the game are all the additional features, which are simplified in terms of understanding them. The game has been designed to function on its own with a few minor exceptions requiring the player to place bets and play them through. This free blackjack variant has simply added value to the popular brand that is NetEnt.

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