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Joker Poker MH Slot Review


Poker has been played on all occasions in various places worldwide, and almost all game enthusiasts are hooked on this game. If you played poker physically more than your fingers could count, then playing it online would give you more delight.

Among all the online casino games, poker is one of the most commonly played and known games with many versions. One of the leading poker games is the Joker Poker that Play‘n GO released in 2015.


If you are one of the people who are fond of poker, then you should give Joker Poker a shot. However, before you get into the game, you should read this review first to have a clear understanding of how this one works.

If you are a beginner and have not much experience with poker, below are explanations to help you understand the game and start playing in no time.


Joker Poker Gameplay


Joker Poker is a version of poker that is played using one deck of cards; however, this one uses 53 cards instead of the other poker games that use 52 cards. That one extra card is called the Wild, the Joker, hence Joker Poker.


Joker poker MH


In Play’n GO, there are two categories of this game: One is the single-hand version, and the other is the multi-hand version, which we will talk about more because, apparently, this version has more winning probability with low stakes.

However, the mechanics of single-hand, where you play up to 100 hands at the same time, and multi-hand do not have much of a difference.


Joker Poker MH is a progressive game with an RTP of 95.01%. It doesn’t give huge winnings; however, since the stakes are low, you will get more chances to triumph.

The longer the game is played, the higher the opportunities are for getting better card combinations. Players will need to set the bets to manually start the game or check the automatic betting options online.

If you have settled your bets, you can now deal with the cards to start the game.


The first five cards will be dealt with, and just like other poker games, players will have to determine which among the five cards to get rid of and which ones are going to be kept.

The goal here is to acquire the best hand that will exponentially shoot up the chances to win, which needs the Royal Flush, Five of a Kind, and the Joker Royal Flush.

You can also use other combinations like the Three of a Kind, Flush, Straight, etc. All you have to do is be wise enough to decide which one to let go and which hand to keep.


Special Features


  • The Wild


You probably already got the hint about what the special feature is, but if you haven’t – it is the Joker, or Wild as they call it. Once the Joker has been dealt with, players should discard the other cards, replace them with the Wild Joker, and use it to get a better chance. This feature is what makes the game different from others.


  • Bonus Round


If you feel that you have quietly mastered the game, then it is time to up your rewards; but that is only if you are up for it as this is not for the faint-hearted players. The game has a bonus round that lets you wager your winnings and gives you an opportunity to double, quadruple, or if you’re unlucky, lose your winnings. All you need is to gamble what you already have, but don’t say you weren’t warned! All you have to do is think of a strategy to have more winnings as it is really up to you.


Game Design


Play’n GO made the game design simple yet with just the right amount of colors that allow players to focus on the game itself. The blue color of the background is the ideal color that gives the right kind of poker vibes. The screen also shows the winning combinations of hands and the corresponding payouts of each. Moreover, it offers players the full visibility of the cards that have been dealt with. The maximum ber and the Deal button is right on the bottom part of the screen, along with other control buttons and betting icons. Play‘n GO didn’t add so much animation on the screen to avoid distraction and just focused on the game itself. Easy and straightforward, right?


The background music is also perfect for the poker vibe needed to keep players relaxed and engaged while playing the game. Furthermore, the game does not have to be downloaded as it can be played online through browsers.




Regardless if you are a pro or a beginner in poker, this game is suitable for anyone. Aside from being straightforward and easy to play, the game is also top-rated. All players need is to have a good game strategy with handling the cards and the hands and make use of the Wild Joker. This game does not have the best payout compared to other games, but the odds of snatching rewards are still high if played with a good game plan.


The Wild also allows you to increase your chances of winning if you use it wisely and strategically, and that is an advantage of this game compared to other poker games in the market.


Joker Poker has been made simple and neatly laid out to enhance the player’s gaming ability to its highest potential. The bottom line is, this game is perfect for newbies or pro gamers and is definitely worth a try.

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