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Book of ra mystic fortunes slot House Review


Fans of Indiana Jones and The Mummy (Brendan Fraser version) will most likely find many visual elements that hark back to these franchises in Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes, On the other hand, previous players of Book of Ra games will be thrilled to know that Mystic Fortunes have four jackpots up its sleeve. Read on to find out more.




Book of ra mystic fortunes slot Setup


Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is a follow up by Novomatic in its thrilling Book of Ra series. The visual design is heavy with gold and ancient Egyptian symbols.  The background is a dark and mysterious Egyptian tomb holding many secrets and appropriately mysterious-sounding soundtrack as the player ventures down accompanied by an archaeologist. The idea is to unlock adventures using a 5×3 reel with 10 paylines that cough up lots of bonuses. Book of Ra aficionados are sure to love this iteration.


According to legend, the Book of Ra can bring the dead back to life and control the behaviour of other people.  In Mystic Fortunes, the focus is more about breathing life back into dwindling bank accounts than corpses, hence the four progressive jackpots.




In the base game, as with many Novomatic video slots, the common symbols with the lowest payouts are alphanumeric playing cards. 10, J, or Q cards in three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by 2, 12, and 40, respectively. A and K cards in three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by 2, 16, and 40. That is actually quite generous, but it gets better.


A scarab or goddess Isis symbols in two, three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by 4, 12, 40, and 300. Sarcophagus symbols in two, three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by 4, 16, 160, and 800. Temple Hunter symbols, an Indiana Jones lookalike with the biggest payout in the base game, that fall in two, three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by 8, 40, 400, and 2000.


That is pretty great, and although the Book of Ra itself in three, four, and five on a payline multiply a line wager by just 10, 80, and 800, the value of this symbol is in being a wild and scatter card at the same time.


The four jackpots are featured prominently on the top of the reels. Two are fixed, while two are progressive. They are as follows:

  • Mini = 5x the total wager
  • Minor = 20x the total wager
  • Major = 800x the total wager
  • Grand = 10,000 the total wager


The Major and Grand Jackpot are progressive, meaning it increases as the play progresses. When the Book of Ra appears at any time during the base game, it goes into the treasure chest placed on top of the reels.


Book of ra mystic fortunes slot Features


Activating the free spin feature involves at least three Book of Ra symbols anywhere in a single spin. This will give the player 10 free spins, at which point the player can choose a symbol for expansion during the free spin round. The selected symbol will result in a payout like a scatter. Additionally, when a free spin lands at three Book of Ra scatters, the player earns more free spins.


The expansion is an important feature because it gives the player a chance for a huge payout, similar to the expansion mode found in Chibeasties2. If the player chooses the Temple Hunter for expansion, it is possible to get the maximum payout in a single spin if the Temple Hunter lands in all 5 reels, at which point it expands for a 10 x 5 win. Add to that the multiplication of the wager by 2000 as fitting for the Temple Hunter symbol, and the payout is definitely impressive.


The Jackpot feature triggers randomly in the presence of three Book of Ra scatters on the reels, at which time the reels are replaced with a matrix of 12 coins. Choosing one reveals a gem associated with a particular jackpot. A player must choose two other coins that have the same gem to access the jackpot. When this happens, the player gets a payout equivalent to the jackpot multiplier, which is already prominently displayed in the jackpot icons.




Players that favour games with an ancient Egyptian theme have likely played other Book of Ra games before. They would quickly realize that while Mystic Fortunes might be virtually identical to other Book of Ra games, a significant difference is the higher maximum multipliers (500 as opposed to 2000) and the Jackpot feature. Because of these differences, Book of Ra aficionados should certainly pick this one over the others.


That said, Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is a high variance game, so it would be rare to hit on the combinations that will bring a player to the brink of a massive payout. However, with a fair RTP of 95%, the hits would far likely be less painful in the long term.


Overall, Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes offers a chance for players to play a slickly designed and enjoyable game of video slots with a fair chance of a respectable payout with a bit of patience and a little luck.

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