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Money Wheel House Review


Do you have the power of luck on your side? Are the odds in your favor? Spin to find out by playing the Money Wheel game! Unlike the increasingly complicated games one can find on the internet these days, Money Wheel is a straightforward, easy, yet exciting game, perfect for classic game lovers!

Brought to you by Play’n GO, this simple table game is sure to hook you up, beginner or not. If you love roulette and blackjack, then this game is for you as it combines both well-loved casino games in one!


Fit for any player, this game can be played in mobile, tablet, and desktop versions. With its simple design layout, the players can effortlessly navigate through the game. Money Wheel may seem too easy the first few rounds but, as the game progresses, it will surely keep you on your toes as it tests how good your guessing game is!

Choose your desired chip value and your betting positions, click the SPIN button, and let the wheel do the rest. Your luck is in your hands!




At the start of the game, you will see the spinning wheel, very much styled like the famous Wheel of Fortune. There are seven different positions you can bet on it which is, also, reflected on the velvet table in front of you.

Your choices include Joker (symbolized by a red dragon), Star (symbolized by a lotus flower), 20, 10, 5, 3 and 1. Moreover, on the table underneath these positions, you will also see a ratio of your chances of acquiring the said positions with 1 having the highest probability but lowest payout and the Joker and Star having the low probability but highest payout possible.


There aren’t many rules in the game. Just place your bets by choosing the chips at the bottom right of the screen. Select from chips “x”, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100, pick as many positions as you can.

However, keep in mind the maximum betting amount of 500. After that, spin to see how good your guess was. You may also click “x” if you want to bet nothing for the round.

Another option of playing is by clicking the spin button again if you want to bet the same amount again in the previous game.

You can also just click the “Clear All” button to cancel your betting positions to pick new ones if you happened to make a mistake in placing a chip, or if you simply may have just changed your mind about the betting positions. Lastly, there is a “Table Limits” on top of the table that you can click to see the maximum/minimum stakes possible.

This button shows you that the minimum bet possible for the game is 1 while the maximum is 500.


Game Features


  1. Money Wheel


The Money Wheel has an uncomplicated design with its four-point stopper and a peg at the top. You have a choice of seven symbols in which the wheel can stop on. This shows that the game has, overall, low volatility! The symbols payout as follows: Star and Joker 45 to 1, 20: 20 to 1, 10: 10 to 1, 5: 5 to 1, 3: 3 to 1 and 1: 1 to 1. Follow your gut and bet on the positions you think will show!


  1. Toss your Coins


Looking at the table, you will see that the different positions have varying payouts. The juiciest payouts are obtained with both the Joker and Star positions! The more you bet on the right positions, the more you gain – so learn to strategize and increase your chances of getting rewards!


Game Design


Play’n GO’s Money Wheel is a simple game, even by table game standards. Upon launching of the game, a short overview about the wheel is shown, along the display of the game wheel on a velvet curtain.

The combination of both blackjack and roulette is also what makes the Money Wheel’s design oh so unique. Imagine playing both games in one!


The spinning wheel has seven positions on which you place your bets on. The Joker appears on a red position, the Star on a dark green position, 20 on a bright green position, 10 in a purple position, 5 in a yellow position, 3 in a blue position and 1 on a white position.

It can also be noted that a deep red carpet covers the middle of the wheel, four dragons printed on the velvety mat. The aesthetics of the Money Wheel game is effortlessly elegant. For better gaming experience, playing the audio also helps to immerse one’s self in the game fully.

The clacking of the chips as you place your bet, the game show-esque sound effects as the wheel turns and the female announcer’s voice exclaiming your rewards is sure to excite you all the more!




Are you getting tired of all the complicated and flashy looking casino games? Love the good ol’ classics like blackjack and roulette? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Play’n GO never fails to give casino games a creative new spin and with the Money Wheel game, you get to play with a mix of classics like blackjack and roulette in one exciting game!


The game is simple: predict where the pointer will land by betting on the positions in front of you every time you spin the wheel. It’s truly a fast, easy, and exciting game!

Will you play it safe and bet on the average playing numbers, or will you risk it all for the Joker and Star positions? The choice is all in your hands. Test your luck with Play’n GO’s Money Wheel! Ready? Get Set, Spin!

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