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Captain Venture Slot Review


Somewhere, in the farthest recesses of our souls, the dream of voyaging the vast seas continues to foster still. The sea, a mighty body of pure blue, remains a mystery to the world, and not a single account, has encompassed its wonders. They do say that the greatest adventures start with a single step. However, being homebodies that we are, a sojourn to the seas is but a figment of the mind. Well, so much for unfulfilled dreams when journeying the great seas is but a game away! Not only will one get to experience the raging thrills of taking on the ranging deadly waves of the Pacific but also the surmounting the feeling of being forever wondering the magnificence of the dazzling seas.


Captain Venture is a classic slot game by Novomatic that perfectly captures the exhilarating feeling of being one with the seas. Nothing ventured, nothing gained–this game lives off by this very saying itself. An approximation of the beauties of the salt-kissed ocean, venturing into the feared yet exalted waters is what this game is all about! The game released back in 2012, fashions itself after the ambitious pirates who have traversed the mighty seas for a shot at gold and have painstakingly fought off rivals in search of the promised treasures. With a colossal return player rate of 94.01%, the X mark on the map is closer than ever. Has the intrigue of the mighty seas finally caught up with you? Read further to know of Captain Venture’s gameplay, game design, and more!




Captain Venture is a classic slot game stowed with five reels and ten pay lines. To amass a heap of your treasures, one must first remember that your stakes can be settled anywhere from four to a thousand credits per pay line. The possible returns at the provided maximum are 10,000 credits. Ample in free spins, Scatters and bonus features–this game albeit simple accounts for the specificities a standard slot machine game must-have. There are multiple ways for a player to score on this exciting 5-reel slot, with the promise of double wins and the aid of the nifty bonus feature. A player must aim to secure matching symbols by scoring either two or three on any of the active lines in a regular play. It is a must for these symbols to appear in a row to win on this money pokie.


Symbols to look out for include the imposing sailing ship figure, the trusty anchor, and the ever-present map–figures for which purports, even more, the nautical identity of the game. The most basic symbols with accorded raging values–9,10, J, Q, K, and A– take after the same amount in a standard deck of cards. The mighty Captain Venture, yes the face of the captain himself, is a symbol s player must keep a lookout for at all times–as he arguably is the most valuable symbol. The Wild symbol, which manifests in Captain Venture symbol and the Scatter symbol that metamorphoses in the ship’s wheel, packs in them considerable benefits enough to sail a player into the bonus round.


Additional Game Features


Captain Venture, while relatively basic, houses features that do wonders for anyone waiting on those reels. Few in numbers they may be, the promise for a catch at these hidden gems is enough to set anyone doubling in glee.


  • Free Spins


This feature is ultimately triggered when anywhere on the reels, a player secures three or more steering wheel Scatters–an event that will reward a player with either 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 free spins. All free spins, more importantly, are bound to an enormous 4x multiplier.


  • Captain Venture Symbol


This symbol is crucial as it is capable of substituting any symbol on the reel except for Scatter, and has the power to double the number of your winnings. A winning combination that contains in it the captain symbol is granted a huge 8x multiplier. It doesn’t end there–if a free spin or more Scatters are secured, this Captain Venture feature will be retriggered granting anyone lucky enough to have hitch this chance a staggering number of 40 free spins.


Game Design


A look into the game and one would first note, visually, the nautical theme employed by Captain Venture, for which does a stellar job in purporting the feeling of being at sea. The appearance of characters in each side of the reels adds to the notion of being on a voyage with a team of sassy pirates–their physical features too realistic to ever think of them as anything but 2D pictures only, freely and easily granting you their million-watt smile. The tropical setting also gives the impression of landing only moments ago from a successful round around the neighboring islands–scouring for treasure chests and promises of gold.


The reel, situated at the very center of the screen, is of moderate size, with the pay line found directly below it. Dominated by the cool blue, calming green with the persisting presence of the characters at both sides, the visuals in contrast to other more sophisticated slot games by Novomatic, are a testament to the level of quality the company invests in the graphics of their games. Albeit only an entire screen of a reel doing all the movements, one cannot deny the calming effect the colors attribute to anyone playing it for the first time.


The games’ interface, seeing that it had been released back in 2012, is heavily influenced by the catching up of graphic artists, in an era where innovation towards graphic design was slowly mounting. It had benefited from this, therefore, being relatively simple compared to other games that had emerged in the latter half of that year.




Overall, Captain Venture is a fantastic game capable of becoming a gateway, for anyone experiencing slot games for the first time, to the Novomatic game realm. If you’re looking for a game just enough to sate the curious first-time gamer soul, Captain Venture will surely serve you well.

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