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Apollo god of the sun slot House Review


The Greek mythological theme is always wonderful, but in Apollo God of the Sun slot, you are treated to a completely sensory experience! Visually stunning, with an amazing soundtrack and very exciting gameplay, Novomatic has outdone itself with this game!

Apollo is considered one of the most beautiful, powerful and complex of all the Greek gods! As you play this game, you will be drawn into the sheer intensity of the game and will be overwhelmed by the power of Apollo. But be strong – for if you are, you may even win the massive £100,000 jackpot!

So, before you ascend to the heights of the sun god, find out how best you can win Apollo’s heart so that he grants you his reward!


 Apollo God of the Sun Slot Gameplay


Before we talk about gameplay in Apollo God of the Sun slot, we need to clearly lay out the gamescape. It is completely different from what Novomatic usually presents.

You have two game screens of 5 reels each and they spin independently of each other. Well, almost independently of each other – there are two exceptions which we will discuss in the Additional Game Features section.

These two sets of reels give you a total of 100 fixed paylines, which means that your chances of winning are higher than the normal 5×3 reels. The first reelscape is a 5×4 set, while the second is a 5×12 reel set.

The high-value symbols are Apollo himself, his steed, the harp, bow and arrow and finally the warrior. Apollo and his horse can appear stacked on the reels. The low-value symbols are the usual A, K, Q and J. The Wild is the flaming sun, and the Scatter is the Bonus Helmet symbol.

Once we have understood the basic features of this game, play is actually quite straightforward.

You start by fixing your bet amount. Now, we need to remember that this is a Novomatic game, so it has medium volatility and with an RTP of 96.92%.

This means that you will struggle for those big wins and will need to spin the reels a lot of times before you see them. Smaller value wins are easier to come by, but they aren’t as satisfying. Therefore, we recommend that you use lower bets so that you can play a higher number of spins.


Additional Game Features


This game is beautiful to behold, but like other Novomatic games, the big wins are in the bonus features.

  • Stacked and Transferring Wilds

The Wild, as we said, is the burning Sun. And when it does land on the reels, it comes stacked! And if you are lucky enough to land a stacked Wild on the smaller reels, covering the entire reel, then that Wild is also transferred to the bigger reels – along all 12 rows!

This symbol replaces all other symbols except for the Bonus Scatter, which means when it’s stacked, you can win some big sets!

  • Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

The Bonus symbol is the Scatter and when you land 3 or more of this symbol, you will activate the Free Spins bonus. Now, while the reels usually spin independently of each other, in this case, the Scatters can land anywhere on both sets of reels. This means that you have a higher chance of winning the Free Spins!

The Scatter will only appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels of both reelscapes. So, if you land 3 Scatters, you win 8 Free Spins plus a 2x multiplier on your bet. 4 Scatters on the reels win you 12 Free Spins and 5x on your bet. And 5 Scatters get you 20 Free Spins as well as a 20x multiplier on your bet.

The Wild in the Free Spins feature is even more valuable. This is because if you land even one Wild, it will turn stacked and transfer to the other reel set! Can you imagine the kind of winning combinations you can make with that kind of a feature?

  • Gamble Feature

You also have the usual Novomatic gamble feature in this game, where you need to choose between two suit colours. If you win you double your money, but if you lose, you lose all your money. Quite a gamble!


 Apollo God of the Sun Slot Game Design


Apollo God of the Sun slot is by far one of the most intense games designed by Novomatic! The graphics are out of this world! Apollo, the centre of this game dominates the background, glowing like the burning sun that is suspended in space behind him. The dark, intense, incandescent colours of the background will have your eyes glued to the game screen.

The high-value and special symbols are exquisitely created, but we feel that more effort could have been put into the design of the low-value symbols. This gamescape is one of the more brilliant we have seen!

For a change, the music in this game is absolutely brilliant! Epic, martial and definitely adds to the excitement. And when you trigger the bonus round, the music tempo builds up to a crescendo that will have to sitting at the edge of you seat!

This game’s design is so refreshingly different that it will keep you coming back for more!




Apollo God of the Sun is dramatically different from the usual offerings from Novomatic. The graphics, sounds, soundtrack, animations, artwork and gameplay are very, very good! The only challenge we see with this game is that it is quite an uphill task to trigger the free spins and get those super big wins that players look for.

The good thing is that when they come, the entire gaming experience, coupled with the fact that you have won a tidy sum, will leave you feeling elated and exhilarated!

Definitely a game worth playing!

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