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DJ Wild House Review


If you love house music and believe that God is a DJ, then you should try your luck with Elk Studios’ DJ Wild slot machine. Amazing Electronic Dance Music, stunning graphics and the chance to win a massive amount of money are the things that make this game so attractive.

Before you dance your way into this game, we would suggest you learn about how it works so that you can also increase your chances of dancing your way home with a tidy sum of money!




DJ Wild is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot machine that gives you a chance to make as much as 1,700 times the money you bet! To start the game, you need to first place your bet.

Betting in Elk Studios games is very different from other slot machines. You first need to choose your betting strategy and your bet amount. You need to choose 1 betting strategy from the five options you have – traditional bets, Optimizers, Levellers, Boosters and Jumpers. Each strategy follows particular rules, so make sure you read them carefully before selecting a betting strategy.

Once you have selected your betting strategy, you also need to select your bet amount. You are given a choice of 12 betting levels from which to choose. There is one exception – the Optimizer betting strategy. If you choose this strategy, then you need to select the percentage of your balance you wish to bet, and the game will then set your bet accordingly.

Do keep in mind this game’s RTP and level of volatility while setting your bet. DJ Wild has an RTP of 96.30%, which is above average, and this means that you can get decently high returns on your bet. However, this game is volatile, which means that while you may be able to land some small wins, it will take a lot of spins before you land the big ones.

Because of the game’s RTP and high volatility, we recommend that you place small bets so that you can get in a larger number of spins. This will increase your chances of getting bigger wins. It is also wise to remember that all slot machines are gambles, which means that Lady Luck may not always favour you. So, you need to be patient when playing this game.

To win at DJ Wild, you need to land winning combinations consisting of identical symbols. You need to land at least 3 of the same to create a winning combination. The good thing is that this game pays both ways, so your chances of landing a winning combination are higher.

The amount you win is dependent on the value of the symbols you have landed plus the number of symbols that form the winning combinations. So the low value symbols (the digital cherry, lemon, watermelon and grape) give you the least payouts, even if you land all five of a kind. The bigger payouts come from the high-value symbols (the blue headsets, the red speakers, the purple control panel and the green keyboard).


Additional Game Features


If you really want to win that 1,700x jackpot of £170,000, then you need to trigger the bonus features in this game. Here is what they are and how they work:

  • DJ Wild Symbol

The DJ Wild symbol is one of the most versatile Wilds we have seen in a slot machine. It can become an Expanding Wild, it can trigger the Re-Spin Bonus and it can even become a Vertical Sticky Wild. It also will increase your chances of landing a winning combination!

The best combination that you land with the DJ Wild is when it appears as a Vertical Sticky wild in the first, second, fourth and fifth reels. This will turn the Wild into an Expanding Wild and will even award you a re-spin. And if you land even more Wilds in the re-spin, these too expand and become sticky. The re-spins will continue until you no longer land Wild or you get really lucky, and end up with the entire reelscape covered in Wilds. That will give you a massive payout!

  • Jackpot Wild

There is a special Wild called the Jackpot Wild and if it lands in the middle reel, you will hit the Jackpot and win that coveted £170,000!


Game Design


As usual Elk Studios has produced yet another video slot machine with an amazing game design. The reelscape covers the entire game screen, and the symbols in this game are sharp, vibrant and gel very well with the whole Electronic Dance Music theme.

The strobe light effect on the high-value symbols is stunning. And the low-value symbols look amazing in their pixel-art design.

The EDM soundtrack is really upbeat, making you want to get up and start dancing. And the game sounds don’t drown out the wonderful music. And when you activate the bonus features, we love the way the tempo of the music also increases.

There really isn’t enough praise we can heap on the developer for the graphics and sounds in this game.




DJ Wild by Elk Studios is a game we will definitely recommend. The awesome music, the great graphics and animations and the gameplay that has the potential to give you massive wins make this slot machines a must try.

And since this game has been designed for mobiles and tablets first, you will get the same amazing and immersive gaming experience even when you are on the go!

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