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The Spin Lab Slot Review


Ah, science! Do you love experiments? Then this game is for you. Meet the maddest scientist of games in The Spin Lab. This video slot by NextGen Gaming, was released in 2015 for those who are into science. Explore the world of science, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and other disciplines.


The game’s overall theme is based on laboratories where chemicals and prescriptions are the characters. Science nerds who happen to be gamers will genuinely love this.


If you are into the world of science or love experiments or maybe an aspiring scientist, you need to check this out.


The Spin Lab Slot Gameplay


Like the typical video slots, the game is set on a 5×3 grid and 25 paylines. It is a simple slot game despite its complicated graphics. Thus, its good for beginers.


Before entering the mad world of science, set your bets first. There are blue and red, pointing upwards and downwards on the screen to adjust the stakes. After placing your bets, click the ‘Play’ button to set the reel in motion. While it is spinning, all the players can do is hope for a great outcome—an exceptional combination to create better experiments! Moreover, please take note that you are given an option to let the gameplay by itself. To do this, click the revolving arrows for the ‘Autoplay’ option. It allows you to do other tasks without interrupting the game.


There are a variety of symbols in this game. The generic ones are the characters in the cards’ game, which are 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. It does not make sense, but these are the basic ones. It would help if you focused more on the higher values for the betterment of your experiments.  includes DNA, molecules, atoms, and a high-tech cube. These symbols are appropriate to the theme of the game. Make sure to watch out for it. To add, other characters are deemed special, which redirects you to the unique features of this game.


Special Features


Special features add flavor to the game to make it more exciting. Here are the special features and how to experience it.


  1. Wilds


Wilds are the most beneficial symbol in the video slots world. This mighty symbol’s power is to replace other symbols in the grid to pave the way for better symbols. This function improves the game’s quality to arrive at perfect combinations for the improvement of your experiments. The wilds are multicolored DNAs, highlighted for you.


  1. Scatters


The scatter symbol is responsible for the unlocking of the Spin Lab feature or the free spins. The scatters are represented by molecules or a glowing silver ball.


  1. Spin Lab feature


The Spin Lab feature is the free spins or free games of this video slot. To explore it, manage to land at least three scatters anywhere on the grid. Usually, it will give you five spins.


Afterward, players will be given a choice to pick one symbol from each of the three rows. There are a total of 27 different combinations you can acquire! Fascinating, right?—Wait, there is more!


Once you activate this feature, you can create your bonus by choosing three free games features. Here are the rows you get to select one feature from each row. Take note that the symbols included are cube, molecule, DNA, and atom.


Row 1:


  • The symbols are the same. It will transform all symbols into that chosen one (like the Wild symbol).
  • The symbols are stacked. The selected symbol will be stacked.
  • Every time you select a symbol during the free spins, it increases your progress by adding 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 500.


Row 2:


  • Stacked Wilds
  • Extra wilds
  • Wild multipliers. Every appearance of a wild will be multiplied either 3x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x.

Row 3:


  • Your total progress will be multiplied twice.
  • Paylines from right to left and vice versa will help you improve.
  • Five more free games. It provides more free spins rounds from five to ten.


For indecisive players, there is an ‘Autopick’ option to let the game decide for you.


  1. Gamble


Activate the gamble feature by clicking the ‘Hearts&Clubs’ button after you land an excellent combination. This feature is a game of risk. A facedown card will be presented, and then you will decide the color. For an accurate guess, the accumulated progress will be increased twice. On the other hand, a wrong guess will lose everything you have. It takes a brave person to do it.


Game Design


The central theme of this game revolves around science. The setting is in a laboratory where the symbols coordinate.


When it comes to game design, this video slot game is incredible. NextGen did a great job of proving their creativity. The usual light blue is the primary color of the game. It complements the theme and the symbols. Also, the symbols are beautifull. It is cartoony, but the seriousness remains. What makes it more realistic is the electric wires on the background as if you are solving a mystery.


Furthermore, there is meditative music to complete your gaming experience. So turn up the music for a relaxing yet fun atmosphere.




Overall, the whole gaming experience is worth it. With 95.80% RTP and medium to high volatility, it suffices the players’ expectations. The special features are new and splendid. It opened new options, unlike other video slots games. Besides the great gameplay, it also has clean graphics to counter the complexity of science. It is worth it and recommended.


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