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Jimi Hendrix Slot Review


Designed to commemorate the late Jimi Hendrix, this slot is provided by NetEnt and is sure to leave you with nostalgia if you are a fan of the great rock guitarist. If you don’t know who this iconic rocker is then prepare to fall in love with some of his greatest hits playing in the background while you have fun! The truth is that the graphics, the music and the features of this game leave players with a very “feel good” vibe which is exactly what the game’s namesake was all about. For those who are seeking a very well-rounded gaming experience this one will tick all of the boxes for you. It has visually pleasing graphics and images, iconic and emotive background music and odds that are definitely worth putting to the test and experiencing.




If you have decided to play this game, then let’s get rockin’. The game takes a couple of minutes to load due to the epic intro that depicts images of the great Jimi accompanied by soulful snippets from his infamous songs. While it might take a little longer than most to load, it is certainly worth the wait. Jimi Hendrix slot comprises 5 reels that could lead to up to 20 paylines, which is what we find in conventional online slot games. At the bottom of the game page is where you select the size of your bet and wait for magic to happen. Coin denominations are set by clicking on the arrows beside the “coin value” option. The left button is used to decrease the bet value and the right button is used to increase the bet value within the range of 0.01 to 1.00. The next step would be to choose the level and this ranges from 1-10. The levels tab allows you to choose how many coins you are betting on each line. Alternatively, you can click on the “max bet” option which will ramp up the excitement by allocating the biggest coin denomination to the maximum number of lines. The only thing left to do is click the oscillating arrows symbol in the centre and let the show begin!


Additional Game Features


Now that we have covered the basics of game play, let’s take a look at what special features this slot has to offer. There are two main features that can be activated while you are playing: The purple haze and red Guitar re-spin. Purple haze is activated when the symbol for this feature’s namesake lands on reel one. When this happens, certain symbols transform into wilds for that isolated spin only.


The red Guitar re-spin comes into play when five red guitar symbols appear on a spin, when this happens another spin is automatically activated. The re-spin will continue as long as there is one red guitar symbol after each spin and will only stop once there are no red guitar symbols on a subsequent spin. The aforementioned are just two of the features offered by this game.


There is also a click and pick feature that is activated when scatter symbols land on reels 3, 4 and 5 that begins a pick and click game.  There are four prizes that could potentially be won from this game namely: Purple Haze free spins, Little Wing free spins, and cross-town traffic free spins and coin wins (this is a multiplier). One prize is awarded per pick and click game.


Game Design


This game has simple and smooth textured design elements that are theme-specific and cartoon-like. The introduction of the game or the short clip hosts many images of flowers, pastels colors and muted tones alluding to the fact that Jimi Hendrix was a flower child, despite his “hard” genre of music. If the details are not really why you are playing the game then it is still pleasing with a calming desert landscape and pastel-coloured symbols to create an atmosphere of calm and focus. The layout of the game is simple and clear, “coin value” for coin denomination, “level” for number of coins bet and the arrows to indicate spin.


Worth special attention is the auto-play button allocated to the right of the spin button for players who enjoy the thrill of testing the odds.  This is an elementary and timeless design that the majority of gamers understand and feel comfortable using. There is also a tiny “i” symbol that will help novice gamers along and allow them to comprehensively join in on the fun by providing detailed explanations of how the special features of this particular game work and how to make the most of the coins that they are willing to use.




In conclusion, this game is a wonderful and exciting way to spend your free-time. If you are a serious gamer and you are looking for a game where you can score big, do not overlook this one. The graphics might be muted and calming but the thrill of actually playing it is where the adrenaline chasers will thrive. It has an impressive number of features and a special game that can transform an ordinary gaming experience into a truly extraordinary one.

For Jimi Hendrix fans, it will push all the right buttons, strike the right chords and for those of you who have never heard of the legend before, prepare to learn what all the hype is about.

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