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Extra Cash House Review


Extra Cash’s theme is rather simple and straightforward but is more than enough to capture many gamblers’ attention. Throughout the years, there are a lot of people who have played Extra Cash and are impressed by how it amazingly plays.

From the visual standpoint, the game isn’t that impressive, but we can see that the design is taking inspiration from the early 2000s house and property design. The screen displays many of these while presenting players the mascot of the video slot, a paperboy.

NextGen Gaming went extra by adding more spin on the symbols, allowing it to blend well on the overall theme. If you prefer a creative yet simple approach to the video slot category, Extra Cash is an excellent choice to start.

Some symbols present on the game include a dog, wooden kiosk, newspapers, paper delivery truck, and added special features. Players will see five reels and 50 pay lines essential for making the game more challenging and risky.




Extra Cash is surprisingly polished in terms of gameplay despite its several shortcomings. What’s best is that it doesn’t put too much pressure on the gamblers, allowing you to have more room to think of what strategy you will use.

There are up and down arrows present to help you navigate your desired betting options, including the amount and the number of lines you wish to play on. Just like other video slots, you need to adjust the coins range according to your preference, and Extra Cash allows its gamblers to set it up from 0.01 to 0.20.

For folks who don’t want that much thinking on their bets, an Autoplay feature is also available. The symbols are also visually pleasing, and the developers behind Extra Cash have made a lot of effort to make the design stand out, especially the special features.


Tips on Betting


There aren’t many unique features present on this video slot, but it is still possible to bet and earn more money. Resource management is perhaps the most critical factor that you should consider. It takes a lot of time to practice, and most video slots are tempting by default, so you might want to control that too.

Good thing, Extra Cash isn’t forcing its users to bet too much as its minimum betting amount is only a little. If you’re not that much confident with your luck, you should start playing little, and if you have gained enough footing, you may try and play aggressively.


Additional Game Features


Video slots are using many additional features to keep the game alive and fun. Extra Cash uses some of the popular features present in this type of gambling game; Wild, Scatter, re-spin, free spins, and gamble.


  1. Wild– The Wild symbol in this video slot gambling game is a newspaper with an “Extra Cash” print. It’s a distinguishable symbol and is something straightforward to remember by gamblers. Wild symbols are usable if you want to change tokens except the Scatter. An event that the developers have thought of to add in the game happens every spin as the paperboy may randomly jump over the playing zone and add a Wild symbol.
  2. Scatter – The Scatter symbol doesn’t have a striking design, but just like the Wild one, it is easy to remember. It has a simple word “Scatter” printed on it, nothing that special. Scatters act as a multiplier for the bet, and if by any chance that you landed more than 2 of the symbol, you will get a re-spin.
  3. Free Spins – This feature is only accessible if you have triggered the re-spin event, and you have landed more Scatter symbols. It’s hard to happen, but if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a higher chance of taking home more earnings.
  4. Gamble – The gambling feature is open for anyone, but is only best for use for people who are willing to risk everything. The rewards available are very tempting; that’s why many people are still trying to gamble.

The premise is simple. To enter this mode, you must first land a winning combo. After that, you must press the “Hearts&Club” symbol. You will then get a prompt to guess the color and suit of one card.

If you have the best luck on the entire planet and have guessed the color of the card, you’ll have the chance to double your winnings. If, by any chance, that you have a correct guess on the suit, you’ll have your winnings multiplied four times.However, there’s a catch. If you fail to guess the card correctly, you will lose all your live winnings.


Game Design


The whole design of Extra Cash is very nostalgic. The only criticism that it is evident on this NextGen Gaming video slot software is the audio as it somewhat doesn’t fit the whole scenario, something about it feels uninspired.

But the brilliant use of a straightforward symbol to make the game more accessible is the right choice. The five reels and 50 pay lines combination isn’t unique but is an essential element contributing to the game’s overall feel.




Extra Cash is an ideal video slot to play if you’re looking for something easy to pick up. The setting and over-all theme is at least familiar to many gamblers.

So far, it is also the best title for video slots that has 95.23% RTP. It isn’t an impressive score, but it is a good number. The minimum bet is also worth discussing as it would allow beginners to start small and use the scaling bet strategy.

Many video slots have unbalanced and useless features, but the developers behind Extra Cash have thought of implementing rewarding features that make sense.

The addition of a gambling feature is also pivotal as it allows players to have more options when it comes to their playing style. Those that want to have a risky profile might want to use it a lot, while some would only stick to aiming for symbols that would help them increase their winnings and mitigate losses.

Extra Cash isn’t a perfect product, but it is a video slot that does its job while still keeping its elements and mechanics fair for gamblers.

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