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Bell of fortune slot House Review


Bells and fruits will probably give you luck as you play the Bell of Fortune, a video slot created and released by Play’n GO. It is a classic slot game, featuring three reels with a single playline. It is easy to play with low stakes and an option for auto play. And if you are feeling lucky, you might be able to take home the progressive jackpot, getting the three golden bells to appear on the payline.


It is a pretty straightforward game. Beginners and veterans alike will surely like the uncomplicated graphics and design since this is a video slot machine that uses bell and fruit icons.


There is nothing more to it than the single, three-reel payline, which is a bit of a disadvantage. The Bell of Fortune has no bonuses and free spins, so you can’t expect the game to get more exciting. However, its creators have kept the game simple without losing its signature vintage vibe. It is something that you don’t see in other mobile slot machines.


Ringing the Bell of Fortune


Many players have revealed that it is an easy game, but how easy is it to play the Bell of Fortune?


As mentioned earlier, the Bell of Fortune is a classic slot machine. It consists of three reels with only one fixed payline. Players don’t need to insert chips and pull a lever to keep the reel rolling. They need to decide, however, the value of coins they want to bet, running from 0.25 to 0.75.


Once you have chosen the bet value, you need to decide how many coins you want to put in play. A maximum of three coins is allowed since there are only three reels. The more coins in play, the closer you get to winning the progressive jackpot. The biggest prize is up for grabs if you bet with three coins, and you get three golden bells on the payline.


The catch is that it has a volatility. It means that you are taking a lot of risks to bag the jackpot or take home any of the prizes. Well, no one has said that it’s going to be easy, so make sure that it will be worth it.


The Auto Play


After everything is set, press the circular green button on the right to start playing. It is a fast play as the reels spin about three seconds. You can click the green button as many times as you want or until your balance gets zero.


But if you don’t want to keep on pressing, you can opt for an auto play or continuous play. To set that, click on the yellow button, which is just beside the green button. Select the time (10, 20, 50, 75, and 100 seconds) then activate the auto play. You can also adjust the auto play based on the number of wins and the fluctuation of your balance.


Winning Combination Plays-  Bell of fortune Slot


There are four symbols in the Bell of Fortune: strawberry, plum, orange, and the golden bell. The fruits don’t have any individual bearing only until they are combined. Meanwhile, the golden bell is wild and can substitute for all the icons. Since this is a progressive game, you get bigger prizes if you bet more coins. In line with that, here are the winning combination plays and coin multipliers.


SymbolWins for 1 CoinsWins for 2 CoinsWins for 3 Coins
1 Golden Bell246
2 Golden Bells61218
Three Fruits61218
Three Plums153045
Three Oranges4080120
Three Strawberries200400600
Three Golden Bells8001600JACKPOT


For instance, there are two plums and a golden bell on the payline, you win the corresponding value of three plums. The bell is a substitute for the third plum. The same number of wins goes to two bells and one plum.


Access to Free Plays


One of the best things about the Bell of Fortune is the demo version of the game. Anyone can access it for free on supported devices. You can play it on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even on your mobile phone. It also supports a variety of operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.


The free demo play is perfect for those who want to try the game first before engaging in a real game. You can practice it for several times and familiarize yourself with the whole play. There is an available balance that you can exhaust it is all gone. So, while you are saving for your bets, play the demo version whenever you can.


The Takeaway


When it comes to simplicity, the Bell of Fortune has what it takes to become one of the easiest games ever created. Even non-players can easily grasp the concept of the game. Although there are no bonuses and free spins, the demo version can help you “train” before playing it. Finally, the Bell of Fortune is a recommended game for beginners.

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