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Dr fortuno House review


When you think about circus-themed slots games, you expect to see symbols of animals and trite music playing in the background. However, Yggdrasil once again surprises us with something much more creative in Dr. Fortuno.

Created in 2019, this slots game focuses on the magical aspect of circuses. The main character in this game is Dr. Fortuno himself – the alter ego of Baron Samedi, the Voodoo god. And he brings along with him some of the strangest souls from the world of wizardry – the Night Twins, the Water Witch and Fire Head! But before you enter the darker side of the circus world, find out how to can match wits with Dr. Fortuno and walk away with 800 times what you bet!




The key to winning against Dr. Fortuno is simple. All you need to do is begin this eerie slots game. To do so, you first need to set your bets. The minimum bet you can make in this game is 10p and the maximum bet is £100. And with 5 reels and 20 paylines (that pay left to right), that gives you plenty of chances to win.

Getting technical, this game has a variable RTP – 93.2% when you’re playing without the jackpot, and 96.2% when you activate the jackpot. This makes this video slots machine a medium-variance game. Therefore, a good strategy to adopt would be to spread your budget out so that you can get in as many spins as possible. Wait for the big win before you increase your bets.

Once you have set your bet to your satisfaction, all you need to do is click on the spin button located at the bottom centre of the game screen, and you’re on your way!


Additional Game Features


Since this game has progressive jackpots, it can get really exciting when the special features are activated. So let’s understand them a little better, shall we?

  • Special Symbols

Here are the special symbols that can help increase your chances of winning big in this slots game:

      • Fortuno Wild: Dr. Fortuno, the King in Yellow, Baron Samedi himself, is the Wild. When he lands on the reels, the Wheel of Fortune is activated! He can substitute all symbols on the reels, except for the other Wilds and the Bonus symbol (the Scatter, which is represented by his magic hat).
      • Other Wilds: The other Wilds appear only during the Free Spins rounds and also substitute all the other symbols. They are the Night Twins, Fire Head and the Water Witch. The same symbols are also the high-value symbols in the base game. These 3 Wilds do not activate the Wheel of Fortune – that honour is reserved only for Dr. Fortuno!
      • Bonus Symbol: The Magic Hat represents the bonus symbol and when you land at least 3 of these symbols on the reels, you activate the Free Spins rounds.
  • Free Spins Round

Like we said, when you land at least 3 Bonus symbols, you active this bonus feature. The great thing is that depending on the number of bonus symbols you have landed, you also get awarded extra special features:

    • 3 Bonus Symbols award you 1 special feature
    • 4 Bonus Symbols award you 2 special features
    • 5 Bonus Symbols award you 3 special features
  • Special Features

Here is the list of special features you can win when you land Bonus symbols on the reels:

    • No Lows: All low-paying symbols are removed from the reels
    • 2x Multiplier: This feature will give you 2x wins throughout the Free Spins round
    • +Wilds: You will have a significantly higher chance of landing Wilds for the entire Free Spins rounds
    • Free Spins: You can win extra free spins ( 5 or 10)
    • High Wilds: A high-value symbol turns into a Wild
    • Pays-Both-Ways: You can land wins both ways for the entirety of the Free Spins round.
  • Wheel of Fortuno

When Dr. Fortuno lands on the wheels in the base game, you activate the Wheel of Fortune feature. One Wild gives you one spin of the Wheel, 2 Wilds give you 2 Spins of the Wheel, and so on.

The Wheel of Fortune offers you all kinds of prizes – multipliers, more free spins, extra coins and the chance to activate the progressive jackpot.

  • Progressive Jackpot

Once you have activated the Chance to win the Jackpot, you are taken to the Jackpot field. One again, the Wheel of Fortune (the Fortuno Jackpot Wheel) spins! And if you land on the Jackpot, then you win big!

Game Design


We have come to nothing less than spectacular game design from Yggdrasil, and we have not been disappointed in Dr. Fortuno slots. This game is a feast for the senses!

When you start spinning the reels, the eerie music immediately takes you to a dark, magical place where you expect strange things to happen. And when the special features are activated, the tempo of the music also changes, making your heart beat faster in anticipation!

The artwork overall is stunning. Bottles containing organs in preservative liquids make up the low-value symbols! The high-value symbols are also equally stunning crafted – scary, yet beautiful!

The animations, graphics, sounds and music in Dr. Fortuno all combine to make this a truly immersive gaming experience.




Dr. Fortuno is a game that needs to be played with patience. And the jackpot amount isn’t as much as some of the other slots games out there, but the sheer beauty of the game, the many extra features and the possibility of winning steadily more than makes up for it!

Definitely another winning from Yggdrasil and worth a try!

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