15 Casino Lucky Charms Most Favoured by Players

Published by Ethan on September 14, 2021

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Published by Ethan on September 14, 2021

Luck is something that we definitely can’t plan for. Sure, if you tackle a task with a particular mindset, you may feel as if you have some sort of edge. However, the reality is that there’s no way that you can have any kind of influence on luck, but there are a select group of people out there that believe that there are particular items, known as lucky charms that are said to provide the user or holder with good luck.
In this segment, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 15 most popular lucky charms that are used by casino players.

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What is a Good Luck Charm?


Essentially, a good luck charm is a particular item or amulet that is believed to provide the holder with good luck. Most people believe that any item can be used as a good luck charm rather than a specific one; however, there are specific items in various cultures that are believed to hold mysterious powers.

In some cultures, seeing a particular animal also counts towards your good luck, with animals such as fish, ladybugs, albatross, pigs, and swallows. Particular numbers tend to hold certain meanings and can be considered both lucky and unlucky, with the number 7 holding a high status in Japanese and Western culture.

When it comes to gambling, some players have taken things a step further as they’ve sought refuge in the concept of luck being brought to them. This is why many of them that are serious about gambling have chosen to carry a lucky charm.




Why Would it be Brought to a Casino?


The dictionary defines luck as success or failure based on chance rather than the actions of an individual. By this logic, there’s no way that luck can be altered, but those that follow simple or extreme superstitions will believe that it can. This is where the gambler’s fallacy comes into play, which is the belief that the outcome of an event would be less or more likely to happen based on the outcome of a prior event. This is incorrect as the likelihood of something happening doesn’t change based on what had happened before.

For example, if you had two cards placed in front of you, and you had to guess which one was black, the likelihood of choosing the correct card would be 50/50. However, if you were to do the same thing, with two different cards (unseen), the odds will be the same regardless of the previous outcome. This type of thinking usually gets us into trouble when it comes to making real-life decisions.

Some lucky charms are more common than others and the rarity of some is often favoured. However, there’s no scientific evidence that backs up any of these superstitions.


The Four-Leaved Clover

Arguably one of the most common lucky charms, the four-leaved clover or shamrock is believed to have been taken by Eve after she and Adam were expelled from the Garden of Eden. There’s no evidence that this is true, but each of the four leaves on the clover represents love, hope, luck, and faith. Many gamblers believe that this plant holds a particular kind of energy that will bring them some form of good luck when it comes to games of chance.

The rarity of the four-leaf clover is what has made it stand out as a symbol of good luck, as most clovers only present themselves with three leaves.


The Rabbit’s Foot

This is one of the more barbaric amulets on this list; however, some gamblers believe that carrying around a rabbit’s foot will bring them good luck. The rabbit’s foot is also known to bring about fertility, and this is what had initially started the trend of wearing it as an amulet. The use of the rabbit’s foot comes from hoodoo, a system of spiritual practices and magic that was created by North American slaves that were taken from Africa. For a rabbit’s foot to work, it has to be the left hind foot of a rabbit that had been captured or shot in a graveyard.


The Number 7

7 is associated with many religions and holds a particular significance in the gambling world as it’s also a common symbol in many traditional slot machine games. The number is also said to bring luck in a religious context in both Islam and Christianity, while it also appears in various themes such as the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven musical notes, the seven continents, and so on. When playing at a casino, landing on three 7s will generally provide you with the largest win. Some players have gone as far as to either get charms made or have the number tattooed onto their skin.


Red Underwear

This is more of Chinese superstition, but despite there being no merit to this act; it’s still a great excuse to wear red underwear. In Chinese culture, the colour red is considered to bring good luck which is why children and young adults would usually receive red envelopes with cash as a gift for Chinese New Year. It’s also said that wearing any other red article of clothing would bring the same effect.


The Lucky Penny

Picking up a coin off the street can be considered to bring good luck if you were to carry it around with you, especially when heading to a casino. The reason for the coin being considered lucky is due to it having appeared from out of nowhere. However, some steps will need to be taken to enhance its luck, such as soaking it in tomato sauce and cleaning it until it shines, unlike anything that you own. Once this is done, you will need to keep it near you at all times. But, there’s a tale of caution to this charm, as you’re not supposed to pick it up if it was faced down as this will bring you bad luck, instead you should turn it over and let the next person pick it up to receive the luck.



Horseshoes are believed to have the power to ward off bad energy and evil spirits and they were traditionally held in place with seven nails. While there are many legends surrounding horseshoes and why they’re considered to be lucky, many gamblers believe that it will bring them good luck, but it can be a bit of an inconvenience to carry an iron horseshoe in your pocket, hence many gamblers often wear various charms that are shaped like horseshoes.



One of the most unusual items on this list is simply due to how common they are; however, acorns are believed to have many ties to various cultures. Acorns are believed to have protected people against chronic ailments; some people believed that they could protect your home from being struck by lightning due to its link to Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. These days, many avid casino goers tend to wear jewellery or charms that are modelled after acorns, as it’s believed to bring good fortune while playing at a casino.


The Hamsa Hand

This is one of the more interesting entries on this list due to how beautiful the symbol itself is and where it’s found. The Hamsa Hand is viewed as a token of good luck in many North African and Middle Eastern countries. The hand has an eye that’s located in the centre of the palm, which is believed by many to protect them from the evil eye. The Hamsa Hand comes in two forms, the first being protection against evil, which will have the fingers spread apart, and the second being a symbol of good luck, with the fingers placed together.

There are a handful of slot games, especially online, that use the Hamsa Hand as a high-paying symbol.


The Nazar Boncugu Amulet

Like the Hamsa Hand, this charm has ties to Middle Eastern culture and is often found at various tourist sites in Turkey where it’s sold as a souvenir. The Nazar Boncugu Amulet is used to protect the holder from negative energy and ill will. It could also be used at a casino table where you will be sitting with other players and it’s believed that the celebrations received are false and are presented with jealous energy; this amulet reflects all of the bad energy. This will protect you from unwanted thoughts and maintain a winning streak at the table.


Carp Scales

Many European countries have an age-old Christmas tradition of preparing a carp and it used to be kept in the bathtub before it was prepared. While most people have opted to purchase the fish from a supermarket, there are a few that keep the tradition alive. It is believed that keeping a few of the scales will bring you a year’s worth of good luck. These scales are quite small and can easily fit inside a wallet or purse. Just be sure to clean them before you start carrying them around.


Cat’s Eye Gem

The Cat’s Eye Gem is a beautiful gemstone that’s become quite popular because of its unique pattern and its affordability. This gem is also known to be very popular as a good luck charm for regular gamblers. It can be worn in a variety of ways such as a necklace, ring, or even a bracelet. This has been a lucky charm since the end of the 19th century when it was gifted as an engagement gift by the Duke of Connaught to his fiancé.


Rudraksh Beads

This is a representation of Lord Shiva, a deity that forms part of the divine Hindu trinity. What makes this an attractive charm is that it’s easy to wear and many gamblers believe that it bestows spiritual powers upon the user. This will include fame, sharpening of your intuition, and it allows you to keep cool under pressure. This makes it quite obvious why these beads would be incredibly popular with casino goers.


Crystal Shri Yantra Locket

This is a locket that can easily be worn and it is believed to hold powers of intuition, concentration while boosting your ability to keep calm in high-pressure situations. This charm is said to bring success in a wide range of casino games such as slots, card games, scratch cards, bingo, and even sports betting.


SarvKarya Siddhi Necklace

Much like the previous charm, the SarvKarya Siddhi necklace brings good luck to those that wear it. It’s also said to correct deficiencies that will prevent you from winning while playing games of chance. This charm reduces stress, increases your intuition, and will provide you with success over your rivals.


Lucky Rituals

While there are plenty of players that believe in the power of lucky charms, there seem to be even more of them that believe in the power of rituals. Some of the most common rituals are keeping your fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and blowing on dice when playing games such as craps. Lucky rituals are a lot more common, and there are also superstitions that many gamblers believe to bring bad luck.

These will include using the front entrance of a casino, washing your hands while you’re on a winning streak, betting on unlucky numbers, using $50 bills, and counting your money while gambling.



There’s no doubt, lucky charms are an interesting concept and they allow players to go into a game with a sense of security albeit with a placebo effect. However, they can cause some harm as there are players that will fall into a false sense of security while using these items. The best way to go about using them is to use something that means something to you while also having a clear understanding that these will not affect your life or the results of your gambling. Ultimately, it’s all for the sake of having a good time while having some sort of comfort.

Author: Ethan

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