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Columbus Deluxe Slot Review


Bon voyage! Join the ever-famous Christopher Columbus in his journey around the world with this slot machine game brought by Novomatic in 2005. If you are looking for a fun adventure and an exciting slot game, this is definitely it!


Christopher Columbus, a navigator and explorer of Italian descent, has managed to complete four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. He also introduced the idea of exploration to Europeans and discovered America. You will also encounter Queen Isabella of Spain, the very person who financed Christopher Columbus’s search for treasures. In this game, your expedition will be a lot better, for he will help you attain success in your journey. With Christopher Columbus by your side, you will surely find unlimited riches in various lands.


Now, prepare yourself and be ready. Make sure to bring your needed belongings to have a successful trip. Let us start our voyage around the globe!




The game is set on five reels and three rows (5×3 grid) with 10 paylines. Just like any other slot machine games, you start the game by clicking the red start button on the lower right side of the screen. You can also opt for an auto-start to let the reels spin on its own so that you can enjoy the rest of the journey. Before pressing the start button, make sure you have placed your bets already. The game will now start, so keep your hopes up in arriving on a perfect combination.


Although it is a low to medium variance game, you are guaranteed to find treasures you seek, not in a long moment.


There are lots of symbols present in the grid of this game. To get a matching combination, you need to get two to three identical symbols. For regular outcomes, two identical symbols are required to match for these symbols: Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella, the gold necklace, and the sextant. However, for the basic symbols represented by letters and numbers, at least three of these symbols appear simultaneously. The most valuable symbol is Christopher Columbus, apparently. If you manage to get five symbols on one payline, your success rate is at its peak. Moreover, you can also get high rewards from Queen Isabella if you get five of her symbols on an active payline. There are also Scatter and Wild symbols that give you extra power, so watch out for them!


Special Features


  • Scatter Symbols


The Scatter symbols of this game are Columbus’ ships, namely Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. It can be found on reels 1, 3, and 5. These ship symbols trigger the free spin feature of the game. Also, Scatter symbols transform into extra Wilds during the Free Spins feature, which would help you gain more perfect combinations.


  • Wild Symbol


Christopher Columbus, the most valuable symbol of the game, is also the Wild symbol. Attaining it will lead to replacing any other symbols you see on the grid (except the Scatter symbols) to form perfect combinations.


  • Gamble Feature


Interestingly, the game has a gamble feature that would increase your success in this journey! To unlock this feature, you need to attain a perfect combination on an active payline. Then, you will be given a chance to choose to gamble your treasure. The goal of this feature is to figure out the color of a playing card, whether red or black once flipped over.


  • Free Spins


It could never go wrong! This game also has Free Spins. You can unlock this feature by getting these symbols at the same time: the Niña ship on reel one, the Pinta ship on reel three, and the Santa Maria ship on reel five. When this is activated again, you will be given 10 free spins.


Game Design


Get your binoculars and let us see how this game is designed! For 2005-released slot machine games, the game’s overall interface is impressive enough for gamblers to enjoy. When the game commences, you can see the color theme set on brown variations, which perfectly depicts the game’s theme. It completes the representation with the ship background on the top side of the screen where the game’s logo is placed. As for the icons and symbols of the game, you could never go wrong. It is remarkable to see the faces of cartoonish Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella symbols moving once they arrive at a perfect combination. Also, the other symbols complement the entire theme, too! The ships are well-designed, the gold necklace is glimmering, and the basic symbols are shining. Moreover, the paylines, which are the numbers on each side of the grid, are colorful enough to be noticed.


Furthermore, the animation of the game is smooth to provide you a great gaming experience, reducing your frustrations in achieving a splendid journey. To complete this experience, a musical background will support it. The game’s sound devices make it more exciting and fulfilling.




With 95.02%, your dream exploration will come in reality! Columbus Deluxe is a slot machine game released in 205 by Novomatic. Its theme is inspired by the explorer Christopher Columbus with the goal of seeking hidden treasures around the world. It is set on a 5×3 grid with 10 paylines. It also has a variety of symbols, incredible special features and provided with fantastic game design for you to acquire an enjoyable gaming experience. Overall, this game would be perfect for the explorer ambitions the gamers have.

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