What Makes a Roulette Table Unique?


A basic search for the words ‘Roulette Table’ yields a veritable avalanche of results. There are French Roulette Tables, European Roulette Tables, and American Roulette tables, among others. The premier roulette tables are easy to spot; they are crafted to perfection. The high-grade roulette tables are all constructed from the finest materials, including a range of felt colors and styles, and unique wood finishes. Casino-grade roulette tables are the gold standard, with sturdy construction and ample seating for players. The types of tables include Deluxe Roulette Tables, High Roller Roulette Tables, and Folding Roulette Tables.


The roulette tables which meet casino standards have certain design specifications such as a standard height of 33 inches, 1/4 inch of high-density foam table padding or KNR Felt. It is optional to have a DrinkRail, although several ranking casinos prefer this option. Other options include cutouts, flutes, and ashtrays. A DrinkRail for the roulette tables can be constructed of a solid surface, wood, laminate, or veneer, depending on the casino’s preferences. When veneer or wood is used as part of the design process, polyester coatings can be applied. Other design specifications include a bills slot cut-out, armrests, a wheel platform, wheel surrounds, chipper cut-out, hardware (round, bullet, brass or aluminum). Optional extras include footrails, louvre panels on doors, and a stretcher bar.


The leading roulette wheel and roulette table manufacturers use mahogany wood, and cast aluminum to construct high-quality roulette tables. Many of these are handcrafted with a Vegas-esque allure that slots right in with what players have come to expect from this larger-than-life casino table game. The higher the quality of the roulette table and the roulette wheel, the more expensive the components. Typically, aircraft aluminum is used for the roulette dish, and the inner bowl is cast in aluminum. Depending on the table, the turret is usually chrome-plated brass, and everything is designed with machine-grade precision, for perfectly balanced spins.


TCS John Huxley – The World’s Premier Roulette Table Manufacturers


In the world of casinos, few companies are as internationally revered, respected, and recognized as TCS John Huxley. As a top-end provider of live gaming solutions, TCS John Huxley also offers patented LED gaming surfaces for roulette tables. This cutting-edge tech is all the rage, with illuminated tabletops to add excitement to the action. Thanks to LED innovation, the operating life of these roulette tables is significantly enhanced. The tabletops light up with the roulette bet selections until the croupier calls ‘No More Bets’. Full customization is also available for individual casinos, as an added extra for branding purposes.


Standard roulette wheels and roulette tables have long since been a staple of TCS John Huxley manufacturers. As the world’s #1 provider of manufactured roulette wheels, TCS John Huxley merges innovation, design, functionality, and technology to bring casinos and players the best of what roulette has to offer. This company runs a patented system whereby a unique Roulette Wheel Configurator allows for full customization on PC, Mac, and mobile for online roulette players. The Saturn Roulette Wheel from TCS John Huxley ranks among the creme de la creme of sophisticated roulette wheels on the market today. It features drop zone detection reporting, wheel bias, ball bias, and results bias, incorrectly balanced roulette tables, or manipulation of the roulette wheel, or housing components.


LED technology has been used to great effect on roulette wheels in recent years, allowing for a much more interactive experience for players, and ideal for setting the mood at the casino. The TCS John Huxley range includes several Saturn ™ variants, including the standard Saturn™, Saturn™ Auto, and the Saturn™ Glo. The levels of ingenuity inherent in the Saturn™ series of roulette wheels by TCS John Huxley allow for enhanced security, accuracy, and detection by way of powerful sensors, computing functionality, and data capturing.


Roulette Table Layout


Casinofy has outlined the design elements of European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and Lightning Roulette. These games are unique in terms of roulette table design, with different color configurations, bet placement areas, and wording. The American Roulette Table features a 0 and a 00. There are 3 numbers per row, and 12 rows in total on the American Roulette table. Barring the 0 and the 00 at the top of the roulette betting track, players will notice alternating red and black betting options for the numbers. To the left of the inside bets are the outside bet selections. These include first 12, second 12, and third 12, 1-18, 19-36, even, odd, red, black, 2:1, et al.


The French Roulette table has an altogether unique appearance. It features green and red numbers, and unique French wording throughout. The single-zero game features a green 0 at the top of the table, followed by 12 rows of three numbers per row. By dint of its French heritage, unique French words are associated with specific outside bets. For example, the roulette table layout features Passe (19-36), Manque (1-18), Pair (Even), Impair (Odd), Noir (Black), and Rouge (Red). Other bets known as Finales are also featured, and they include bits on individual numbers which end with the same data. For example, you may see Final 2 which includes 2, 12, 22, 32. Or, you may see Final 7 which includes 7, 17, 27. There are also components of the roulette wheel which are named in French. These include Voisins du Zero, Orphans, Orphelins, and Tiers du Cylindre.


Naturally, there are many different roulette table layouts that can be found at casinos. One such option includes the Cammegh spread-bet layout. It features many different side bets, with significantly higher power potential for players to enjoy. These are over and above the inside and outside bits are available.


This comprehensive guide for understanding roulette tables is designed to provide you with insights into the game. Roulette tables at land-based casinos check all the boxes in terms of safety, security, transparency, and reliability. Online casino roulette tables offer ironclad guarantees, thanks largely to the expert casino software that underpins its functionality.


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