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Alchymedes Slot Review And FREE Demo game


Although a relatively newcomer in the gaming arena, Yggdrasil has managed to consistently introduce exciting casino games ever since its launch. The latest introduction to its gaming library: the Alchymedes Slot.


With a theme both heavily defined by two elements – Alchemy and Archimedes – this game immediately hurtles you back to a time when the Greek astronomer and mathematician Archimedes dabbled in alchemy, all in the quest to turn metal into gold.


Right from the start, you are introduced to a premise that has the potential to lure you in and send you through a magical quest. As you play, you will be working with potions as symbols for your reels and magical playing cards.


With this 5-reels game, 60 fixed paylines, and a whole lot of magic and adventure in each level, this might just be the game that you didn’t think you needed.

Want to know more about Yggdrasil’s The Alchemedes Slot? We’ve prepared a detailed review for all of you looking for a game that veers a little off tradition  – keep on reading.




The Alchymedes Slot takes you to a remote house in the woods. There you meet an old man as he prepares his potions and instantly enlists you on a quest.


The mechanics of the game is unlike any of the slots you may have played before. Let us explain the gameplay in this section.


First off, you will be presented 5 reels, 60 paylines (30 from left to right, and 30 from the opposite side). At every spin, you can win up to 300,000 coins, a rather substantial jackpot in our books.


Still, even at smaller payouts, the game has managed to sustain a payout rate of 96.1% at a medium variance.


So how exactly do you play Alcyhmedes? You surpass each level by forming winning combinations (lining up 3 or more potion bottles or cards) on a payline.


For this, you need to start at the beginning of the reel, or at the end of reel 5. Another symbol that you need to pay attention to during the game is the wild radioactive waste symbol.

This will help you breeze through the round more easily by forming winning combinations effortlessly.


Additional Game Features


As is true with most games, the further you advance on to the levels, the more complicated or wild your patterns get.

There are over 15,000 of these patterns in Alchymedes, with each to be introduced to you at the start of every level. The Spreading Wild Pattern feature will activate if your wild symbol lands on that specific level’s pattern.


Another thing that you will get at each level is a 1x multiplier, although this can be increased at random spins.

This multiplier will be used to compute your win. You’ll be able to achieve the Level Completion Multiplier feature if your last win gets a 5x multiplier.


As you advance through each level, you will be given the option to either add more green wild potions or red multiplier potions to your brew.


If you go with the green wild potion, you’ll have more luck with wild patterns as you go through the next levels. If you choose the red multiplier potion, on the other hand, your multiplier potential will increase.


This is a feature the developers call The Alchemist’s Scale.


Game Design


Despite the introduction of symbols and details that seem to complicate the game, Alchymedes is actually a pretty straightforward slots game.


Its theme takes you to a magical storyline, rife with dangers, potion, and surprise features. The design itself sets the theme for the whole game  – dark with only the potions providing colour to the set.


Whichever corner of the screen you might look to, you’ll always be reminded that you are in some mad man’s laboratory.


This means that Alchymedes has achieved one thing that most game developers have not: it has managed to transport you to a different time and place with its use of symbols, music, and controls.




You might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with all aspects of this non-traditional game, but Alchymedes is actually rather simple once you get started on those reels.


In fact, this is a rather straightforward game dressed up in complicated symbols and patterns.


It is well-designed, well-developed, and gives players the potential to win thanks to its multipliers and wild patterns.


Everything about this game makes for a dynamic experience that gives you more control over where your journey leads you.


And of course, we’re all fans of a good storyline and Alchymedes does well in this category too. If you’re ready to dabble in some magic and mayhem while trying to score big, then you better put on your safety goggles and start spinning with Yggdrasil’s Alchemedes Slot!

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