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Super Wheel Game House Review


If you’re new to casino games and on your way to discovering this entertainment field, you must check out Play ‘n GO’s ‘Super Wheel’. Inspired by the ever-famous ‘Roulette’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’, players can quickly adapt to its gameplay. Its interface provides you with the familiarity of the basic casino games, so you need not to take much time to navigate it. Play n’ Go has already assured you a game you can genuinely enjoy whether you’re a starter or as you proclaim the master gambler.


Super Wheel is a common video slot game where you can place your bet/s on your desired number/s in the baize and hope that the wheel will favor your prediction. It’s pretty easy. It’s so simple that beginners can effortlessly access. With a 97% return to the player lead, it assures you of a pretty comeback. Its simplicity and smooth playing experience is a perfect representation of other basic similar games available at different casinos.


The next paragraphs will show you the game’s design and gameplay of Super Wheel. You are encouraged to read more if it gladly touches your interests.




The very moment the game starts, the wheel will be the first to catch your eyes. Below it is the green baize where you put on your chips with their respective amounts: 1, 5, 10, 25, 100. You can find the chips on the lower right side of the screen. The wheel is divided into 52 segments with different values. There are seven different betting options given where the player can lay their bets, and these are as follows:


  • Number 1 – 1:1
  • Number 3 – 3:1
  • Number 5 – 5:1
  • Number 11 – 5:1
  • Number 23 – 23:1


On top of these numbers are the two highlights which are considered rare and difficult to attain but might be worth the risk:


  • Clover Symbol – 47:1
  • Horseshoe Symbol – 47:1


Players can choose to maximize their bets, meaning you can stake as many chips on different numbers and symbols especially when you feel you’re at the peak of your luck. However, the game only allows you to bet as far as the amount of 500. When you have finally decided where to place your bets and feel confident about it, press the green button that indicates ‘Spin’ at the lower center of the screen. In front of your eyes, the wheel will begin to spin. It will then slow down gradually, providing you the feeling of slight suspense with its mechanical noises until eventually, it stops and points to the number. If you’re able to predict the number, then the chips of the other betters will now belong to you as they should be. If not, do not hesitate to give it another try! Maybe you’ll get it on the next spin.


You can repeat this process as much as you desire for the game does not limit it.


Game Design


As for the graphics, Play’n GO made sure not to allow disappointment to come across its players. Super Wheel’s graphics provide you the casino environment vibe. As simple as it may sound, the game is developed into a high resolution to make your gaming experience fun, exciting, and real. It is definitely appealing to the eyes of the players because of the chosen pantone. The colors are meticulously selected and the light is well-balanced, giving you the dim of an actual casino. It will convince you that you are living the casino life.


With regard to the game’s animation, there are no unlikely circumstances. The game assures a smooth transition from the moment each character has been utilized. It can be observed that the wheel’s spinning showcases like an actual casino wheel given the mechanic noises and its gradual speed. As for the chips, the design also mirrors real-life casino chips with its value visible enough like in the poker. Lastly, the table is undoubtedly set in a perfect design where its shadow and texture made it look as authentic as possible. To complete the gaming experience, the sound, as well as the voice-over, is very comfortable and welcoming. Provided with competent design and a touch of real-life setting attempt, the players will undeniably find this game enjoyable and uncomplicated.


You can have the best experience when you use your desktop to play it; it is the recommended medium to play this game. Worry not, you can also play it on your mobile phones using the browser since it is not yet available as applications you can download on PlayStore and AppStore.




With the hype given by the famous spin-the-wheel games, Super Wheel introduces you to a new generation of this type of game. It is deemed as the mixture of Roulette and Wheel of Fortune. Given this, its familiarity, combined with a slight touch of variations, makes the game more interesting. Super Wheel is a basic casino game where you predict the outcome of each spin of the wheel and aim that it matches your bets. What makes it different from the others is its new symbols as the jackpots. It also makes the experience clinging because of its maximization of betting options and an unlimited number of tries. The game steps up onto a higher level by providing its players an appealing, simple, and understandable interface. It also shows attempts to make the game’s atmosphere as authentic as possible.


If you are searching for games like the aforementioned famous games where it is derived from, Super Wheel is the one you’re looking for. Its simplicity and familiarity are appealing to different types of players, whether a protege or already a master better.

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