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Dragon Drop House Review


If you’re into the medieval times, playing the knight in shining armor and fighting with large, serpentine, legendary creatures that appear in those folklores you hear from different cultures around the world, NextGen has successfully come up with that theme for a new video slot game to get their players’ interest. Instead of fierce-looking monsters, these weirdly-adorable looking dragons clutching a pot of gold in their hands are here to stir up a battle with you.


From the game’s name itself,these adorable monsters are not here to spit fire from their mouth. Instead, they are going to randomly drop wild surprises for you as the game goes on. This slot machine game is a battle with the dragons waiting for you to spin the reels so they could start this fun fight with you.




The Dragon Drop video slot game, with its five reels and 25 pay lines, lets you start off with a minimum bet of €0.25 to a maximum of €50. The gameplay is pretty easy to get the hang of. As a knight from a local castle, the player is expected to defeat these dragons who carry with them a lot of treasures such as chests of gold and silver, which are going to be the player’s reward if they succeed in this battle. With the game’s bonus feature, the player has to look out for three dragons sitting on top of the middle reels, which are two, three, and four, as they can randomly drop down into it and substitute the symbols after any spin to give them Wilds. The game has a Sticky Dragon feature in which it will grant the player eight free spins. To start, the player has to make their bet and then start spinning.


These cute dragons drop letters and numbers as the game starts. If the player is able to find between 3-5 matching symbols of either A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9, they’ll be rewarded with their stakes between five and 200 times. They will also be rewarded for saving the sheep, and rounding five up at any one time will get them 250 times their stake, as does saving five farmers that are fully equipped with bucket helmets and pitchforks as weapons complete with buckets for helmets and pitchforks for weapons. The player is also expected to protect the local castles and, if they’re successful in stopping these from getting burned out, it’ll get them 500 times their stake. However, nothing could top off finding 5 treasure chests that can possibly get them their own castle which earns them 5,000 times their stake. To also find out how to get a winning combination, players can click on the “i” button which will show them a display of pay tables and additional features.


Game Features  


These Dragon Drop features add up to the fun twists of the game.


  1. Wilds – Three dragons sit on top of reels two, three, and four throughout the game. They will randomly drop into the reels after any spins the player made, replacing all other symbols except for the Scatter. Wins made through this feature are doubled in value.


  1. Scatters – Dragon eggs waiting to be hatched. It pays any when it appears on the reels.


  1. Free Spins and Sticky Dragons – This is triggered when you get at least three or more Scatters on the reels, which earns you eight free spins. All the wins are doubled in this feature. The feature cannot be re-triggered, even so, any dragon that appears during this will remain on the reels throughout the feature.


  1. Dropping Dragons – This is a feature that is activated all throughout the game. A whelp may drop in from the top and turn a random symbol into a Wild.


  1. The Gamble – This is triggered each time you win. It’s the player’s choice if they want to keep their reward or gamble with it. If the player decides to gamble it, they are to guess correctly the color of a face-down card which may double their prize. If the player succeeds on this, it will quadruple their earnings. If they picked the wrong guess, they will lose the last win.


Game Design


The adventure-themed video slot game, Dragon Drop, stirs up an exciting battle with the dragons that will give the player a reward of fortune, if they’re able to defeat them, and also successfully protect the local castles. A cartoonized slot compliments its animated symbols. With its 5×3 slot machine placed within a stoned castle and the weirdly-adorable looking dragons, the game gives off a fun, adventurous vibe to its players. This NextGen game is far more suited with a tablet or phone rather than with bigger screens. The game features add up to the thrilling battle with the dragons as you may never know what you could get from it. The player doesn’t need to feel the pressure from these dragons as they play, they just have to enjoy the game.



Whether it’s your first time playing a video slot or not, Dragon Drop is a fun game of all levels for slot players. NextGen has successfully come up with another different theme for their new video slot. With Dragon Drop’s cartoony symbols and their tiny, big bellied dragons, this game is definitely all about fun and adventure! Dragon Drop has a lot more exciting fun in them that could bring luck to their players. Defeating a feisty little dragon that could get you surprising rewards is definitely worth a try. People shouldn’t be missing out on this cutesy game.

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