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Cloud Quest Game House Review


Strive your way up to the sky with Cloud Quest! Play’n GO’s magnificent release will surely be appealing to all gamers out there. If you’re up for reels and matching games, you better check this out. With its epic fantasy game theme, Cloud Quest is the perfect diversion from all the typical video grid slots games. It is an amalgam of hero expeditions and a match up symbols type of game which will certainly liven up your gaming experience.


Play’n GO lived up to the gamers’ expectations in this game. The whole idea of transforming a usual grid slot game into a much more exciting turnout by making it a hero’s quest is undeniably stimulating. This variation presents you with a whole new world of playing grid slots games that even fantasy video games junkies considerably find interesting enough to play.




Navigating through the visual interface is pretty simple. As you start the game, a 5×5 grid will be shown on the screen. Your character, may it be a warrior or a mage or anyone possible in fantasy, is placed on the left side. The character will be there as you ace your way to defeat the monsters by playing the game. In the grid, there are various symbols, some with corresponding functions when activated. What you need to do is connect three or more matching symbols seen in the grid. Unlike any other game of its kind where you can only connect it along any horizontal or vertical line, this game allows you to connect it diagonally. The moment it connects, those symbols will be cleared immediately, giving enough space to allow other new and remaining symbols to fall into place. It’s the same sequence. In every winning triplet, the middle symbol will be replaced by a Wild symbol which will further your chances of making more combinations. The more winning symbols you get gives you more opportunities to connect again.


As you do this, your rank rises; levelling up is definitely lucrative!


Your goal in this game is to kill the five monsters which attribute to five stages you need to overcome. It will be easier for you to do it if you unleash the special features, as shown below:


Special Features


What makes this game interesting aside from you accomplishing to defeat the ferocious enemies is its unique features. It would be best if you looked out for the Super Power wheel. This feature amounts to free respins. You can activate this feature by getting as many Super Power symbols in your combinations. This will illuminate better selections in the Super Power wheel. These are the two Super Power symbols:


  • Mark of Multitude – Wild symbols will appear in the middle of every combination. The more combos you get, the more Wild symbols will be generated in the middle. Per se, you aced five matching symbols. As a result of this, three alternating symbols will become Wilds.


  • Scatter – All the symbols will transform into Scatters to give you extra chances. At least three sections will be activated in the Super Power wheel once this feature is unlocked. Meanwhile, in the initial drop, Wild symbols will fall with no replacements after you have succeeded in attaining a combination.


In addition to this, you might be able to trigger the Free Spins feature where 5 to 2 spins will be awarded randomly before each spin. Bonus rows will appear in the grid. If you manage to clear out all the five symbols in that row, you can enjoy the Free Spins.


If you can clear all the 25 symbols in the grid, you will be rewarded with a special jackpot round for it the way the kingdom decides on how to honor your heroism.


Game Design


From its initiative to make it a fantasy-themed game, it is apparent that the graphics are really well-developed. It offers an excellent preface and smooth animation, blocking any gamers’ frustration. The colors are bright and appealing to the eyes. It depicted a preview of what fantasy games look like, as seen in various video games. It also gives justice to the avatars and symbols; its artistry embodies the figurative images you have in mind as well as to the real-life representation of some.


The gaming experience will not be complete if the sound devices fail to comply—it did not. The game picked background music that boosts you to play even more. Additionally, the voice-overs are also pleasing to the ears which give you a balance of anticipating and comfort. Overall, the gamers will surely enjoy this relaxing and straightforward yet exciting game! It would give them a magical gaming experience.




Cloud Quest is a video grid slot game initiated by Play‘n GO. It targets people who are inclined to match up symbols in a grid; however, this game offers a more exciting way to play it by setting it up in a fantasy theme that would appeal to other gamers. It’s easy to play for it follows the basics—you match similar symbols along horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. To appease your boredom and get away from typicality, this game introduced a unique feature called ‘Super Powers’ to activate the Super Power wheel which would make the monsters easier to defeat as it is the set goal of the game. Aside from its variation from the usual grid slots game and its attractive theme, the graphics of this game also lived up to the people’s expectations from Play ‘n GO.

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