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Frogs: Fairy Tale House Review


Have you ever thought once–what exactly goes inside a frog’s head? These little amphibians have been earning the spite of almost everyone since time immemorial, purely based on their grime-covered puny forms blocking the pathway to home; completely forgetting that they are capable of eradicating humanity’s most blacklisted figures–the mosquitoes and flies? Also, the fact that they aren’t entirely grotesque as many would like to believe. They are creatures of the earth, and just like another living thing, they deserve to be loved.


Now that we have successfully established that frogs are more friends than foe, then let’s head down to more important business. If Princess and the Frog was a movie you had watched and loved as a kid, taking a particular liking to Prince Naveen and Tiana (in their frog forms), then Frogs: Fairy Tale is the game to choose! If you’re a lover of all things earthy and green, what better way than to spend not only time amassing yourself a heap of treasures, but also marveling at the eerie silent beauty of the cold brown earth?


Frogs: Fairy Tale is an otherworldly take on our most loved frog lore, a slot machine game created by Novomatic just to appease the fairytale loving soul. This game, released in 2012, has earned quite the following for being one of the most sought out classical slot games in this time and boasts of a highly appealing and engaging interface, one could only describe as ‘ribbeting’ (pun intended).


With a staggering return player rate of 94.45%, the journey to earning the favor of the frog prince is but a turning of the reel away. Has the promise of an enchanted kingdom hidden by the green leaves of the earth finally piqued your interest? Read further to know of Frogs: Fairy Tale’s gameplay, game design, and more!




The Frog: Fairytale is a classic standard slot game by Novomatic that stows in 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The symbols employed in this game are based on the mossy articles one finds in nearly every pond there is–mold-covered card symbols that start from 10 to A. Their values, compared to other big ones we will be mentioning later on, aren’t enough to strike anyone gold. However, they do nicely in earning little wins from time to time; therefore keeping the betting balance at an equilibrium. The significant symbols, which are visually and financially more attractive than those we have mentioned earlier, include the caste, the jewels, and the crown, basically everything the crown prince has swamped to fit the living conditions of the swamp. Remember, it is the crown icon; you should be keeping tabs at all times– 5 of these and bets on the pay line are multiplied by 500x. However, the crown jewel’s worth isn’t anywhere near that of the game’s standard jackpot, an event that can only be unlocked when five frog symbols are present on an active pay line. Once unsealed, bet lines are multiplied by 20,000x. Keep out, therefore, for this little trickster!


Additional Game Features


You’ll be surprised to know that while this slot game is fairly basic, it doesn’t balk up offering its players features that are sure to make anyone’s gaming experience worthwhile.


  • Frog Bonus– During this bonus, our little frog avatar will be catching flies with the use of his tongue. When this happens, the bonus multiplier will simultaneously increase and will be added to your final prize.


  • Lily Pad Bonus– Players are transported to another game screen when this bonus transpires. A cache of lily pads is to greet you upon arrival. These lily pads are not your average floating leaves–for every lily pad you turn over, a special symbol will make known. If three matching symbols are secured, then a corresponding bonus is gifted to the player. Identifying five jackpot symbols and you take the progressive jackpot!


  • Free Spins– 5 free spins are awarded accompanying Wild symbols that are stacked. In the event, a Wild princess symbol emerges apace with a Wild frog symbol; the princess subsequently gives our little frog hero icon a kiss, which will cause him to transform into a stacked Wild prince.


  • Enchanted Stream– Click any leaf you pass by near the stream and earn a chance at claiming high prizes.


  • Golden Ball Bonus– Locate any of the five balls that had fallen in the murky pond water to earn the multiplier feature.


  • Colossal Spin Bonus-This distinctive bonus feature can turn nine reel symbols into one colossal symbol. Worry not, due to the 20 pay lines’ activeness, chances to complete your streak is aplenty.


  • Princess Prize Bonus– Earn the magical kiss of the princess to win a prize!


Game Design


The first thing you’ll note upon opening the game is the melancholic atmosphere purported by the dank and eerie greenwood kingdom, the perfect domain for any princely frog to commit his days. The aesthetics of Frog: Fairytale Compared to other games by the software, frankly, wouldn’t hold a candle to any of them. However, even with its rudimentary graphics, the fact that it resembles the lifeless green swamps we would see in our mind’s eye says a lot about how thoroughly thought through this game was. As such, players can journey into an enchanted kingdom without actually having to smack a frog–that’s just gross.


The reel is of moderate size with the pay line found directly below. As for the interface of the game, there exists little to no complicated rules. This saves any player from having to learn anything too severe, which ultimately, in most games, ruins the overall gaming experience of a first-timer.




Overall the game is terrific in its simplicity and adherence to a time where fairytales were all the rage. Novomatic did a spectacular job in emulating the same feelings we’d long foster as children–there is magic in the little things and this game just so happens to have let us experience more.

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