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A While in the Nile House Review


Ancient Egyptian history is heaps of fun to explore, especially if it is in the form of video slots. There are so many installments that have used this concept, but A While in the Nile is something that you should check out.


It is a video slot game developed by NextGen Gaming, known for putting out quality titles that are holding up even years after the release.


You can see a lot of references and inspiration from the said period, such as accessories from the pharaohs that have existed a long time ago. There are also apparent hints of the Nile River, hence the title.


The game consists of a total of 5 reels that are all carefully made, along with 50 lines. It isn’t unique for a game to offer 50 pay lines, but A While in the Nile’s gameplay utilizes this hefty amount of lines.


If you want a vibrant and pleasing depiction of the ancient Egyptian civilization, A While in the Nile is the ideal for you.




While in the Nile is approachable, and even beginners would quickly get the hang of it after several times. It has five reels along with 50 lines that are essential for keeping the game challenging and risky.


Just like other video slots, you need to place a bet first. The game makes it easier for players to understand how betting works by implementing arrows accessible in many directions.

Coin ranges in A While in the Nile start from 0.01 and ends in 0.20, and you can freely adjust them using the up and down arrows available.


An autoplay feature is also here, much like any other NextGen Gaming titles. It is an essential gambling part, especially for folks that prefer to gamble many times in one session. Autoplay can be adjusted depending on your preference.


Tips on Betting


A While in the Nile offers many features that you may use to earn more.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll have an instant and big win when you play this title, but with enough fund management and smart strategy, you might have the ample opportunities you need to earn money.


Because of the game’s betting range of 0.50 to 10.00, you have all the advantages of managing your balance. Always make sure that you are willing to go for the risk to see development.


Additional Game Features


A While in the Nile is enjoyable to play because of its many features. You have the expected Wild, Scatter, free spins, and gamble features, but the developers have included super bet and scarab bonus.


  1. Wild – The Wild feature is present in many video slots published by NextGen Gaming and it seems to have escalated into an essential element to include in the company’s future releases. A While in the Nile used a pharaoh’s head as the symbol for the Wild feature, and it can replace any other symbols except for the Scatter and scarab bonus features.


  1. Scatter – A green jewel represents the Scatter feature. Gemstones are prominent in Egyptian history, and it is evident that many pharaohs are fond of jewelry and expensive accessories. It is perhaps a right call back and designs choice.It is, however, fixed on 2,3 and 4 reels only. The symbol is also a good one to include in your strategy as it can trigger another impressive feature, which is the free spins.


  1. Free Spins – The free spins are achievable if you have landed three Scatter symbols. You are then awarded by five free spins, which is an excellent deal if you’re aiming to nurture your earnings.


  1. Gamble – The Gamble feature will only be available if you have a winning combo at hand. It might be a risky path to take since there is a possibility of losing all of your winnings. It will happen if you have failed to guess both the color and suit of the card.


  1. Super Bet– A While in the Nile has the Super Bet feature, increasing the Wild feature’s multiplier. You can adjust the multiplier depending on your liking; x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10.


  1. Scarab Beetle Bonus – A While in the Nile becomes more enjoyable with the Scarab Beetle Bonus. It is a bonus round that can be triggered when you successfully landed 3 of the scarab symbols. Once activated, tons of scarab will populate the screen, and you will have a fixed amount of time to collect as much as you can.


Game Design


A While in the Nile is a sure hit for gamblers, even for those that are not fanatics of the Egyptian concept.


It presents you with many possibilities that replaying it isn’t tedious and boring.

The multipliers are fair and add to the overall challenging factor of the game.


A While in the Nile might not be a game for beginners, but even those types of players would find it easy to learn and understand once they have played the game a couple of times.


The usage of many symbols and references to the history of Egypt also adds to the overall visual and appeal factor, as well as providing a solid graphical cue for gamblers.




The game has an RTP of 95.6%, which isn’t that bad for video slots. It also has a very flexible betting range above anything else, and perhaps the main reason it is being patronized by many.


Nowadays, most video slots require players to bet a lump some even on their first try to commence betting.


The special features are also admirable and the way they have successfully implemented the scarab bonus feature that is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.


The super bet feature is great as it isn’t enforcing too much for gamblers.

Some might fight it annoying and risky while some see it as an opportunity to earn more despite costing a lot.


NextGen Gaming went out and poured everything they got when it comes to developing this game.


The aesthetic, the gameplay, and the audio are on-point.

It doesn’t defeat many top dogs in the video slot category, but it is undoubtedly one of the top games in ancient Egyptian civilization.

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