What is Lightning Roulette and how is it Played?


Preface: Lightning Roulette plays out in much the same fashion as traditional roulette variants like European Roulette and French Roulette – both of which have a single green 0. Lightning Roulette features 37 numbers on the wheel, including 0, and numbers 1-36. Alternating red and black numbers are interspersed throughout, with an overall RTP of 97.30%, and a corresponding house edge of 2.70%. Lightning Roulette is a Vegas-style extravaganza of flashing lights, energy-infused game play, and mega-money payout potential. With Lightning Roulette, players can expect to win huge, with a 500 X bet multiplier in effect.


Rules on Betting Options in Lightning Roulette


Given its name, players can expect Lighting Roulette games to take place at an electrifying pace. There are also a combination of unique elements in the game, such as Lucky Numbers which allow players to generate substantial returns on their winning bets. On the downside, the payout potential on individual numbers is substantially less than traditional roulette games – including American Roulette, French Roulette, or European Roulette. Rather than paying 35:1 on individual numbers, in Lightning Roulette the payouts on individual numbers are 29:1. When one considers that there are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, and the payout should be 37:1, a payout ratio of 29:1 offers a huge house advantage.


However, all other bets meet the regular roulette payout regimen, but there is no multiplier winning option available for players. Lighting Roulette features advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) game play, courtesy of Evolution Gaming. The game is hosted by official roulette croupiers, in nattily clad outfits. During the games, players are presented with many opportunities to win substantial amounts of money. One of the key components of the game is the ‘Lightning Strike’. Up to 5 numbers will be randomly selected – this is the advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) component of the game. If players have bet on these combinations of numbers, multipliers in the region of 50 X – 500 X will be generated. The game plays out much like a live TV game show, with all the razzmatazz of an authentic Vegas-esque experience.


Up to 500 X Multipliers Available on Lightning Roulette Games


Lightning Roulette is really a juiced-up version of European Roulette. If Lady Luck is on your side, it’s possible to win up to 500 X your bet on an individual number. Of course, the objective is always the 500 X multiplier, which is only possible with a straight up bet. Players cannot place other bets like column bets, street bets, or even split bets and hope to win the 500 X multiplier bet. It’s expressly reserved for straight up bets. The lightning bolts can strike on any number on the roulette table, including the green 0. The lightning doesn’t strike every single round, but when it does, and your bets coincide with struck numbers, you can enjoy tremendous multiplier wins added to your bankroll.


Casinofy stats have confirmed that it can take several rounds of play before a lightning number is revealed. When these multipliers hit, the payouts can be substantial. This makes Lightning Roulette a player favorite at Evolution Gaming-powered online casinos. It is important to remember that all the standard rules and regulations of roulette are in effect with this variant of the game too. Every single roulette spin is 100% independent of every preceding and proceeding spin. This means that roulette betting systems cannot be used to forecast the outcomes of future spins, nor can they be used to guarantee winnings, or even to mitigate losses. Roulette systems like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, James Bond, and others are merely techniques for betting – they cannot guarantee any particular result.


Players Benefits with Lightning Roulette Games


Besides the look and feel of Lightning Roulette – sleek, stylish, and sophisticated – players will be impressed by the payout potential inherent in this game. As stated earlier, up to 5 numbers will be selected per game round, each with attendent multipliers of 50 X, 100 X, 200 X, 300 X, 400 X, and 500 X. Whatever amount has been bet on the numbers that have been preselected and that come up, will be enhanced by the attendant multiplier, up to 500 X. As a case in point, any bet which has not been struck by lightning will not get the lightning payout – it will get odds of 29:1. A $50 bet on 10, or some other arbitrary number on the roulette wheel will get paid at 29:1, or $1,450. If that same bet was matched with a 500 X multiplier, it would pay $25,000. That’s precisely why players pick Lightning Roulette as their game of choice.


Other benefits of the game include the following:

  • Players can enjoy quick and easy switching between first person mode featuring 3D images and animation, or interactive gameplay with the live roulette dealer.
  • In a Lightning Roulette games, players can save all bets that have been placed, and re-use ‘favorite bets’ at any time. This is a quick and easy way to place pre-populated bets on the table.
  • Lightning Roulette also features immersive camera angles of the action, including the Art Deco casino, for up close and personal views.
  • Another unique feature of the game is the statistics element. Players can view stats for up to 500 betting rounds, including the most recent winning numbers.
  • Immersive Roulette is packed with lightning wins. Up to 5 lucky numbers will be struck by bolts of lightning during the game, courtesy of RNGs, with multipliers up to 500 X the bet.


According to game creator, Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette as a minimum bet limit of 0.20 and a maximum of 10,000 currency units. It features a roulette racetrack, saved bets, and auto-play functionality. The special feature is known as lightning multipliers, and these are used to ramp up the power potential on winning bets.


This Lightning Roulette Guide can be implemented at all online casinos featuring Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. This casino table game has a much lower payout potential on straight up bets without the multipliers on struck numbers. At 29:1, this is substantially less than the traditional 35:1 payouts. Nonetheless, this game can present players with substantial wins on struck numbers.

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