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Aztec Warrior Princess Slot House Review


Relive the ancient Aztec civilization with Play ‘n GO‘s Aztec Warrior Princess Slot. This video slot game unleashes your gamer identity while it takes you to Eldorado, making you feel like an archaeologist.

Game features include the Mesoamerican jungle objects and creatures such as the Quetzalcoatl, totems, skulls, ravaging leopards, poisonous frogs, and the ever-courageous looking princess warriors.


This game makes video slots games more addictive, for it provides bonus games and free spins, which players shall surely find lucrative. There will also be sacred temples where the mystery will haunt you, making the game more interesting. You will enjoy the reel game with the provided theme of Aztec adventure and exploration.




The game slot is set on 20 pay lines with five reels and three rows. There are lots of characters with corresponding values that you wish to match.

Higher-paying symbols are the native attributes like the animals (leopards, jaguars, frogs, dragons), and jeweled skulls. On the other hand, lower-paying cards are the numbers carved in colorful ancient stone. You need to look out for the individual features represented by the Aztec warrior princess and the Wild card: the golden shield or medallion.


Players are given a choice from one to five coins per pay line; the corresponding values of these coins range from 0.01 to 1.00. This game will entice gamblers, especially to newbies, because the maximum bet for each spin is 100 only.

It would not be too risky; thus, enjoyment will overpower the pressure of successful outcomes, supported by the given medium volatility level with a very reasonable 96% return to player rate (RTP). Rest assured, it will be worth the risk because the total number of regular payouts will be good.


The game will start instructing the players to click the green rotating arrow button on the left side of the screen near the reel as it begins to turn, desire for three matching symbols to appear on the reel. They don’t need to match on the same line if they appear simultaneously on the screen. This term is called Scatter.


Special Features


There are three special symbols in this game that the players must accomplish to match. These symbols have their equivalent extra feature, which will provide better chances for players. The following are the special symbols:


  • Aztec Princess – This bonus round will be triggered if three Aztec Princesses appear in the reel, you get the chance to enjoy free spins. There are 15, 20, or 25 available spins depending on the number of symbols you manage to match.


  • 15 free spins = 3 Aztec Princess Scatters 
  • 20 free spins = 4 Aztec Princess Scatters 
  • 25 free spins = 5 Aztec Princess Scatters 


It gets interesting because the Aztec Princess symbol will become a Wild symbol throughout the bonus round. It offers more chances to acquire lots of combinations.


  • Skulls with Jeweled Eyes – Another bonus game will be unlocked once the player manages to attain three Scatters of these symbols. It will instantly transport you to an Aztec Temple where mud-covered skulls are found on the floor. You get the pick three skulls that contain a mystery that will be revealed once the mud is removed. There are four different skulls you can choose which will p; these are bronze (x20), gold (x50), silver (x50), and diamond (x1000), respectively.


  • Gold Shields/Medallions – This is considered a Wild and highest paying symbol. It is deemed lucrative, for it can reach x250 your stake equivalent to 5000 coins when five of this symbol appear on the screen at once. These extra Wild symbols increase your payouts further.


Aztec Warrior Princess Slot Game Design


Play ‘n GO’s attempt to demonstrate an adventurous theme inspired by the Aztec civilization is deemed a success. The visual of the game charmingly represents Aztec features. The symbols are well-designed and appealing, not distracting to the eyes. Also, the animation is smooth and straightforward. It is very entertaining to notice bugs moving around the screen, resembling the exploration. The game is easy to play, for it provides a comprehensive interface where players can easily navigate. Moreover, the pleasing and ambient jungle sound effects must also be recognized as it brings additional effect for a beautiful experience throughout the game.


The game resolution is set at 16:9. While it is suggested to play it using the desktop, it can also be accessed using mobile phones. It can be played on Betsson’s Mobile Casino with the same specializations provided on the desktop. You can play it everywhere with your fingertips, offering you immersive gaming experience.




Aztec Warrior Princess slot game by Play ‘n GO is a simple yet addictive game. Surely the players will enjoy playing this without any pressure because of balanced payout with a satisfactory maximum allowed bet and assured decent RTP. Given the graphics and design, with its fruitful Aztec-inspired theme, the game offers an immersive gaming experience where you can have both worlds. While you’re a gamer and a gambler, it will also feel like you are an archaeologist with the excellently designed symbols. With just your fingertips (as it is also available on mobile phones), you can play this slot game of 20 paylines with five reels and three rows. Enjoy the game by getting Scatters with the highest tendencies of transporting you into various bonus rounds if you manage to match the guaranteed special symbols.

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