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Cops ‘n Robbers Millionaires Row Game House Review


The heist genre of popular culture with cops chasing after criminals and criminals crafting a thorough plan of escape and malice has graced our screens and literature over the years. The thrill of the chase of robbing a sophisticated building filled with treasure troves of millionaires is just a sight to behold. It gives us excitement and adrenaline all the way to our feet, even as spectators of the event. The idea of this premise has, of course, been brought to the online casino world by the popular game developers. For years, it has been common to see slot games having robbers and policemen dominating the reels.


Novomatic has naturally brought the idea to their very own Cops ‘n Robbers Millionaires Row. This time, the feud between cops and criminals is due to the mansion filled with a millionaire’s treasure. The thought of the estate and what lies in there is enough to tempt a well-crafted robbery to take place. Who will win in this row? Are you a team cop or team robbers?


Regardless of which team you are in, they are sure to give you prizes for siding with them. Play with the exciting chase of reels and breathe in the air of rewards with the stunning 96.18% return to the player offering. This review will cover the game’s gameplay, additional special features, and its design. Learn more about the thrill on this page.




Novomatic has given us a progressive game experience with Cops ‘n Robbers Millionaires Row. Five reels are running along 20 different pay-lines. The minimum amount of bet you are allowed to place is $0.60, with a maximum of $40.


For beginners, here’s what you have to do: simply place your bets on the lines (you can choose how many tracks you prefer to play with) and push the spin button to get the reels spinning. For the rest of the game, you have to make winning combinations out of the symbols available. Three to five will do the trick for you. Each of the symbols awards you differently.


The symbols you can spot are the A to 9 playing card icons, which are classic low-value symbols that appear in every slot game ever created. There are also the exclusive themed symbols: the dynamite bomb, a safe, a copper, a pile of gold, the robber, the cop, and the bulldog. If you can land five of the collection of gold symbols on a single pay-line, it will multiply your bet by 25 times. The copper and the gold bars also serve as stacked symbols that will fill the whole reels.


This game’s progressive character means that there is no fixed jackpot reward, which allows you to get whatever you can get out of this game. Furthermore, the game is accessible on the controls, so that no matter what age, year, or generation you are from, you are good to go. It also has a simple navigational interface for your casino addicts out there.


The game is available at various casino sites, which allows you to play the game on whatever device you want to play in. You can access it on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Additional Game Features


If it’s the bonus games you want, we got you covered.


  • Wild – The bulldog guarding the building is the Wild symbol in the game. It will replace the other symbols for you to form winning combinations. However, it cannot substitute the scatter. Nevertheless, landing this icon rewards more than the others.


  • Scatter – The symbol depicting the robber is the scatter symbol. It pays a good prize next to the Wild logo. In consequence, it only shows up at reels one, three, and five.


  • Street Bonus/Free Spins – This is activated by three or more scatters on reels one, three, and five. For this, a board game will be played where you can advance to select free spins. Hitting one of the green corners will begin the spin. Four bonus Wilds will also appear in this round: expanding, exploding, domino, and locked Wilds.


  • Cops ‘n’ Robbers Bonus Feature – Four of the robber icons will randomly trigger this feature where any of the following can occur:


    • Rewind – Either one or more reels are pushed upward to form a win in a pay-line.
    • Fast Forward – Either one or more reels are pushed downward.
    • Reel Morph – The symbols are transformed to form combos.
    • Bonus Wilds – Some extra Wild symbols are anointed to the reel.


Game Design


Novomatic’s design for this game is a little retro and classic, making it seem like the whole thing jumped out of an old computer game. The reels run in front of a solid dark blue background, which looks like the inside of the mansion. The graphics and animation are a little dated, as well as the making of the symbols. The soundtrack is also a bit regular. Nevertheless, it is a good game with a promising premise overall.




If you like some of that thrill you get in robbing millionaires, this will be a fun game. The graphics are a bit so-so. However, the bonuses are worth it. The characters are also whimsical in a way, especially in how they are crafted. A whopping 96.18% RTP is not something you see every day, so you should give it a go. You won’t regret it.

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