How to Tell if A Slot Machine is Hot

Published by Dave Perez on November 10, 2021

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Published by Dave Perez on November 10, 2021

There are many myths around gambling. Players are always looking for a way to manipulate the system so as to turn odds in their favour. Hot slots are amongst these stories, and many want to know if it truly is possible to tell if a slot is hot or not.

A hot slot is like a unicorn. It is a magical discovery, and a rare one at that, if you do come across a slot holding a jackpot ransom. But does its magical nature make it myth, or do they really exist. So how do you tell if a slot machine is hot? How can you be sure that it’s about to loosen up and payout?

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In reality, there is no definitive way to do so. Slots use RNGs (random number generators) to payout. However, in theory, there are tell-tale signs that seasoned slot enthusiasts have been using to tell if a slot is hot. After some thorough research, it is in unanimous agreement amongst avid gamblers that there is a way to discern the hot slots from the not-so-hot ones. But before we get into that, we need to know the precise nature of a hot slot and what makes it hot.


What Does it Mean if a Slot is Hot?


Hot slots are the ones that players predict are about to payout a substantial amount or a jackpot prize after a few spins.


They are the ones that a player would wait for in a land-based casino, waiting for other players to jump off of if the game has yet to payout. In essence, a hot slot has the potential to burst at any point, thus making it hot and just ripe enough for players to pick. So is this fact or fiction? We take a look at how to tell if a slot is hot or cold.


A slot uses an RNG (random number generator) to determine wins at random. This makes for fair play gaming and really difficult to determine whether a slot is hot or not. Because of this, players use other means to determine when a slot is about to payout. We take a look at a few of those factors and try beat the system by looking for hot slots.


Are Progressive Slots Hot?


A progressive slot may be categorized as a hot slot because of its jackpot feature. The reason for this is that they require larger deposits and have a tendency to payout over a longer period of time, rewarding a handsome payout. Players need a bigger bankroll, more time, and as an added benefit to stand a chance of winning, a bucket load of patience.

Progressive slots are easy to locate at online casinos because they are categorized, but how do you tell if it’s a hot slot?


All progressive slots have a set jackpot amount. This is the amount the game resets to after the full jackpot has been paid out. A progressive will sometimes allow players to win smaller amounts that lessens the jackpot by a small amount, not overly much. You can verify the basic jackpot amount by reviewing the game. Most gaming providers share this information online and finding it is easy enough. By comparing the root jackpot with the amount, you can safely assume whether it is hot or cool. However, predicting if it will definitely payout would simply be in theory.


Looking at the RTP% of a Slot


For those that are looking for a quick return on the majority of their spins, you simply need to look at the RTP percentage of the game. The RTP is the return to player percentage and this has been calculated by the gaming provider based on a series of spins. On average the game will payout a percentage of your wager upon landing a winning combination. The higher the RTP the more is returned to the player.


In slots gaming there are 3 groups an RTP percentage will be classified under:


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


A low RTP is anything ranging from 80% to 91%, a medium ranges from 91% to 96%, and a high RTP is anything from 96% to 99.98%. players will come to learn that there is no such slot that has an RTP of 100%.


So if you are looking for a hot slot that pays out the amount of money it takes in wagers, over a period of time, look for a high RTP% slot in the popular lobby of online casinos.


Hot or Not – The volatility of a Slot


While the return to player gives you an idea of when the slot will pay out, the volatility of a slot gives you an idea of how those winnings are paid. Comparing the volatility of the game with the RTP will give you an idea as to how risky it is to await that reward. Alternatively, you can look at it as a hint as to whether the slot is hot or cold. Therefore, you are looking for a slot that has a high RTP (anything over 97%) and is low variance (or volatility). This means that it will payout wins more frequently but they will payout a lower cash prize on each win. Regardless, these types of slots are considered hot because when they payout, it’s a jackpot win!


Slot Tournaments


Another good opportunity for slot players to immerse themselves in is slot tournaments. Unlike regular slot games, these tournaments begin with a set bankroll. Additionally, tournaments have qualified slots in the different rounds. The winner of the tournament is determined by the highest bankroll at the end. This type of hot slots gaming limits the tournament to a set amount of slots, bankrolls, and players. Ultimately, you stand a better chance of getting that jackpot payday than you would from jumping from one game to the next.


Hot Slots Wrapped Up


So while you cannot actually predict nor can you determine whether a slot is hot, you can manipulate the odds in your favour. If you have already won a jackpot payout, your chances of doing so again are exactly as they were before. There is no way to determine for sure if a slot will payout because it uses a random number generator. However, you can choose a slot that you think is hot by looking at the RTP, or having a look at top slots in online casino lobbies and expecting to hit that jackpot.


By simply understanding the RTP percentage against the volatility of the slot, you can, in theory, assume how much and how frequently the slot will burst. This alone can help you determine whether a slot is hot. However, if you want that big payout, play progressives, these are the machines waiting to payout big jackpots…eventually. Simply put your money and patience to the test to get that big jackpot from a popular progressive game. Alternatively, welcome the idea of slot tournaments. Here you can imagine all the games being hot but just waiting for the player with lady luck on their side!

Author: Dave Perez

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