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Joker Poker Game Review

Poker is such a popular game on online casinos that you have a multitude of versions of this game! However, on version that stands out from the rest is Joker Poker. Created by Play ‘n Go in 2015.

So, if you love poker, but are looking for something off the beaten track, then you must give Joker Poker a go. However, before you do so, it would be a good idea to read our review first so that you understand how this version of poker works.


Joker Poker Gameplay

Joker Poker is a poker game that played using only 1 deck of cards, but instead of the traditional 52 cards, you get 53. That extra card is the Wild – the Joker.

With an RTP of 95.01%, this is not a game that gives you very big wins, but because it is a low volatility game you get frequent wins that are quite solid. And of course, if you use the right betting and playing strategies, you can end up winning quite a bit.

There are two versions of Play ‘n Go’s Joker Poker available in the market – the multi-hand and the single-hand versions. The more popular one is the multi-hand version, for obvious reasons – you have more winning power! The multi-hand version has a MH against the name of the game.

Whether you choose to play the multi-hand version or the single-hand one, the rules of the game remain the same.

You start the game by setting your bets. Bet amounts range from 25p to £25 (for the single hand) or from 20p to £20 (for the multi-hand version). You can choose to set the bet manually, or you can click on the Bet One or the Bet Max options.

However, because of the not-so-high RTP of this game, we would recommend that you choose bets that you can sustain over a larger number of hands; the longer you play, the higher your chances of winning and landing the higher-value combinations.

Once you have set your bet, you can click on the Deal button to begin the game. You will be dealt 5 cards. You need to decide which cards you wish to keep and which to discard.
The objective is to get the best hand that will increase your chance of winning.

You can click on the cards you wish to keep, or you can click on the Hold button below each card for the same result. Once you have selected the cards you wish to keep, you can click on the Deal button once again. The cards that you did not Hold will be discarded and replaced with a new set of cards.

The winning hands that you can get in Joker Poker are:

  • A Natural Royal Flush – which means you do not have a Joker in this hand.
  • 5 of a Kind – you have 5 cards with the same number (including the Joker).
  • Joker Royal Flush – the Joker is the substitute which allows you to make a Royal Flush


The rest of the winning hands can be made with or without the Joker:

  • 4 of a Kind – four cards of the same number
  • Full House – you have a pair and a triple
  • Flush – all the cards belong to the same suit
  • Straight – a 5-card sequence
  • 3 of a Kind – 3 cards of the same number
  • Two Pairs – you have 2 sets of pairs
  • Kings or Better – the highest card you have is either a King or an Ace


The key to winning at Joker Poker is to carefully think about the strategy you wish to adopt. If you have been dealt a Joker, then a good idea will be to discard all the other cards if you haven’t already formed a winning hand.
If you don’t have a Joker, then one way to play would be to discard all cards and get a fresh hand. Or, you keep the cards that are possibly going to give you a winning hand.


Additional Game Features

Joker Poker has one single additional game feature and it is this feature that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is the Wild Joker. When you are dealt a Joker in your hand, it substitutes the card that will give you the best chance for a win.


Game Design

The Joker Poker game design is very simple. The background of the game screen is blue. The top half of the screen shows you the winning hand combinations and what the payouts on each of those are. It also displays the logo of the game.

The bottom half of the screen shows you the cards you have been dealt. At the bottom of the game screen are the control buttons – the betting icons, the Max Bet option and the Deal button.



Even though Play ‘n’ Go’s Joker Poker was released in 2015, it hasn’t lost its appeal. This is because while this online video poker game doesn’t have the best payout, the odds are such that you can still make some hefty cash if you play strategically.
And that wonderful Wild, the Joker and really increase your chances of winning at this game, something that is not possible with the more traditional poker games.

The game’s simple layout and clean graphics also increase its attractiveness. And since the gameplay is also easy, it’s a really fun variation of the game of poker. All in all, if you are a poker fan, then this is a game you must try!

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