What is the Best Roulette Strategy?


Preface: Roulette is a numbers game, much like blackjack, baccarat, and poker. The objective is to win money by placing bets on selections of numbers, in anticipation of a big payday. To this end, many different roulette strategies can be employed to help you maximize your enjoyment of the game.

It is important to point out that there is no effective roulette winning strategy – despite protestations to the contrary. Roulette strategy should be focused on ways to mitigate losses, preserve your bankroll, and enhance the fun factor at the tables. Casinofy roulette experts have combed the literature, to provide you with this indispensable roulette strategy guide.


Which Roulette Strategies Work?


Over the years, many different roulette strategies have been showcased by self-styled roulette experts, gambling aficionados, and snake oil salesmen. Truth be told, there is no single-best roulette strategy that you can use to guarantee results. Roulette strategies are simply betting systems that are designed to mitigate losses or win back your bankroll.

Unfortunately, every spin of a roulette wheel is 100% random. This is an important point to digest. The strategy assumes that there is a playing method, which will guarantee favourable outcomes if implemented correctly. There are two important timelines to consider in roulette – the short term where anything can happen at any time, and the long-term where the house always wins.


Regardless of the roulette strategy you select, the long-term outcome in all cases is the same: the house always wins. Why is this the case? Because roulette has a built-in house edge as indicated by the following percentages:


  • American Roulette – 38 numbers on the wheel including 0 and 00, with a 5.26% house edge and a 94.74% RTP.
  • French Roulette – 37 numbers on the wheel including 0, with a 2.70% house edge, can be decreased to 1.35%, with the ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’ rules. The RTP is 97.30% or 98.65%.
  • European Roulette – 37 numbers on the wheel including 0, with a 2.70% house edge, and a 97.30% RTP.


*The higher the house edge, the lower the RTP and vice versa. The best-paying roulette variant is French Roulette with its two unique rules.


Different Types of Betting Systems for Roulette Games


A good point of departure when choosing a roulette strategy is picking the right roulette variant to play. Of all the most popular options, experts routinely advise players to select European Roulette or French Roulette. The payout odds are much more favourable to the player in these games than in American Roulette. However, players who prefer greater betting variety tend to gravitate towards American Roulette.


There are many roulette strategies which players swear by, including Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, The James Bond System, Paroli System, the Romanosky Secret Strategy, Chaos Strategy, Kavouras Strategy, the Flieger System, the Neighbor System, the Ascot System, et al. In fact, the list of betting systems and strategies for roulette is only limited by a player’s imagination. Unfortunately, all of them have an underlying shortcoming – they cannot guarantee players’ returns over the long run.


Roulette is unique in the sense that the outcomes of every single spin are completely random. This wasn’t always the case, as there have been instances of biased roulette wheels with specific quadrants/sections of wheel landing with higher-than-normal frequency. Players at these establishments would quickly learn which quadrants were more likely to generate winning results and bet on them accordingly.

Other potential avenues for determining Roulette outcomes with a greater degree of accuracy occur when there is a corrupt dealer in collaboration between the player and the dealer.


Nowadays, the regulatory authorities at land-based casinos make it near impossible for dealers to act in such a fashion. In the online gaming arena, cheating is impossible since all games are independently audited and monitored to ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability. Online casinos do not manipulate rNGs (random number generators) that determine roulette outcomes – they are provided by the software companies that create the games. Once again, fully licensed online casinos are unwilling to stake their reputation on a fixed outcome.


What Roulette Strategy Does Casinofy Recommend?


The concept of a ‘Roulette Strategy’ indicates that there are specific rules that you can follow and actions that you can take that will result in a given outcome. Casinofy wishes to dispel this myth from the record since there are no guaranteed ways to win in roulette. Instead, we are going to present you with the ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ when it comes to picking the right roulette playing strategy, including the following:


The Do’s


  • Pick Odds/Evens or Red/Black bets to start with
  • Practice roulette online in demo mode before you play for real
  • Follow all the advice presented to you in this roulette strategy guide.
  • Always set a budget and manage it carefully – never chase your losses.
  • Select the roulette game with the lowest house edge/highest return to player
  • Be mindful of the minimum and maximum bets at the roulette table since this influences the roulette system you will be using.


The Don’ts


  • Never pay for the use of a roulette betting system.
  • Complicated roulette betting systems are best avoided.
  • Don’t believe that the house always wins – in the short term anything is possible.
  • Avoid all forms of roulette gambling if you are intoxicated, inebriated, or mentally impaired.


The most commonly used roulette systems a.k.a. roulette strategies include the Martingale Strategy, the Reverse Martingale Strategy, and the James Bond Strategy. Each of these betting systems is flawed but well-intentioned.


With Martingale, players double their bets after losing. You only place bets with a 1:1 payout, even though the odds of that occurring are never quite 50-50 in roulette. An example is the red/black bet or odds/even bet. Given that there is a green 0, or a green 00 in the case of American Roulette, it’s easy to see how the house has an advantage over the player in this variant of the game.

Unfortunately, the Achilles heel of the Martingale Strategy is that you can quickly deplete your bankroll and there are table limits in place which prevent you from making your money back.


Reverse Martingale is a spin on the traditional Martingale Strategy. In this variant of the Martingale strategy, you increase your bets when you win, not when you lose. This bet is predicated on the assumption of winning streaks. If your luck is running hot, you should be getting more and winning more.

Unfortunately, this is not quantifiable in a scientific sense, and you could end up feeding the casino all your winnings +. Another shortcoming of the Reverse Martingale is the limited size of bets at the table. There’s only so many times you can double your bets before you hit the table limit.


The James Bond system is yet another roulette strategy which players swear by. This particular strategy requires players to have at least €200/$200/£200. With the James Bond system, players must place a Column Bet of €140/$140/£140 on the high numbers. An additional €50/$50/£50 is placed on 6 number selections including 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. A final €10/$10/£10 bet is placed on 0 for insurance. If all goes according to plan, you can win a handsome profit. Of course, it’s quite possible that another selection arises and you lose it all. In this case, you would switch to the Martingale System.


In subsequent chapters in our roulette strategy series, each of these strategies and more will be discussed in-depth. This will help you make informed betting decisions based on your preferred roulette variant, bankroll, and playing style. Casinofy recommends practising all of these roulette betting systems in demo play mode before you play for real.

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