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Energoonz Slot House review


Play’n GO has stepped out of the box and developed a rather new look of the typical slot machine. Meet Energoonz, a one of kind video slot that is composed of 5 rows and 5 lines. The creators classify this unique game as a 5×5 grid slot with a theme based on science and aliens.

Instead of slot reels, it uses grids that comprise of theme-related symbols such as lightning bolts, fireballs, nucleus, plasma balls, and of course, the main symbol in the guise of cute aliens.


Since it presents a new version of the video slot, the rules have also changed. To win a round, you have to get three or more matching symbols stacked in a row or column.

Hitting a winning combination causes it to disappear, while the remaining symbols go down. If you clear an entire grid, you’ll get 2000 coins as a reward.

Meanwhile, clearing a column with BONUS activates the bonus game where you have the chance to win up to 20 successive bonus rounds. There is also a wild symbol and multipliers that can increase your wins.


Energoonz Slot Overall Design and Theme


The main attraction of Energoonz is the use of animations. The Goonz or the alien-looking creatures on the grid move their heads and eyes. And if you get to the bonus round, you’ll meet a new set of adorable aliens. Moving electric sparks are everywhere, making the whole screen look like its alive.


On the left side of the grid lies the multiplier box where your wins are collected. Each time you have a winning combination, the matched symbols disappear altogether, while the multiplier box increases by 1. On the right side of the screen, you will see the energy container that functions during bonus rounds.


The whole concept is not complete without the correct background music, but Energoonz has captured that as well. There is nothing elaborate about the music, but it fits to a T.

You’ll also hear small explosions, spark sounds, and zapping noises. Without a doubt, the overall design and theme are already entertaining enough.


Invade Energoonz!


Energoonz doesn’t have the usual paylines. It does have one, but the wins are based on the vertical and horizontal combinations (more on this in a while).

But you still need to place a bet by choosing how much you want to wager per round. The bets are in denominations of 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 2.00, 4.00, 5.00, 10.00, 15.00, 20.00, 25.00, 30.00, 40.00, and 50.00. Once you have chosen your bet, click START to start the round.


There is an AUTO PLAY option if you want to run consecutive rounds continuously. But take note that AUTO PLAY is automatically disabled if you don’t have enough funds or it has reached the limits you set.


The winning combinations, on the other hand, consist of three or more the same symbols stacked vertically or horizontally.

Refer to the PAYTABLE to see how much every winning combo is worth. You can get multiple winning combinations per round. Multiple winning combinations power up the energy container that, when it gets full, activates the bonus game.


Energoonz Slot Game Features


Enegoonz is like a simplified version of the video slot. It doesn’t have the traditional spinning of reels but only symbols falling into their places. I believe that’s the reason why there aren’t so many features in this game. Despite that, Play’n GO has still managed to incorporate unique features to make it more exciting for the players.


  • The Plasma Ball is the wild symbol, which substitutes for other symbols to help complete winning combinations. Every time you get a winning combination, the matched symbols disappear and turn into a Plasma Ball. Other symbols fall to fill in the spaces and possibly create winning combos with the wild symbol. The multiplier box increases by one (x1 x2 x3….) when a new winning combo emerges during the round. If all symbols on the gird are removed, you’ll be awarded a special prize.


  • The Energy Container is the symbol for the bonus game. If you get 5 or more winning combinations during the round, the container becomes full, activating the bonus game. You win 10 consecutive rounds.


  • The bonus game is another grid with a different set of cute aliens. There is no wild symbol in this feature, but the Energy Container is still present. If you manage to get 5 or more bonus symbols during this round, you can win up to 20 more consecutive bonus rounds. You are awarded one bonus round for every Energy Container you win.


Go With the Goonzzzz!


When it comes to fun and entertainment, the grid slot Energoonz doesn’t lack in those areas. A different version of the classic slot machine with outstanding graphics and intergalactic designs – what is there not to like? Players will not get bored, that’s for sure.


Gameplay wise, it is easy and straightforward. There are no complicated paylines, and the winning combinations are simple. RTP is high, and there is a wide range of bet denominations.

First-time players can play it right away. However, the lack of features puts Energoonz a step behind the other Play’n GO video slots. The bonus game takes time to achieve, and there is no GAMBLE round after every winning combination. There aren’t so many chances to increase your winnings.


Energoonz has its share of pros and cons, but playing the game is worth it. Give it a try, and you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the game despite the lack of features.

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