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Beat Me House Review


Intimidating as it sounds, Beat Me is not only the game’s name but obviously the objective of the game. It is already enough to pose a challenge to players. It is a game of chance, and you might want to take on it if you dare.


For starters, Beat Me is an online table game released by the popular casino game creator Play’n GO. Since it’s played on a table, it does not have paylines, but it can be played with six decks at most. Unlike other online games, Beat Me doesn’t require any technical strategies or deep thinking. It’s a simple card play wherein you need to beat the dealer. The catch is: you have to stay focused to keep the game exciting.


If your card has a higher value than the dealer, then you win the game. Cross your fingers that an ace card won’t come out because that means you lose your bets. In case of a tie, you either surrender and lose half of the bet or double the bet and play another round.

Beat Me Design


The simplicity of the game is not only in its name, but it also has a simple design and graphics. It follows a typical casino card table, one that is used in playing Blackjack but with fewer choices. On the table, you can see casino chips, cards, and a casino card box. They are cleanly laid out on a green background.


You don’t see an animated dealer though, which could have made the game more exciting. There is a single bet area and a tie area on the left side of the table. Depending on the option you choose, Beat Me can be played with six decks. In line with that, there will appear options every after session, so choose wisely as you play the game. Other than that, Beat Me has probably one of the simplest online casino game there is.


Beating Beat Me Game


So, how is the game played? You already have an idea of how it goes. But to make it clearer, you simply draw the card first, and then the “imaginary” dealer draws its card after you. You can play up to six decks with cards reshuffled every round.


Before the game begins, you need to make a bet by choosing a chip size laid at the bottom left side of the table. The values of the casino chips are 1, 5, 10 25, and 100. Click the BET option to place in your bet then click DEAL to start the game. Your card will be drawn first and then the dealer. The odd is 1:1, declaring the highest card as the winner.


But cards with different values are not always drawn. In the event when the same cards are drawn, you will be presented with two options, and these are GO TO WAR and SURRENDER.


Go to war?


If you choose to GO TO WAR, you will place an additional bet, which is the same value as your initial bet. You will play again with the dealer. If your card beats the dealer’s card, your first bet is a push, and you get the money 1:1. If it’s a tie again, your first bet and war bet pay 1:1. But if you don’t want to risk the odds, you can choose to SURRENDER, give up your bet, and start the game again.


If you want to test your luck, you can place a bet on a TIE BET before the card deal. If the cards have the same value, it pays 10:1, which is much higher than the standard 1:1 stake. However, remember that the RTP of the tie card is only 81.30 per cent. So ask yourself if you want to take the risk or play Beat Me safe.


Special Features


Beat Me is a game you can play during coffee breaks, or when you have nothing else to do. It’s an online game that is accessible through any mobile device. And aside from the two play options mentioned above, it has other features that players can take advantage.


  • Deal – You need to click this to start the game after placing the bets.
  • Rebet – Found at the bottom of the table, it places the bet the same bet that you initially have placed before the first round.
  • Clear Table – It’s beside the Rebet button. Clicking this will remove all placed bets on the table.
  • Chip – This is a casino chip that has a corresponding value for a bet.
  • The X Chip – You can also see this chip with the other casino chips. If you want to remove a bet, click this chip and place it on the chip that you have chosen as a bet.


Unfortunately, Beat Me has no bonus features. It’s either you get some or lose some. As previously said, it’s a game of chance, so don’t get too overwhelmed in playing this game.


Final Points


It is not difficult to play this game. It is merely drawing of cards and seeing which one has a higher value. Players have a 50-50 chance of beating the dealer – nothing too complicated. And similar to how the game is played, the look and design of the game have no technicalities. If you are new to online gambling, Beat Me is a good place to start.

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