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Double Exposure MH House review


Double Exposure MH features a different take on the classic BlackJack. Released in April 2011, this multi-hand table game was created by Play’n GO to give avid BlackJack players a new way to play the game. As you access Double Exposure MH on your mobile device, you will see the traditional casino table completely adorned with the necessary casino items such as betting chips and cards. Since this involves multiple hands, the table has three circles where you’ll place your bets. And you’ll be happy to know that the RTP is 99.04 per cent.


The main objective of the game is still the same as the typical BlackJack. Beat the dealer’s hand by having a hand or hands closer or equivalent to 21. If your hands go over 21, it’s a bust, and you’ll lose your bets. If the dealer’s hand is a bust, you win the round. The payout is 1:1, which means your bet is doubled whenever you have a winning hand. Although Double Exposure still follows the main objective of the game, there are twists and surprises in between. One of them is that the drawn cards all face up while revealing the value of each hand.


The Gameplay


What makes Double Exposure different from other mobile versions of BlackJack is the face-up drawn cards of the dealer and the player. Once the cards are drawn, they automatically reveal the cards and the total value of each hand, hence the name “Double Exposure”. But before each round commences, you need to place your bet first.


To set your bet in place, click on any casino chips that show the values of your bet. Your choices are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. After that, click any of the circles on the table to place the casino chip. You can click all three circles if you want to play with more than one hand. If you want to take away a bet, click the “X” then select the bet you wish to remove. If you want to remove all bets, click the “CLEAR ALL” option.


When you’re already satisfied with your bets, click DEAL to start the round. The dealer gets a hand of two face-up cards, while you get the same number of cards for each hand. Once the cards are in place, the following options are presented to you:


  • Double (2x) – Clicking this option doubles your bet. You will also receive one more card to complete your hand. This option is only available for a hard 9-11.
  • Hit – Selecting this will give your hand an additional card. You’re allowed to click HIT many times before clicking STAND.
  • Stand – Choose this option if you’re good with your hand’s value, and you no longer want to add another card. However, this is automatically activated when the total value of your hand is 21.
  • Split – If your first hand of cards are of the same value, such as Jack and King or two 8s, you can split them into two separate hands. You need to place a second bet of the same value on the second hand. The round proceeds to play one hand of cards at a time.


At the end of every round, whether you win something or not, you have the option to place the same bet again. Click REBET to set this round. If the value of the hand goes over 21, it’s a BUST. Whoever has gets a BUST, loses the round. PUSH happens when the dealer’s hand is 17-21, similar to your hand’s value, and the dealer wins the round. However, you win the round if you and the dealer have a BlackJack.


Table Rules


– Card are re-shuffled every round.

– The dealer STANDS when its hand’s value is 17.

– SPLITTING a hand only happens once, and one extra card is given to a SPLIT ACE.

– A hand with a total value of 21 after splitting is just 21. It’s not a BlackJack.

– Select DOUBLE when the hand is 9-11. But you can’t double your bet after splitting.

– BlackJack’s payout is 1:1. There is no jackpot prize.


Hand Values


To give you an idea of how a hand’s total value is calculated, these are the values of every card:

– Cards from 2 to 10 are equal to their face values.

– Kings, Queens, and Jacks are 10.

– An Ace is either 1 or 11. It depends on which hand has more advantage.

– In this game, the card’s suit has no relevance.


Final Thoughts


Double Exposure MH is not only a game of chance, but it also tests your decision-making skills. Both you and the dealer are dealt face-up hands, giving you the chance to decide whether to HIT or not. You need to guess if the next card will put your hand closer to 21 or cause a bust, making it a thrilling play. And if you play wisely, you’ll be able to win every round.


Truth be told, I like the whole concept of the game. Even if it doesn’t have bonus rounds, you’ll still be able to appreciate Double Exposure MH for its simplicity and straightforward gameplay. Beginners and veterans will enjoy this game. There are no confusions when you’re playing it. Plus, there is a free demo version that you can use before playing the real game. The graphics are also top-notch as the game loads fast. Without a doubt, Double Exposure MH is highly recommended.

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