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Planet Fortune Game House Review


Perhaps one of the most popular genres of fiction is science fiction. This category in story themes dominates the book, movie, and game industries. Science fiction allows us to open our imaginations towards the countless possibilities that are offered by science. With the rush of popularity by Star Wars, prominent stories and moviemakers have also launched their original versions of what the cosmic world looks like and the limitless rush of creatures and phenomena that could occur outside the galaxy far, far away. Since the outset of the first man in space, many of us have wondered what the outside looks like. Thanks to the realistic graphics of video games and movies, the galaxy is not so far away anymore.


Play’n GO contributes to that triumph with this retro-futuristic-themed video slot game: Planet Fortune! This game is grounded on science and technology, thriving in the futuristic setting where advanced habitation and gadgets litter the streets. In this classic interpretation of other lives on the planet, we are confronted with ray guns and robots along with astronauts to guide us in our adventure. For a video slot, this theme is rich in its premise – making a simple and standard slot machine game unique and far more substantial than what its genre of game offers.


This abundant science fiction slot game offers a high return to player advantage, with 96.5%. It is also furnished with exclusive in-game features that give out many bonuses as you play on.




Planet Fortune has five reels with 40 pay-lines. The line limit is a bit extensive compared to other slots. To begin the game, you have to place your stake on each of the lines. The minimum amount you can wager is $0.20, while the maximum amount is $100. Once you are done with deciding how much you are willing to risk, you then push the ‘spin’ button that will roll the reels for you. The primary aim is to land as many of the same symbols you can to score higher prizes.


For this game, you are escorted by astronauts and galaxy explorers Astro Adam and Extragalactic Eve. Both of them look like they’re from the 1960s who advanced into a more progressive colony outside of Earth. Accompanying these characters are the symbols of red crystals, blue gemstones, the green robot, and the classic playing cards from A to 10.


Usually, the themed symbols are the highest paying ones that can multiply your total bet or give you additional bonuses. The playing cards, on the other hand, pay less, but they are also pretty valuable if you want the victory. The robot and the two character astronauts, being the center of the game, naturally gives you more if you land combinations of them on the reels. Suffice to say, this game has excellent rewards waiting just for you!


This game is simple and uncomplicated. Needless to say, it is easy to navigate the whole gaming interface and the controls are accessible. You can also play it on all mobile and desktop devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablets.


Additional Game Features


  • Wild – The Wild symbol is in the form of a green robot. It might turn red further in the game once you trigger one of the features. It pays a high reward if you can find a group of them on the lines and they can also substitute for other symbols to award you with more victory. For instance, if you can land five of them on the reels, your bet will multiply up to 62x. Wilds are essential symbols if you want a ticket to the exclusive bonus games.


  • Stacked Symbols – The two astronauts and the alien gems become stacked on the reels when two, three, or four of them reveal themselves.


  • Magnetic Mayhem – This one will activate itself randomly. During this feature, two to three reels become stuck together. When two of them stick, you acquire 2×2 sized icons, while three will give you a 3×3. It will automatically pick any of the adjacent reels. You’ll find all symbols in play here, except for the wild robot.


  • Robot Revolution Free Spin – To activate this, you need three robot symbols on the reels. You will be awarded ten extra spins once you trigger it. All of the robot symbols will freeze and will turn red. This feature, however, cannot be re-triggered.


Game Design


The graphics of the game will transport you to a different alien planet with technological advances that will awe the astronauts. The background of the reels is a city filled with different futuristic building designs shaped like spaceships. There is a whole orange sand-like color covering it, typical of classic science fiction futuristic films.


The characters Adam and Eve, the epitome of human civilization, are styled in the year 1950s to 1960s. The retro fashion is interesting, with its classic graphics and animations fitting to the theme. The soundtrack and effects, as usual, adds to the atmosphere of the science fiction style of video slot gaming.




Classic sci-fi movies have depicted futuristic themes wherein the world becomes more advanced to the point where technology has surpassed and defied the impossible. With the right imagination and formula, you can create this kind of stuff. More importantly, with the right game, you can easily be transported into it. This game triumphs the great scientific minds and, of course, your excellent skill for slot gaming.

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