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NetEnt Perfect Blackjack


For those looking for a perfect gambling outlet – one that involves the most sought-after casino table game – Perfect Blackjack is just the thing to seek out. NetEnt has been a frontrunner within the slot gaming industry and has only furthered its reputation with this 2011 Perfect Blackjack release.


The multiple features, additional perks and outstanding quality of the game are only some of the features players have to look forward to. Perfect Blackjack is a speedy game intended for those looking to make fast cash as well as players with limited time on their hands. Here is where the game is paced at the desire of the player and the rewards are well worth the high-paced action of one of the most popular card table games.




The game isn’t just for one player. Perfect Blackjack has been designed to seat several players around the live streamed blackjack casino table. Players needn’t access this fast-paced game or its players from a land-based establishment, but rather from the comfort of their current environment, making it a Perfect Blackjack game.

The table is laid out with the same structure players would encounter when entering a land-based casino. The only variance is that the seat is chosen by the player, the commands are entered via the desktop or mobile device and that the player is in control rather than the casino. This has proven to be successful for players seeking a more intimate and personalised gaming experience.


All commands are located on the screen just below the table and any past plays are easily identified via the ‘flash’ button on the right hand side of the screen. This helps players keep track of previous wagers and ultimately place future wagers in accordance to wins and losses.


Additional Game Features


Though the game is based on a live variance of Perfect Blackjack, there have been some additions to create a more personalised online experience. Winning tips are offered before the game begins. The game rules and the layout of Perfect Blackjack are addressed before the game begins. This is an ideal feature for novice players or those unfamiliar with the layout of the game.


Another feature, rare to blackjack games, is that the player is in charge of the environment they choose to play in. For example, the sound and audio settings can be adjusted. NetEnt has a knack for creating an elegant and supreme gaming environment purely based upon its gaming layout online. It mimics the greatest blackjack gaming rooms at the most elite land-based gambling establishments. This environment is projected into NetEnt’s iGaming realm and players are able to change to sound effects and audio settings to suit their current mood.


All modifications are adjustable on both desktop and mobile devices, making it a uniquely dynamic personal blackjack card game for all involved at the table.


Game Design


Needless to say, Perfect Blackjack is just that, perfect. Players are dealt two cards each.  Each player is then required to choose one of four options – stand, hit, double down or split. Each of these calls are described in-depth with a small yet understandable table available to novice players before acting upon the initial bet.


The dealers are instantly accessible. This makes for a more personalised gaming experience, which is the entire purpose of Perfect Blackjack. Players are gifted with the option of choosing their Perfect Blackjack table in order to commence the game, giving each player the advantage over the house. Of the seven seats available, players are able to choose what is best suited to them based on luck, previous experience or simply a good feeling.


The design of the game has been tailored to suit the player, allowing every aspect to work in favour of a winning hand and should the player’s hand lose, the round can be ended and restarted all courtesy of a fantastic game design by NetEnt.




NetEnt has recreated one of the most popular games to date, blackjack. This game has been aptly dubbed ‘Perfect Blackjack’ not only for its creative take on the classic land-based table game of 21 Jack but also because of its innovative features that give players the house edge.


With a higher RTP percentage than most, additional functionality that personalises the stereotypical game and a great payout system that relies solely on fair play, Perfect Blackjack has not only captured the interest of players but has also managed to create a loyal following exclusive to the innovative game brand belonging wholly to NetEnt.


Here is where players are able to explore a new dynamic of playing the age-old Blackjack but with a new spin, and it all happens online. For players seeking frequent payouts with more than just a satisfying gaming experience, Perfect Blackjack is the answer.

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