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Casino Stud Poker House review


Also called as Caribbean Stud Poker Table Game, Casino Stud Poker is a table game created by Play’n GO. It is similar to the classic poker game, but it is designed to be played on mobile devices. Played with a 52-card deck, this online poker is perfect for beginners who wish to learn the game. It is like a practice platform to become an expert poker player if you intend to become one. Your main goal is to beat the dealer’s hand lessen losses by choosing to fold the cards. There are no other players in the game, so you don’t have to resort to tricks or bluffs.


With an RTP of 94.78%, Casino Stud Poker gives you a chance to win on two types of bet: the Acne bet and the Jackpot, which is an optional bet. The minimum and maximum bets are 1 and 100, respectively. In every round, both you and the dealer will receive five cards each. The game proceeds with you choosing to either CALL or FOLD your hand. Whoever has the best poker hand wins the round. That is just on the surface. You’ll know more about the game as you continue reading this review.


The Game Play


The round begins by choosing the desired bet from the lined casino chips at the bottom right of the screen. The chips are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. Select one of the chips to set the bet then click the ANTE found on the table to place the bet. Now, there is also the JACKPOT slot where you can place a bet if you want. Once all bets are ready, click DEAL to start the drawing of cards.


As mentioned earlier, five cards will be drawn for you and the dealer. The cards on your hand will face up, while the dealer’s hand has one face-up card and four face-down cards. The initial sets of drawn cards will not move during the round, but the player’s hand will be arranged. You have to decide whether you’re going to FOLD or CALL. If you choose to fold, you lose your ANTE bet as well as the JACKPOT bet if you put it in. If you decide to call, an additional CALL bet, which is equal to the ANTE bet, will be placed.


Casino Stud Poker- Qualifies and Disqualifies


The other cards of the dealer will be revealed, and whoever has the better or stronger poker hand (a combination of cards) wins the round. For a dealer to qualify, its hand must have a king and ace or better cards. If it doesn’t qualify, you get your ANTE bet at even odds, and you also get your CALL bet back.


If the dealer’s hand qualifies, it will compare its hand with yours to identify the winning hand. But there are scenarios where decisions depend on the outcome of the hands. In the event when your hand is the same with the dealer’s, the round is a push, which means you get your ANTE and CALL bets back. If the dealer has the winning hand, you lose all your bets. If you have the winning hand, your ANTE bet is paid even as 1:1, and your CALL bet is paid based on the bonus paytable provided by the game.


Winning the Jackpot


Play’n GO’s Casino Stud Poker features the JACKPOT bet, which is optional. If you’re feeling lucky, you can bet on that, and who knows, you might take home the grand prize. Just so you know, the seed JACKPOT value is 10000.00 EUR, which increases every time players don’t get the jackpot. But how do players bag the biggest prize? The jackpot’s result is determined separately, but you lose it if you FOLD or the dealer has the winning hand. The payout depends on the rank of your hand. Check the paytables to see how much the poker hands are worth.


A part of the bet is put in the progressive jackpot to increase the amount from time to time. It will go back to the seed value when the jackpot is won. If two players win the grand prize at almost the same time, it won’t be a split, unfortunately. Instead, the first winner receives 100 per cent of the jackpot, while the second winner gets the jackpot’s re-seeded value. For everyone’s guidelines, here are the BONUS and JACKPOT paytables.




4 OF A KIND20:1
3 OF KIND3:1






Demo Game for Free


Another good thing about this game is the availability of a demo game, which anyone can play. If you don’t know anything about poker, you can start practising through the free demo. It’s similar to the real game, but you can’t bag the jackpot prize in this demo mode. You can’t even bet the highest chip on the JACKPOT bet. However, you can access it on any mobile device, making it more convenient to understand the game thoroughly.




Not everyone can play poker, but Play’n GO has made for anyone to play the game. Through its well-formatted Casino Stud Poker, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game of poker. It has a high RTP, which means that you have good opportunities of winning many rounds.


You don’t have to make high bets because you the lowest chip you can wage is a denomination of 1. Plus, you have the demo play. You can practice it as much as you want until you’re ready to play the real game. But don’t get too overwhelmed. You might be stuck at playing Casino Stud Poker.

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